P-1a Senia

Mass-production Type Hybrid-Waverider Combat Unit

  • Manufacturer: Patrons Project Freedom
  • Operator: The Patrons
  • First Deployment: June 4, 2540 WC
  • Armor Material: Taferdine
  • Height: 64 feet/19.5 meters
  • Weight: 75 tons/165344.3 pounds
  • Wingspan: 22.3 feet/6.8 meters
  • Thrusters: 2x 50,000
  • Verniers: 5
  • Max thruster acceleration is 3.5G
  • Accommodations:  Pilot only, linear seat cockpit in torso
  • Generators: 2,000 kW
  • Sensor Radius: 6,000 meters/19,685 feet
  • Onboard A.I: Yes
  • Fixed Armaments
    • Razor Claws
    • Machine Gun (Fighter), wrist mounted in mobile suit mode, 45 rounds per wrist, 2x clips per wrist
    • Missile Launcher (Fighter), wrist mounted in mobile suit mode, 3 rounds per wrist
  • Features
    • Variable Waverider System
  • Known Pilots
    • n/a

Technical History

In the Patron’s quest for freedom, they met the alien species known as the Cirushon. From them they gained the knowledge and technology to create the GEAR Frames. The P-1a Senia is the first model ever successfully built by the Colonists. Designed for high speed combat, they dominated the skies and quickly overpowered any enemy. When their speed granted by the Waverider form wasn’t enough, they could transform into GEAR Frame mode for more focused combat. While it was extremely effective in the early stages of the war, when more heavily armed and armored GEAR Frames were made the Senia began to falter. The light frame that allowed them to transform made them highly vulnerable. Their reign on the battlefield ended and they were reduced to simple mass-produced models. However, many ace pilots in the Patrons have been known to use modified Senias as they lead their troops. Acting as a reminder of the dominating force the Senia once was on the battlefield.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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