Blog 300th Post Update 5-10-2018

It’s been almost 2 years since I first started this WordPress and here we are. A little over 300 posts later. Thanks to any and all who have come and enjoyed this and a special shoutout to any and all who have stuck around from the very beginning. With that wrapped up, let’s get onto the fittingly special (though not quite as special)…41st Update!

Meet the Characters Section Update

  • With more and more series and more and more characters being made. I’ve tried to streamline them. So all characters are in alphabetical order by “season”. Naturally, ones still progressing will be updated. There will be two links for each that will be gradually updated for Profiles & Design Notes. Below the name but above those will also be logos for the series they appear in to better organize. Currently, the updated ones are as follows
    • Worlds of Aeternum Cast
    • Cursed World Cast

Series Guide Section Update

  • This one is a bit more interesting as the Series Guide is officially getting a Multiversal Timeline so you can get a general idea what chapters/series happen where in the grand scheme of things. They’ll have the name, a link, and the series icon below each. However, the old Series Grid will remain in-tact and naturally be updated as more (if any) series are added

300th Post and Geist Wars

  • So how about that 300th post? Bet you didn’t see that coming. Partly because Geist Wars barely sold anything so it probably all flew over your head. If not then awesome, thank you for buying it and reading it! Though in case you couldn’t tell, this means that Geist Wars II and all its planned sequels are officially canceled. It wasn’t an easy choice to come to but there were a number of factors that went into it…
    • Geist Wars itself, despite my efforts, barely sold. Admittedly it was…very disheartening…but thanks to its failure I ended up doing a lot of things differently and found WordPress to do…well…this. It’s still canon to the multiverse but I may end up sort of reposting everything here (assuming Amazon doesn’t get mad at me) or just make it free so people can fill in a few of the blanks.
    • Following up the last post, with Geist Wars failing I had to do my other series. This meant removing it from being the old center point of the Multiverse. But thanks to that I got to expand and elaborate upon concepts touched upon and eventually would’ve been elaborated upon in Geist Wars. Fun Fact: the Norse stuff I’ve been doing recently was originally a part of Geist Wars. Naturally, it was nowhere near as big or as significant as it is now.
    • A LOT of the concepts and ideas that would’ve been present in the later Geist Wars is being used elsewhere. Some of which I still will salvage in different series. So keep an eye out cause some of them are really cool. Fun Fact: A parallel universe version of SWAT-Spider was referenced in Geist Wars so yeah. This version is way better and that totally counts as an early bird cameo. But back on task, with parts of it being harvested and used elsewhere, there’s nothing left for the would’ve been sequels.

Khonshu/Amun & loose ends

  • The biggest change of all by doing this is the super early reveal and change to Khonshu/Amun/Jedda Reinhold. I’m still doing some of the plot points planned around his old stuff but figured I’d elaborate on him and the fates of the other Geist Wars stars in regards to their fates. So think of this as a bit of a behind-the-scenes look into Geist Wars
    • Originally, the big twist to be revealed in later Geist Wars entries was that Khonshu was, in fact, an alternate reality version of the first main character Jedda Reinhold. He lived a life virtually identical to our Jedda until the Four Horsemen attacked. They were to be a cosmic certainty that every universe would go through. When they attacked his timeline, he barely survived but his boyfriend Eugene Barton dies. Both of these triggered Khonshu’s Geist and he gained several time manipulation abilities. One of which allowed him to reset the universe and return to the same point in a different timeline. Essentially, if he time traveled on Tuesday at 3PM he’d appear in another timeline on Tuesday 3PM. Unfortunately, doing this would also outright destroy the timeline he just left. A fact he never knew. So as he spent an unknown amount of years reseting timeline after timeline to change history and save Eugene, he was wiping out countless civilizations unwittingly.
    • Along the way, he would amass an army and technology across the timelines so he could try and stop the Four Horsemen. His initial invasions being a VERY aggressive take on martial law. By the time Fated End comes along, a period of time since the end of Geist Wars has passed with Khonshu remaining entirely unsuccessful in his quest when Loki finds him. Eventually joining him and taking the name of another character that got cut and is being merged with him named Amun.
  • But now that sorts out the fate of the main villain, but what about the other heroes? Let’s go down the list given that some time has passed since the now canon ending of Geist Wars…
    • Jedda Reinhold & Eugene Barton remained trapped in the past. Jedda, who had been trying to make the most of it since his arrival more easily adapted to it. Eugene, on the other hand, only grew more and more frustrated by their fate. Growing apart as time went on. Though they remain social as the primary guardians of the Sanctuary of Neo Alpha, they are not together romantically.
    • Samantha Cudgel, after realizing who Khonshu was, decides to join him as a member of Axis. Roy Cambell, upon recovering from his injuries, joined Axis as well.
    • Alexandros, after being trapped in the future alongside Jedda & Eugene, similarly remained as a guardian of the Sanctuary of Neo Alpha. Learning how to speak the language slowly over time.
    • Circe, despite sacrificing everything to defend against the Rift, fails in the coming battle. Becoming just the latest in a long list of individuals trapped within the realm never to be seen or heard from again…
    • Griffin, after having his mind shattered by his encounter with Scuro Angelo, successfully travels into the Rift Gate. Exiling himself as atonement for his crimes. Like his mother, he too is lost within the Rift…but for those who find him only a fate worse than death awaits them…
    • Setka/Moissanite lived out the rest of his days as the timeline dictated. Eventually forming the Sanctuary of Neo Alpha with his fellow survivors from the Gemstone Kingdom.
    • Gen Yun remained in charge of the Sanctuary of Neo Alpha and continued about life as he had in the past. Though with several time-displaced fighters added to his numbers. The encounter he had with Axis eventually fading into a distant memory…
  • If any of the main cast is reused, this will be the point from which they return. Though their fates are different in a few places, I think the new ones fit better. There are other characters who appeared but they probably won’t appear and you can fill in the blanks. Or not, Geist Wars not doing well was why it got canceled so I doubt they will be missed or even noticed as not being remade. But the survivors will be greatly improved and may even be part of a potential crossover. We’ll see what the future holds.

With that said thank you again for reading the stuff I wrote, this, and ideally the stuff I will write. It means a lot to me that you stopped by to read my content. Even if you don’t necessarily tell me you did. So you have my sincerest and deepest thanks and gratitude.

Hopefully, I don’t disappoint in the future.

But if I do I can at least say I made it to 300 and at least one person seems to have enjoyed the ride. So once more to any and all who read this, thanks again for reading and coming along for the ride no matter how brief it may be. You rock and never forget it. Until next time fair traveler.

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