BI Inhibitors #4: The Second Director


Previously on Blessed Inversion Inhibitors…

With the rise of Inversion related crimes, the United Nations forms an Inversion exclusive branch of NATO to combat them. After returning from their mission to New Hudson, the Inhibitors found themselves under attack from a strange Inversion. But before they could apprehend them, he stole one of the VTOLs and escaped…

Sasha Boone

-Inhibitors Director. Madder than normal

Rory Tymchyshyn/Construct

-Inhibitors Leader. Energy Constructs

Jun Naegi/Reflex

-Inhibitors Second-in-Command. Precog

Karen DeGroat/Chaos

-Inhibitors Powerhouse. Umbra & Photokinesis

“Will someone explain to me what the hell just happened?” Sasha Boone yells at the five Inhibitors.

“An Inversion we haven’t seen before got into The Cell, attacked Fabiana, and fled. We left Fabiana to be taken care of by Stephanie while we pursued. But they escaped with one of the VTOLs.” Rory explains.*

*Check out Blessed Inversion Inhibitors Chapter 3 for more details!

“They had animal-based powers. Namely, a spider, so they could’ve followed us from New Hudson. Whoever they were, they were after Fabiana.” Jun adds.

“Okay, any idea why that would be?” Sasha inquires.

“Because she’s a terrible person?” Jun snarks to Karen’s amusement.

“Is something funny miss DeGroat?” Sasha leers.

“You bet your ass it was funny.” she replies.

“What she means is Fabiana wasn’t the nicest person before joining the Inhibitors. There’s any number of people it could be.” Rory takes charge.

“We don’t know enough about her past or how many people she’s mind controlled. For all we know, this is all a plan of hers.” Jun says.

“A plan? If I didn’t know better I’d think you knew something I didn’t. Care to share Ms. Naegi?”

“No Ms. Boone.” Jun reins herself in to keep her suspicions secret.

“We lost Kessler and had a break-in all in one day…We need to get our shit together before someone worse gets in. Suggestions?”

“More members could help.” Rory thinks aloud.

“Or it’d just open the door to internal threats. It took three months for us to get along and some of us still don’t.” Jun cautions.

“Yeah, but most of the people we left here can’t fight or weren’t trained enough. If we had more Inhibitors then our at home team and the away team wouldn’t be so lopsided.”

“Very true.” Sasha says standing from her chair. “We were already forced to send you out early. No reason we shouldn’t start our other plans as well. Tomorrow you’re going to recruit someone. We’ve been keeping our eyes on quite a few candidates and any one of them will be useful. I’ll have their files brought to your room. I don’t care how many you get, just make sure the team you send doesn’t come back empty-handed. You’re dismissed. Chaos, we need to talk.”

“Yes, mam.” Construct and Reflex reply before leaving. Construct hesitates briefly before following after Reflex.

“First off, which half of you decided to pursue the intruder?” Sasha scowls.

“I did? Got a problem with that?” Karen replies with her dark half in control.


“I just lost Steven and I wasn’t losing anyone else.” she answers.

“I see.” Sasha takes a deep breath and sits back down with her hands clasped together. She remembers Stevens warning that she still wasn’t ready for combat. “Tomorrow, you’re staying here. You still need to get your emotions in check.”

“That’s bull!” she shouts. Darkness flaring up from her body.

“See?” her single word was enough to make Karen back down. “Until you can get yourself under control you’re too volatile to be in the field.”

“Yes, Ms. Boone.” she responds meekly.

“Good, report to your therapist and do whatever they say.”

“Yes, Ms. Boone.” she nods and leaves.

With a sigh, Sasha begins planning. The team wasn’t fully ready and they were beginning to expand. On top of that, they needed a replacement trainer for Kessler and a proper prison. For a place called, The Cell, it didn’t have many actual prison cells. It was meant to only be temporary holding but it was clear what she needed to do. It was time to check in on The Pathogen. Taking a pilot, she boards one of the VTOL and plans to visit it directly.

Much like The Cell, the Pathogen was built using technology from various companies as well as Inversions. Being just one of several facilities; it was planned to be exclusively for holding prisoners. Much like how the Cell was for training and housing combat members or the Nucleus was for intelligence. It’d take roughly thirty minutes to reach the Pathogen. It was an airborne prison in the shape of a massive orb that floated above the Atlantic Ocean. A design courtesy of Eclipse Labs. As the VTOL approaches the outer layer shimmers and lets out a landing pad. Upon exiting, Sasha is greeted by one of the staff.

“Welcome Director Boone, Director Todd is waiting for you.

While the outside was complete the inside left much to be desired. Many cells were still incomplete and others weren’t yet functional. The only thing working at full capacity was the generator, the command room, and the non-essential areas for the present staff. The command room was suspended in the center of the Pathogen and floating at its core awaited Director Todd. A Fourth Generation Inversion, he had the power of gravitokinesis and was entirely responsible for keeping the facility afloat. He is currently the most powerful registered Inversion.

“Director Todd.” Sasha calls up to the floating man. His bald pale skin shining in the fluorescent lights. The black suit he wore as clean and pristine as the completed portions of the facility he ran.

“Director Boone, I was curious how long it’d take you.” Crossing his arms behind his back he turns and floats down to her. His eyes glowing white and his words delivered slowly as if he thought about every individual word he spoke.

“My apologies, you’re constantly moving so we had to confirm your location on the way.”

“I don’t move the Pathogen. My position is relative, it’s the planet that’s rotating around us.” he notes.

“I didn’t come here to bring up how wrong that statement is. I came for business.”

“I can do business. What type of business?”

“I need to know how soon before you can take prisoners.”

“I can take them now. Even without all the cells active, they’d have nowhere to go. Also, I can just kill them with a thought.” he suggests nonchalantly.

“We aren’t killing them. We plan to rehabilitate them if able.” Sasha reminds him with a stern expression.

“I know. But the threat is a good deterrent.”

She didn’t very much like Director Todd but that didn’t keep her from being a professional. “Will you be able to take prisoners ahead of schedule? The Inhibitors already have one and if things keep going as they are we’re going to be very busy.”

“We are ready Director Boone.”

“Good, then I expect to see you again soon.” With nothing more to say, Sasha leaves the Pathogen. That was one part of her job done. Now she just needed a new trainer. Without that it’d be pointless getting more members. Luckily, she knew just where to begin her search. It was time to give the Nucleus a call…

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