Design Notes- Soul (Ji II “Jey” Connors)


Ji II Connors was born in Miami, Florida as part of his families long standing tradition. The perpetual background player in his own life, the first few years of his life where he endured prejudice for being Chinese-American left a long-lasting impact on him. His somewhat shaky relationship with his family and his overtly problematic relationships with his friends serving to leave a long-lasting negative impact on him. All of these issues continued to follow him to Silver Plains, New York when his family moved and he simply started being called Jey. As he grew his mental health would continue to decline until he eventually met Henry “Hal” Sharp as his roommate in college. Their meeting setting Jey on the path to recovery and eventual stardom as a pro-eSports player. While quiet, Jey shows moments of his true personality every so often if he trusts you enough. Jey is a 23-year-old who stands at 5’5 with short black hair, brown eyes, and a constantly clean-shaven face. While not a particularly unhealthy or inactive person, Jey has a fairly average build. Treading the line between being thin and somewhat doughy.


As a member of Team Moon Fox, a Guardian Corps eSports team, he generally wears their apparel out of habit. This usually consists of a white short sleeved with the Moon Fox logo on the chest, lightweight black pants, and black sneakers with white highlights and the team logo on the outer sides. Though he also owns a pair of black shorts with the Moon Fox logo on the right leg he has been known to wear.

After a series of nightmares and the eventual revelation he was both an Inversion and gifted with Soul Magic, Jey became known as the aptly named hero Soul. Like Hal, he has a love of superheroes and took inspiration for them when he used his Soul Magic to summon his costume. A skintight black suit with the shoulders and torsos colored blue. Tapering down to the navel at a point. A cyan color outlining the blue as well as possessing two isolated cyan bands wrapping around his forearms. The forearm section colored black which when combined with the cyan lining, gave it the impression of being gloves. To complete his costume, he wears a deep purple hooded cape. The inside of which appear to have entire galaxies within them. Being transmuted from his normal clothing, the Soul costume provides no actual adequate protection despite being magical in nature. Relying entirely on other spells to provide protection. Being made of clothes he transmuted (or in the case of emergencies transmuted from dead skin cells if he’s not wearing clothing) Soul always has access to his costume even without the Tome of Eternals in hand.

Miscellaneous Notes

Originally, Jey was designed to fill an important role. The justification for why Hal was able to afford a two-bedroom house on a security guards salary. But as I developed him beyond just being a plot hole filler, he became far more significant. From roommate to boyfriend, and finally the gateway into magic and the greater multiverse surrounding them post-Rise of the Pheromaster. I wanted to give him a mix of traditional spells as well as magic to make him stand out from the spellcasters in say Aetherius Saga or Star Forgers. Essentially, making him the primary magical character for this World despite being inexperienced. His race was actually something I decided because of the real world place that inspired Silver Plains. It had a high Asian population so I figured it’d be a nice little reference to it. His average body type was also chosen to set him apart from my more athletic heroes and characters. Compared to them, he’s a more normal person so an average built was a natural conclusion. As for his choice of career, I like eSports so I thought it’d be fun to do. If it were in the real world, they would’ve been playing competitive shooters like Goldeneye, Quake, Perfect Dark, and Unreal. But given the technology of the time being far ahead of what 1999 had, I got to add-in things more common in later genres while still referencing the old. That, and I didn’t want to make him an obvious FGC Reference…

Final Comments

Like Tal and Hal, the negative parts of Jey’s personality were modeled after me. The main theme for writing Blessed Inversion Soul being both the supernatural and Jey dealing with his poor mental health. Something that admittedly was suggested to me to help with my own issues. But Jey as a character isn’t just a vehicle for this and his scenes with Hal are some of my favorite to do. Creating the new spells he can use that reference different parts of the multiverse are also an especially fun part of having created him. Him being a pro-gamer was another interesting detail I took a lot of time to make sure was handled well. I’ve written out ideas and plans for game based stories in the past and thanks to Jey I can finally put them to use. Jey as a whole is one of my favorite new characters created for Blessed Inversion both on a personal level and writing level. I’m quite excited for all the things planned for him.

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