Injustice 2 #55 (Rage on Harring) Review Teaser

REVIEW: Injustice 2 #55 (Rage on Harring)

The Red Lantern Corps has come and now Soranik, Hal Jordan, & Sinestro are at their mercy. Will the Red Lanterns burn them all or will the trio escape their fate?


Injustice 2 #55

Writer: Tom Taylor


Cover Artist: Daniel Sampere

Cover Colors: Alejandro Sanchez

Colorist: Rex Lokus

Letters: Wes Abbott

Publisher: DC Comics

What You Need to Know:

After helping Superman with his regime, Hal Jordan was returned to the Guardians to undergo trial. His punishment to help with a recolonization effort alongside Sinestro. Unbeknownst to them, the Red Lantern Dex-Starr has killed the Green Lantern Tomar-Re and called the rest of his Corps to descend upon the prison. Destroying it and leaving the three inside at their mercy…

What You’ll Find Out:

Taking place immediately after Issue 54; Hal Jordan, & Sinestro sit Soraniks barrier as the Red Lanterns loom above them. Hal’s guilt-induced manifestation Guy Gardner returns briefly to note how weird it is seeing Dex-Starr. To Guy’s relief, Atrocitus is only after Sinestro. Though he’s not above tearing Soranik apart slowly. As the Red Lanterns prepare to do so, both Hal & Sinestro give Soranik advice much to her annoyance. It does little to help as her barrier is destroyed in seconds. Instinctively, Sinestro goes to her aid which sparks Atrocitus’ curiosity and confusion. From the sidelines; Arisia, Jimwick, and Iolande arrive to watch the scene. Jimwick noting that he’s the lone survivor of a previous encounter with the Red Lanterns. Fully aware of the threat they pose, he’s taken the initiative to ask the Guardians for authorization on the use of lethal force.


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