Blog Update 5-4-2017

Meet the Characters Update

  • Pretty much this is the focus of the update notes so let’s-a-go! For ease and consistency the Cursed World character profiles have been renamed so their codename is first with their real name in brackets. The files themselves after selected have been renamed to just label their real name while the Codename (or codenames) is in the appropriate section below. Might sound a bit confusing but it works better in action. Naturally this only applies to characters where it’s relevant. They are also being updated as the stories progress. As such I’ve updated several of the existing files
    • Black Ice (Henry “Hal” Sharp)
    • SWAT-Spider (Steven Kessler)
  • I also have the following ones planned
    • Jetstream (Gabriel Kessler)
    • Doctor Khonshu (Kreon Galanis)
    • Construct (Rory Tymchyshyn)
    • Biohazard (Maximilian Mills)
    • Cinder (Carlos Sánchez)
  • The sections have also been modified for ease of navigation and categorization
    • Blessed Inversion Golden Age
      • Unknown
      • Gunma Inc
      • Stars of Doom
      • The Rebellion
    • Blessed Inversion Inhibitors
      • The Cell
      • The Pathogen
    • Blessed Inversion SWAT
      • RajTEK
      • Kessler Family
      • Acel-Corp
      • Mafia

Any future updates to these section will naturally be added and such as more characters and groups get added and you’ll see it written about in a blog update. Till next time, hope ya’ll have a smashing day!


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