Henry “Hal” Sharp

  1. Codename- Black Ice
  2. Age- 25
  3. Species- African American Inversion
  4. Status- Unregistered
  5. Hair- Black Fade
  6. Eyes- Ice Blue
  7. Body- Athletic
  8. Powers
    • Accuracy
    • Agility
    • Cold Resistance
    • Cryokinesis
    • Elemental Transmogrification
    • Mind Control Resistance
    • Reflexes
    • Thermokinesis
    • Vision- Thermal
  9. Job
    • Gunma Inc. Receptionist (Former)
    • Superhero (Current)

Before Gunma Inc…

Born the son of drug addicts, he was abandoned as a nameless child. It was when the boy was adopted into the Sharp family that he became known as Henry or Hal for short. He was raised in a two parent house with his older adoptive brother, Terry. While his new family cared for him the circumstances of his birth always weighed heavily on his mind. As did his noticeable physical differences. Comics and cartoons were often a distraction for him. Over the years the feeling remained but it was less prevalent in his thoughts. By college, Hal was living on his own where he met Rowena Gunma. They became fast friends but had to part ways when she was forced to take over Gunma Inc. Upon his graduation, Rowena returned to him to restart their friendship and hired him as one of the receptionists.

New Job…

For several years Hal maintained his job as a receptionist for Gunma Inc. Meeting new friends such as Darcy Zayn, a fellow receptionist and sometimes girlfriend. Life was pleasant and repetitive until the day Hal decided to save a stranger from being run over by a speeding truck…

Start to heroism…

The moment Hal tried to save the stranger from a speeding truck was the first day of his new life. The day where his powers as an Inversion had manifested and saved both their lives. Forming a wall of ice to protect them and freezing his entire body in ice. Before the Police can arrive the crowd allows Hal to escape but he experiences great difficulty in trying to control his abilities. It took weeks of day and night training but he eventually got a well enough grasp of his abilities to apply them freely and safely. A fact his roommate and partner, Jey Connors, was greatly pleased by. Putting on a makeshift costume, his first heroic act was helping put out a fire. With an actual success under his belt, Hal continued to perform heroic acts while he waited for his costume to arrive.

The RajTEK Incident…

After what felt like ages, Hals costume finally comes in. Donning it proudly, he races to the city and discovers the Rebellion Gang waiting in the open. While he’s in the midst of apprehending them, the Stars of Doom arrive and he fights their Inversion leader Cinder. Defeating him, Hal flees before he can be stopped by the Police Officer who arrives. Still not fully certain if his name is Freeze or Black Ice. But before he can rest he notices Forecast making his approach to RajTEK and goes immediately to help, fighting and barely beating the gangster Pulse. Luckily, his next target Tox goes down far easier and his help isn’t needed to deal with his twin Ace. Officially declaring himself as Black Ice, he leaves RajTEK to get medical attention.


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