Katerina Sonter

  1. Codename- Sleuth
  2. Age- 20
  3. Species- Russian Inversion
  4. Status- Registered
  5. Hair- Tied back Brown
  6. Eyes- Hazel
  7. Body- Athletic
  8. Powers
    • Aura
    • Pheromone Manipulation
    • Vision- X-Ray
    • Weapon Master
  9. Job- Inhibitors

Unusual birth…

From the moment she was born, Katerina was a rarity among Inversions. She is one of the few Fourth Generation Inversions who was actually born the day of the Singularity. As such, she spent the entirety of her life with her powers. A fact that made growing up difficult. As a baby her pheromone manipulation unintentionally and radically affected those around her. Only a single person was able to take care of her and withstand her powers, Alexei Sonter. He watched over and raised her as his own. Teaching her how to use her powers in a safe environment. Unfortunately, this meant keeping her isolated and home schooled for most of her life. When Alexei helped form the idea of the Inhibitors, he suggested Katerina become a part of it as their Russian representative. For the first time in her life, she would now be able to interact with other people.

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