Notes of Roanoke #9: Breakdown

Things have become more hectic as of late. But I will continue writing these notes while I have the opportunity. Where was I…ah yes…Eodeb was finally able to talk. He showed great curiosity and had an endless well of questions. What were the creatures that inhabited Roanoke? Where did the creatures come from? Where did the Atlanteans come from and who made them? I happily answered his questions as they came. He was particularly curious about families. To answer that question I brought him to my own family. Dearest Hasani accepted him with open arms as I did. Little Juno, on the other hand, was far more fearful. I could tell Juno’s reaction struck a nerve and tried to talk to him about it later but got nothing. If he never cried then this might’ve been avoided I should’ve pressed harder but instead, I let him have his space. For days Eodeb had disappeared. No matter where the Sages looked we couldn’t find a trace of him. After a week he found he returned

Seven days after Eodeb disappeared the Aether screamed. This isn’t an exaggeration. It let out an ear shattering scream that made Atlantis’ barrier falter. It was so intense even people who couldn’t access the Aether heard and felt it…so intense the Aether transmuted into a blood-like ink and rained from the sky. I could barely stand and my vision blurred. When I could focus Eodeb stood before me. His form had changed…he was no longer the lonely creature I found all those months ago but something else. He looked…like I did. Like a child emulating their parent’s wardrobe, he emulated my physical form. But there were still three significant differences. His ash grey hair was as long as his body and floated in the air like it had a mind of its own, his voice echoed and reverberated, and most noticeably was his blank and hollow grey eyes. Eyes that looked through me like I wasn’t there. He said thank you for everything. That if it weren’t for me he wouldn’t have understood the feelings he had as he was banished to The Rift moments after his birth. Discarded by his divine parents and left to die outside of reality. He understood all the pain, sorrow, and anger he felt. He understood that thanks to being created by both the deities and my unwitting intervention he was now on a level far above what he once was. He knew that he could create life. He knew he wasn’t a God of White or a God of Black. He called himself the God of Grey, Iblis. He called himself the God of Chaos and ruler over The Rift. He knew that he was wronged and he would bring pain to his parents as they had to him. He’d consume and corrupt all they had created…

-Solomon the Empathetic

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