Design Notes- “λ” Lambda A.V (Junsui Envore)


In the World of Data, the lines between living being and program have blurred beyond recognition. Every program has an avatar, including the anti-virus programs. The Lambda Series of Anti-Virus program, like many other programs, was designed to emulate the popular anime aesthetic that swept the world. The most popular and common design being called the “Dandere Set”. These particular Lambdas take the appearance of a young boy no more than 13 with short straight black hair and vibrant blue eyes. Giving him a youthful appearance despite the uncanny lifelessness of being a program. Their personality somewhat shy and reserved but positive and optimistic when properly engaged. Unlike most Anti-Virus programs, the Lambda series was built with companionship in the forefront of their programming and appearance. They are especially popular amongst new families, singles, or couples who are unsure they are ready for a real child or a programmed one. This Lambda, in particular, underwent gradual personality shifting after being bound to the Star Core and gaining sentience. Though he retains much of his programming that lends to a shy and childlike demeanor, he has grown increasingly curious. Rather than acting like a child curious about the world, he effectively is one now.


Lambda #1341526233, which was purchased by Doctor Deloris Envore, is your standard Lambda series using the Dandere Set. As an Anti-Virus program, he is capable of switching into combat armor to actually deal with Viruses. To fit the Entomologist theme, Lambda was given armor to emulate a Wasps head. Being a solid yellow coloration with black oval eyes and two short black antennae extending from the bridge of his nose. A mouth guard could be summoned or retracted that emulated mandibles. However, when Lambda was bound to the Star Core and placed itself on his forehead it overwrote his costume set. Now taking the central part of the helmet, the antennae are now placed on opposite sides of the stars top point. The oval eyes fitting in-between the side and bottom points of the star. The side points remaining firmly in place above his eyebrows while the lower points extend down both sides of his nose towards the cheeks. However, the Star Core itself remains largely hidden beneath his hair. The side and bottom points being the most visible when it isn’t glowing or part of his helmet.

As is customary with the Wasp Costume Set, Lambda wears a jet black body suit that covers all his body. Yellow padding adorning his forearms, calves, and upper back. The portion on the upper back, in particular, comes with functional Wasp Wings for flight. The forearm padding can raise up slightly to reveal hidden stingers much like a regular Wasp would possess. Like the wings, they are only usable while the Wasp Costume Set is equipped. Fortunately or perhaps unfortunately, Lambda has never removed his Costume Set since acquiring his Star Core. Part because he has yet to discover how to power down and partly because he has no reason to.

Miscellaneous Notes

Being that Lambda is still learning how to be a mostly real human, he has yet to actually try any accessories. In combat, he is fully capable of using his Wasp Stingers as close range weapons. However, he prefers to use his Cosmic Aether enhanced Anti-Virus functionality. The standard process for him being to scan the opposition, quarantine them in a hard-light construct, and funnel it with enough energy to purge or purify the target. Repairing the collateral damage caused afterward.

Final Comments

Lambda, as a character, is one of the youngest current Radiants. Making him a good opposite to the veteran Radiant Wú Wěi Yuán. His demeanor also helps set the two apart and serves as a good way to elaborate on the multiverse without it coming off awkwardly. Allowing for Wú to show his knowledge and for Lambda to learn and grow as one of the main leads. As a Lambda, he was designed to learn and be taught. But now that he has a Star Core he actually can learn properly and question things. He knows just how little he knows and now he gets to pester Wú about it to no ends. If he plans to clean the universe of its Virus problem, he has quite a long road ahead of him…


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