Life, Work, and Holidays! Blog Update 7-4-2017

Happy 4th of July all! (Even to those who don’t celebrate it) Been awhile since I did one of these so let’s do a full blown round up shall we?

  • New Job and effect on current series
    • So I got hired to help out as front desk at a tattoo shop about 3 weeks ago. Thankfully, they let me write while monitoring the front desk so I’ve been able to do some work. Buuuuut, it’s still a time-consuming job so my time is split. If I keep the job (I find out in two days) then it’ll be somewhat slower updates. But if I don’t it’ll probably return to the old schedule.
  • Reuploads
    • All reuploads are complete so you can enjoy all the existing issues of Blessed Inversion Golden Age, Blessed Inversion Inhibitors, and at long last Blessed Inversion SWAT!
  • New series
    • The new series I posted about before are still planned so here’s a reminder of each along with a brief synopsis (some admittedly are more bare bones than others)
      • The First World
        • Project: Revamp
          • A retelling of the story of Geist Wars following multiple characters across multiple timelines as the Rift slowly causes reality to break.
      • World of Sages
        • Aetherius Saga Thunderstruck
          • The World of Sages has a guest from a different Universe. How will the God of Thunder fare in these unfamiliar surroundings?
        • Aetherius Saga Eternals
          • One of the top Guilds in all of Zeratal, the Eternals set out to make the world a better place one job at a time.
        • Aetherius Saga Eternals (Black)
        • Project: Wandering Warriors
          • A pair of warriors travel across Zeratal hunting monsters and completing a variety of jobs
      • Cursed World
        • Blessed Inversion Metanoke
          • New York has Black Ice and SWAT-Spider, the Inhibitors travel the world, and now California has its own hero. How will the rookie Inversion Metanoke handle threats without other heroes to aid them?
          • Blessed Inversion Metanoke Emblem
      •  Multiverse
        • Black Valkyrie
          • While each Universe has its own rules, they all share the same afterlife. While the Valkyries shepherd the worthy to Valhalla, Prince Metatron and his fellow Reapers deal with the unworthy.
          • Black Valkyrie Title Card 3
        • Project: Tournament
          • What would you do to regain something important that you lost? Would you take away another’s chance at it? There can be only one winner here but will they willingly sacrifice others to achieve it?
  • World of Sages Roster update
    • The Eternals have been added to the character page. Minor update but worth noting
  • Suggested reading update
    • Now that Blessed Inversion SWAT is fully updated and reuploaded I decided to go back and do another quality of life update. At the bottom of chapters, there will now be one or two links to things you might be wanting to read. Next Issue will be for the next issue in the respective series while Recommended Reading will be the next to chronologically happen in the universe. The following have been updated
      • The Cursed World
        • Blessed Inversion Prologue
        • Blessed Inversion Golden Age Chapter 1-4
        • Blessed Inversion Inhibitors Chapter 1-5
        • Blessed Inversion SWAT Chapter 1-6
      • World of Sages
        • Notes of Roanoke Entry 1-13
        • Aetherius Saga Prologue
        • Aetherius Saga Stormraiders Chapter 1-5
        • Aetherius Saga Chapter 1-4
      • Warring Worlds
        • Warzone-Aeternus Chapter 0 & 1
      • World of Tech
        • U.G.M.P Chapter 0 & Chapter 1

That’s all for now. Wish me luck and see all you lovely people next time!


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