Working with the Sixth Saint

So now that the first Relic has been finished by the Stormraiders, I can give some cool side information. Did you know the Sanzoku Yokai Kakurega was actually originally created by my best friend Sixth Saint Masamune? He’s a sprite artist, writer, and musician among an assortment of other things. He’d had a huge hand in helping me with a lot of things. We actually have a connected Multiverse so I thought it’d be cool if we referenced the others work at times while also not being super constrained by what the other is or isn’t doing.

First up on the reference list is the previously mentioned, Sanzoku Yokai Kakurega, which was named after the Sanzoku Yokai.


Referencing this fun trio was actually what got Yokai added to Aetherius Saga in the first place. Though we never see what happens to the World of Sages version of the trio so maybe they’re alive somewhere?

The other reference I did was the Manly Mausoleum which was named after Manly Savage!


Honestly kinda wish I coulda used him more in Stormraiders but I’m honored just to get to reference the manliest man in the galaxy. The Devian Hydra itself was also his creation but sadly there is no art for it up yet.

But that’s it for the references that are out and visible to the public. I WILL be doing more in the future because I love his characters and I love multiversal counterparts. It’d be super awesome if you could check his art out at his deviantart page and also his facebook. You will not regret it!



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