BI Inhibitors #7: Reunited


Previously on Blessed Inversion Inhibitors…

With the rise of Inversion related crimes, the United Nations forms an Inversion exclusive branch of NATO to combat them. With Blazer now in custody, their attention shifts from the west coast to the east coast…

Jun Naegi/Reflex

Inhibitor Second-in-Command. Limited future sight

Rory Tymchyshyn/Construct

Inhibitors Leader. Energy Constructs

Kathy Preston/Granite

Inhibitor Geokinetic. Hates rock’n’roll

Stephanie Balboa/Mach

Inhibitor Speedster. Gotta go fast

Sasha Boone

Director of the Inhibitors. Classified

Miles Shephard

Pilot. Wished he slept in

Doctor Khonshu/Kreon Galanis

RajTEK R&D. Smartest Man in the Room

Over a week passes after the battle with Blazer and the Inhibitors have returned to their normal routines. Each awaiting their time to go out into the field. Some more impatiently than others. Karen, Wendell, and Stephanie enjoyed the recreation room together. Being so close in age helped them bond despite Geralts helicopter grandparenting. Stephanie ran around her personal track field while Raina watched. Kathy and Wei sat on the surface admiring the lake the Cell sat under. Rory, Katerina, Fabiana, and Karen kept to their own rooms while Jun investigated on her own. While they caught several Inversions since Blazer something in particular stuck out. He was the only one who seemed genuinely scared before his final sudden outburst. The others were all overtly hostile. She still couldn’t figure out why Fabiana would want to send someone as powerful as him away. Unless she wanted to make sure he didn’t join the team so they were weaker. But if that was the case that wouldn’t explain why she didn’t do anything to make Wendell leave.

“Construct & Reflex report to my office immediately. I repeat, Construct & Reflex report to my office immediately.” Director Boone orders across the intercoms. After several minutes of waiting, the two arrive. “We have a situation in New York that needs our attention. The main offices of RajTEK were attacked by a group of Inversions.”

“Damn, how bad is it?” Construct asked.

“It’s actually already been contained. There were some reported casualties and injuries but the damage was kept to a minimum. They had help from a cryokinetic, one that syncs up with one of the people on my watch list. His name is Henry Sharp, I need you to get a team for pickup and gauging if Sharp is a threat.”*

*Check out Blessed Inversion SWAT Chapter 5 & Blessed Inversion Golden Age Chapter 4 for more details!

“We’ll get right on it.”

“I’ll get on it.” Jun asserts. “I’ll take Granite & Mach.”

“Good luck.”

Within 10 minutes; Reflex, Granite, and Mach board the VTOL with Miles and depart for New York. Like the flight to New Edwards Island, it took about an hour to arrive at Silver Plains. Unfortunately, with RajTEK still under repair and the Inhibitors protocol still relatively new there wasn’t a safe and also legal place to land. So he worked around it, he flew the VTOL and landed it in Golden Plains. With all the empty space there, he wouldn’t have to worry about being in anyone’s way. But it was a considerable distance from their primary destination in Silver Plains.

“So which should we do first?” Granite asks.

“We have directions to the SPPD, you two are going to head there. I’m going to RajTEK.” Reflex replies.

“What about Henry?” Mach questions. She wasn’t huge on splitting up but still had to ask.

“One thing at a time. Those criminals sitting in a prison not built to contain them are the immediate threat. We can find Henry afterward.”

“Oh, okay.” Mach nods before she acts as a chauffeur, and super speeds the trio to RajTEK in seconds. The building had already been tied up with police tape while they investigated. The staff went home for the day and only random passerby’s remained. “This is way worse than the Director made it sound.”

“Thanks, Mach. I’ll catch up again later.”

“You sure you can get around without us?” Granite asks concerned. This was Jun’s first time in the New York and the suits translate audio, not visual.

“Don’t worry, I’m just doing something we should’ve done a long time ago.” with a wave she proceeds into RajTEK as her fellow Inhibitors leave. She hoped she could find someone still in the building. Even just one would be useful in doing what she came to do. With so many floors she couldn’t reasonable search them all. The elevators still worked so took one to Raja & Doctor Khonshu’s office.

“Um, Reflex, we have a problem.” Mach meekly says across the headset.

“What kind of problem?”

“Those guys we had to get? They aren’t here and nobody knows where they went.”

“Shit…Okay, just find Sharp and we’ll meet up when you’re done.”

“Okay, we can do that.”

“Just what we needed…” Reflex sighs as the elevator doors open. To her surprise, Doctor Khonshu is there donning his Khonshu Drives.

“A bit late for breaking and entering don’t you think?” Doctor Khonshu turns his Drives on Reflex. “Wait, you’re an Inhibitor, aren’t you? I’d know that craftsmanship anywhere.”

“Yes, I’m Reflex. Second-in-command and here on important business.”

“You’re a few hours too late if you came to help.” Doctor Khonshu dismisses Reflex.

“It’s more personal business. Steven Kessler was our teacher, a friend, and he died on our watch. I know the news didn’t talk about it but I wanted to take this opportunity to inform his family.” Out of the Inhibitors, Reflex is the only one to know that Director Boone kept Steven’s death a secret. It wasn’t hard for her to deduce and with New York being their next destination she couldn’t miss the opportunity to right their first wrong.

“Eh, I wouldn’t do that. He wasn’t exactly close with his ex. She’d probably just say thank god and do a little dance.” he tries to deflect.

“What about his immediate family?”

“Probably somewhere in Ireland. But he’s not close with them either. I’m guessing they’d just be really passive about it.”

“His kids?” Steven kept to himself largely while he trained them. But there were a few times he’d show humanity, namely when he referenced his twin sons.

“Well, the thing about that is…” Doctor Khonshu tries to create an excuse but freezes. “You know how kids are.”

“No, I don’t. Mind explaining? Or maybe you’ll stop trying to lie to me. Is there a reason you don’t want me telling his family the news?”

“You’re not going to leave me alone are you?” Doctor Khonshu sighs. “Fine, it’s because he’s not dead.”

“What? How?!” Reflex was in shock. She knew his death was suspicious but she never once considered that he could’ve outright survived the attempt on his life. “Where is he?”

“Saint Taliesin’s hospital. I could fly you there. So long as you promise not to tell him I told you.”

“Sure, just promise me you won’t tell my team I found out.”

“Double deal.” Using his Khonshu Drives, Doctor Khonshu creates a gravity field around the pair that allows him to fly them both to Saint Taliesin’s hospital. Landing outside the front door casually. “You’re on your own from here.”

“Thank you Doctor Khonshu.” she bows slightly.

“How did you know my name?”

“I saw the future.”

“Lovely.” Not willing to dig into it any deeper, Doctor Khonshu takes his leave while Reflex checks in.

“Hello, my name is Reflex. I’m second-in-command of the Inhibitors and I’m here to see Steven Kessler.” she asks the front desk politely.

“Oh, um…he’s in room 419. Take an elevator up to the fourth floor and it’ll be in the hall to your right.”

“Thank you.” Reflex thanks the front desk, enters the elevator, and does as she was told. Passing a woman and two Inversion children. One seemed oddly familiar but didn’t think much of it. She had something much more important to deal with. Reflex slowly opens the door and finds Steven Kessler resting in bed. Still recovering from whatever got him admitted here in the first place.*

*Check out Blessed Inversion SWAT Chapter 4 & Chapter 6 for more details

“So you really are alive.” Reflex thinks aloud catching Steven’s attention.

“Today just keeps getting better and better…” Steven sighs.

“I thought I was going to have to explain to your family how you died today. Mind telling me how come I don’t have to do that?”

Steven looked sternly at his former student, remembering the words Haze left him.* But could he really trust she wasn’t involved in Fabiana’s attempt on his life?** His danger sense said he could and if she wanted to kill him it wasn’t like he could put up much of a fight. “I’m a type of psychic. My powers protected me from her attack for the most part.”

*Blessed Inversion SWAT Chapter 7

**Blessed Inversion Inhibitors Chapter 2

“I already know there’s more to the story so just get it all out now.” she was relieved to see him alive but still couldn’t stand he didn’t tell her that he was still alive.

“You really were my best student.” Steven chuckled to himself before flinching at the pain. “Let me ask you something first. What do you think happened to me?”

“Fabiana told us you went berserk thanks to Rage and she had to kill you in self-defense. I was suspicious because there wasn’t a body, I knew she didn’t like you, and I couldn’t believe she could kill you while being left unscratched. So I started investigating and things just kept feeling odd around her. The way that spider guy was so focused on her but nobody else, how she was the only one who didn’t seem affected by your “death”, and that the only proof disappeared with the VTOL that got stolen. Just the other day I could tell she was responsible for getting an Inversion we could’ve saved sent to the Pathogen. I can’t prove it but I know she was responsible.”

“You’re just laying out your whole hand huh?”

“Now it’s your turn.”

“That guy who attacked Fabiana, it was me. Well, not entirely. My powers are Astral Manifestation so when she tried to kill me, it took over and wanted revenge. It failed and took the VTOL to escape. By the time I regained my mind Doctor Khonshu had already dissected it. He didn’t mention anything so I didn’t think it was important.”

“So you destroyed the only proof that could’ve helped us…Perfect.” Reflex sits hard on a nearby chair annoyed. She wanted to ask why he didn’t tell them he was alive but already could see the answer if she did. He didn’t know who to trust and couldn’t risk leaking that information. “Now what?”

“I recover and you keep an eye on…everyone. I have good reason to believe that Fabiana isn’t the only traitor.”

“I hate when I can’t see things like this coming.” Reflex rubs her forehead.

“Welcome to my world. Just, make sure you keep this conversation secret.”

“I will if you do the same.”

“I can.”

“It was good seeing you again Steve.” Reflex stands up and rubs Stevens’ shoulder.

“Same, and for what it’s worth, I’m proud of the work you’ve been doing.”


Reflex tries to hide her smile as she leaves the hospital room. The weight of having let Steven get killed lifted off her shoulders. But now replaced with a new weight. Who else could be a traitor or were they just under Fabiana’s control as well? The more she seems to investigate the more problems seem to spring up. But now she at least had someone in the States she knew she could count on.

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