Steven Kessler

  1. Codename- SWAT-Spider
  2. Age- 35
  3. Species- Irish Inversion
  4. Status- Unregistered
  5. Hair- Short somewhat unkempt Ginger. Patchy Beard
  6. Eyes- Green
  7. Body- Muscular, old scars under beard
  8. Powers (Steven)
    • Agility
    • Astral Manifestation (Guardian Aranea)
    • Danger Sense
    • Enhanced Speed
    • Enhanced Strength
    • Wall Crawling
  9. Powers (Guardian Aranea)
    • Astral Enhancement
    • Blindsight
    • Burrowing
    • Digging
    • Gliding
    • Web Generation
  10. Job- RajTEK Head of Security. Former Inhibitors Trainer

Before joining RajTEK

Steven Kessler was born and raised in Belfast, Ireland to a family of law enforcers. It was a tradition that went back several generations. Steven was preparing to follow in their footsteps but his plans changed when the Fourth Singularity gave him his powers at the age of 15. He took great enjoyment in learning how to use his powers but felt the place he grew up in wasn’t enough. His family had worked its streets for years but with his powers he could bring a new brand of Kessler justice. When he was old enough, he moved the the United States and continued his work. Eventually becoming not just a police officer but a SWAT officer. Working out in the open as just another officer but behind closed doors worked as the hero, SWAT-Spider.

RajTEK and the Inhibitors

After the birth of his twins, Gabriel and Michael, Steven thought it’d be best to find a less life threatening job. It was around this time that RajTEK was first growing and becoming a big name company. Seeing an opening, he joined as the Head of Security. Now, he had a more peaceful job. Despite this his home life was less than ideal and he resumed working as SWAT-Spider at nights to avoid it. When he was discovered by Raja Eishner, he began working with him and Doctor Khonshu as a type of undercover agent. Using his SWAT-Spider persona to deal with rival companies attempt at stealing from them. For Steven, it was easy compared to his old job. When RajTEK went public about its Inversion roots, he was sent to aid the first batch of Inhibitors as a trainer despite his better judgment.

The training started off rocky but over time improved for the most part. While most of the team accepted him as their trainer he was constantly at odds with Mentalist, Fabiana Pererira, and the director of the Cell Sasha Boone. During their first mission to stop the Inversion codenamed Rage in England, he was betrayed by Mentalist and left for dead. Were it not for Guardian Aranea, she would’ve succeeded. Guided on impulse, Guardian Aranea took over Stevens body and tried to get revenge but was forced to flee by the Inhibitors. Stealing one of the VTOLs, he returns to New York.

Return to Silver Plains

Having escaped death, Steven successfully returns to RajTEK. Unsure of who to trust, he keeps his survival secret from all but his son Gabriel. With no leads and being benched by Raja, he restarts he crusade against crime as SWAT-Spider at night and attacks the Starlight Club. For a week his war against crimes goes smoothly. He finally returns to his job at RajTEK when he has to sit in on a meeting between Raja and the heads of Gunma Inc, Rowena Gunma, and head of Acel-Corp, Jason McKellen. During the meeting Steven notices Jason’s wording that imply he was responsible for several attempts at stealing from RajTEK. That night he investigates Acel-Corp but comes face-to-face with a pyrokinetic Inversion. SWAT-Spider gets the upper hand but when she reveals having activated the silent alarm, he flees the scene. Several days later, he returns to investigate albeit through a different route.

Unfortunately for him, they were waiting for him and he’s knocked unconscious. Now at the mercy of the kingpin, Biohazard. With his identity compromised, SWAT-Spider is held captive for two days being constantly tortured by Forecast. Throughout the entire experience he pushes himself to the limit and keeps Guardian Aranea active through it all. Unable to get information out of him, despite Guardian Aranea being reduced to only covering his arm and the helmet, Biohazard orders an attack against RajTEK. Leaving SWAT-Spider under the watch of the young Inversion Hornet. In less than an hour after the attack began, Biohazard returns to taunt him but only informs him of the attacks failure. Beating him through the process until he falls unconscious. When he awakens, he finds himself in Saint Taliesin’s Hospital with Gabriel by his side.


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