Lei the Topaz

Stormraiders Family Crest

  1. Gender- Female
  2. Age- 32
  3. Species- Myurkyurian
  4. Hair- Black Ponytail
  5. Eyes- Brown
  6. Body- Fit
  7. Relics
    • Staff of Nirvana

Growing family…

Born into the Empire of Myurkyuria, Lei was born and raised by Kumo the Topaz. Her father was killed by a Mage fleeing her enslavement in front of his family. Traumatized by the events, Lei had an ongoing fear of all magic users. Deep down she wanted to become an archaeologist and learn about the world but life gave her a number of obstacles. The ongoing war between the Empire of Myurkyuria, Kingdom of Orion, and Kingdom of Celestia made traveling dangerous no matter your age. Being constantly at war with herself between honoring her family and remaining with the Empire or simply following her own desires. Her plans, however, were put to the wayside when she found a Trelza baby abandoned by his parents in the Southern Plains. She took care of the baby and helped raise him. Naming him Rai the Topaz, he became the new addition to their family. His curious nature and constant exploration gave Lei an excuse to travel without the feeling of dishonoring her family.

Following her dreams…

Leaving the Empire of Myukyuria, they eventually found their way to Elysium. There Lei learned both cartography and archaeology under Zam the Persistent, the Sage of Lightning, at the Academy of Selene. Lei constantly had to deal with her fear of magic but with the help of Ly’ Pol the Monk, she became more capable of managing it. One day, Zam offered her the chance to help him by finding and exploring possible ruins. Hesitating at first, she was convinced by Rai to follow her dream so long as he could join her. She agrees and upon receiving the Staff of Nirvana, left to search the ruins of Zeratal as one half of the Stormraiders.

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