Warzone-Aeternus #0: Road to Ruin

“W-what are you?”

“I am an Angel. A master of this World.” 

“My god…”

“I’ve come to give you a gift…ultimate knowledge. The past will be rebuilt before you. Nothing in the present will be hidden from you. The future will be yours to forge.”

“But what if I don’t want this gift?”

“You don’t have a choice.”

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Date: November 24th, 2102 Pre-Colony Century…thanks to the technology created by Professor Donna Melina mankind becomes capable of creating its first space colony. This marked the start of the “Space Age” and for the next five years, the exploration of space was a top priority. On August 31st, 2106, the first space colony is founded at Lagrangian point 1 of Earth. Dubbed Ukko, it was used as the basis for which the future colonies would be made.  The Agni was founded at Lagrangian point 2, Enki at point 4, and Stribog at point 5. Two months later, Neith was founded at Lagrangian point 1 of Jupiter alongside Charon at point 2. With the final colony constructed, the Space Age ends and the Colony Century begins.

The Earth would strive with the new commerce created from the founding of the colonies. Artificial Intelligence would also see a surge of use in both the military and everyday life. However, after a widespread malfunctioning amongst the A.I units in 2,135 they’d be restricted to military use. This marked the start of the Cyber Age and the first sign of an issue that would consume the Solar System. For 400 years there was an uninterrupted age of peace without war. But it was not a perfect peace. Many of the Colonists felt like they were just tools working for the sake of the Earth. The fact many Earthlings treated Colonists like secondary civilians didn’t ease the situation.

Date: October 4th, 2535 Colony Century…the strain between the Earth and Colonies would finally reach its boiling point. A large-scale coup d’état occurred across all the colonies by a militant group called “The Patrons”. None were prepared for the surprise attack and their lack of proper training and lack of progressive weaponry made them easy prey. In one fell swoop, The Patrons gained independence from the Earth and began to assert their dominance. If the Earth wanted to maintain relations they’d need to do it on their terms, as equals.

Date: January 5th, 2539…after four years of living with the threat of The Patrons looming overhead, the Earth broke its silence. Gathering military powers from across the globe, they form the new group “Beta Advent” to oppose them. The pro-Earth Beta Advent was poised to face down the pro-Colonies Patrons in a war that would burn the stars. Thus the Warring Century had begun. The Patrons maintained their defensive line against Beta Advent who took the offensive. Forced into a stalemate as soon as they began, a third faction entered the war. On May 20th, the “Universal Concord” was formed. Taking members from both the Earth and the Colonies they simply wanted all the fighting to come to an end.

However, The Patrons had an ace up their sleeves that would change the face of war…Shortly after Beta Advent was formed the leader of The Patrons, Garland Sorisen, was visited by a fleet from outside of the Milky Way Galaxy. The species that would come to become known as the Cirushon had come to share their technology with the Colonies. Using it, they made new war machines that none had seen before. On June 4th, 2540 the first GEAR Frame or GF was developed. The humanoid mobile suits could be easily mass produced and just one was enough to take out an entire fleet with ease. For months The Patrons went unopposed. Their GEAR Frames were enough to help their territory expand to the Earth. On September 2nd, the Universal Concord and Beta Advent successfully reverse engineer their first GEAR Frames and start the Chaos Age.

As the use of GEAR Frames became more commonly used the battles became more intense and destructive. For the good part of two months, the three forces fought and ravaged the Earth. Eventually, the Patrons were forced to relinquish their earthbound territory and return to the Colonies. But the next phase was soon to begin…On December 25th, the Cirushon returned to the Colonies and claimed dominion over it. They claimed they originally taught the Colonists so that they would conquer the Earth for them. Refusing to bend to their benefactors, the Patrons fought back. To their surprise, both the Universal Concord and Beta Advent joined in the offensive. All three aligned against a mutual threat, their combined forces and sheer tenacity were enough to hold off the invaders. After 40 years, the Cirushon finally pulled out and abandoned the Solar System. There would be 8 years of peace before the war reignited between the Patrons, Universal Concord, and Beta Advent…

Date: January 10th, 2595 WC…after what felt like a lifetime of continuous wars the first official treaty is created. The Treaty of Babylon was signed by the leaders of the three factions. Materaya Sorisen, the great-grandson of Garland Sorisen, represented the Patrons and Colonies. Harold Jennen, the commander of Beta Advent, represented the Earth. Mei Rose, a former scientist from Earth, represented the interests of the Universal Concord. Each would lay down their arms and work together much like in the past when the Colonies were first built. However, this time it’d be on equal footing. They would all work together with the civilians and survival as a priority. If they could work together to fend off the Cirushon they could do so now in times of peace. There would be no more GEAR Frames to be designed or used outside of the construction field. But above all else, nuclear weapons were to be dismantled.

Sadly, history continued to repeat itself…on February 3rd, 2599 it was discovered that the Patrons had continued to manufacture and produce new model GEAR Frames. This was on top of rumors of genetic modifications. The Universal Concord attempted to find answers but it was too late…Commander Jennen ordered his troops to resume combat. Whether there was more at play would never be discovered. The Patrons were forced to act in self-defense and all the Universal Concord could do was hope they’d be able to stop both sides…by force if necessary…

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Warzone-Aeternus Chapter 1- Return to L1

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