Blog Update 4-21-2017

  • Release dates
    • I’ve finally found a proper schedule for chapter updates. For the foreseeable future; actual chapter updates will be posted exclusively on Monday, Wednesdays, and/or Fridays. Any other day that gets a post will be things like this. Basically no actual chapters will be posted.
  • Blessed Inversion Rename
    • So as misleading as this section sounds it’s not as bad as it sounds. I’m keeping Blessed Inversions Inhibitors and Blessed Inversion SWAT but I’m renaming the standard Blessed Inversion for ease of not getting confused. The full series will remain under that logo but from now on you can read the newly/retroactively dubbed Blessed Inversion Golden Age. As such, the site itself and thumbnails have been updated to reflect this.
  • Streams
    • Thanks to getting Skyforge and being obsessed with it, I’m streaming it a lot more frequently. I think you guys will enjoy watching me play. Right now I’m doing it without mic since I have no proper means to do it without it being like…super public cause it’s an MMO but hopefully you enjoy nonetheless. When Marvel Heroes Omega comes out you can expect me to stream that one too. I stream either here on Twitch or on Youtube.

Pretty small update but one worth noting. That’s all for now!

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