Notes of Roanoke #4: Bargaining

Now that the Eight Sages all knew of the creature’s existence we decided on an appropriate way to handle it. The creature needed to learn to interact with us in the same way we interacted with each other. I tried to teach it how to speak Atlantean despite not knowing if it even had a mouth somewhere hidden within its darkness. I would take breaks to teach it about Roanoke’s history. For weeks I had continually put off time with my family to teach the creature. It was like I left my own child for this new one I just met. But I kept telling myself it was for the greater good. It was then that I began teaching it empathy. That it was the ability to feel and understand those around you. That it meant more than just to feel for another but to feel what they feel. By doing that no matter how different you were you’d be able to comprehend one another. My hope was that if it learned empathy it’d then be able to understand the other Sages. That by the creature understanding all of us we might finally be able to uncover what it was and where we were. Suddenly, one day it changed. Not physically but it seemed to act differently as if it had actually learned from me. I was proud like a parent having watched his child take their first steps. Part of me I thought of it like a second child to be watched over and cared for. I deeply regret that sentiment every moment I draw breath…I hope one day little Juno will forgive me for not caring for him the same way I tended to this creature.

-Solomon the Empathetic

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