BI Inhibitors #9: Power Incontinent

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Previously on Blessed Inversion Inhibitors…

With the rise of Inversion related crimes, the United Nations formed an Inversion exclusive branch of NATO to combat them. The Inhibitors were formed by recruiting members from across the globe. Under the tutelage of the RajTEK head of security, Steven Kessler (also known as the vigilante SWAT-Spider), they were to become a new type of police force. But a traitor in their ranks, with the help of Pheromaster, dealt the Inhibitors a crippling blow. Reducing them to only two members with the rest incarcerated or forced to leave. Their support staff that survived now leaving in droves. Their pilot, Miles Shephard is the first to help rebuild their ranks. The second, was the young Inversion Ahmed Noonan, codenamed: Blazer…

Karen DeGroat/Chaos
Inhibitor. Umbra & Photokinesis

Jun Naegi/Reflex

Inhibitors Leader. Pre-cog

Miles Shephard

Inhibitors Pilot

Ahmed Noonan/Blazer
Inhibitor trainee. Heat Constructs & Heat Missiles

“This will be your room, Ahmed.” Karen opens the door to another standard room within the Cell. “It’s not too far from Miles so if you need help with anything you can ask him.” she smiles to try and ease him. But he remained withdrawn and quiet. “If you need me I’m down the hall and to the left.”

“Thank you.” he replies. “When can I start training?”

“Oh, right. Um, I think it’s here.” Karen walks over to the dresser and begins to search each drawer. “Hmm…” she stands and walks over to the closet. “Here it is.” she says as she pulls out an Inhibitor Uniform. Like her uniform, it was a stark white design that emulated the NATO uniforms. Grey camouflage being featured prominently on the arms leading up to the neck. Padding covered the knees and a pair of boots sat in the closet waiting to be taken. “We called ahead so it should fit you. But if not we can fix it later. The training room is in the basement and an elevator is at the end of the hall. So head on down whenever you’re ready.” Karen gives Ahmed his uniform and leaves him to change.

Ahmed looks around his new surroundings and takes a deep breath. It was better than his old cell but it wasn’t like his home either. He wondered if he would ever be able to show his face there again. The memories of his powers first manifestation taking hold. The sudden overwhelming burning sensation that coursed through his body before exploding outward. The heat he emitted incinerating the forest and all his friends around him in seconds. Its flames spreading and starting a wildfire that raged without limit until the Inhibitors came to his aid. The fear of doing it again compelling him to put the uniform on top of his prison uniform. Keeping his powers suppressed so he wouldn’t have to worry about harming anyone. Navigating the Cell was fairly straightforward and he had no trouble finding his way to the training room. Miles sat off to the side awkwardly. Like Ahmed, this was his first time joining their ranks. Karen waited next to the door for Ahmed to arrive. Jun, however, stood with a fourth person. A rugged man with a beard and wild black hair down to his shoulders. His face stern and scarred. His eyes a silvery blue. He had a muscular build and wore an Inhibitors uniform with the exception of it being colored entirely black.

“He’s not as bad as he looks.” Karen tells Ahmed to try and ease his concerns.

“If he can help me I don’t care how he looks.” Ahmed responds unintentionally.

“I’ll not be able to assist you while you’re wearing that prison garb.” the rugged man says in a surprisingly calm tone. His voice and words giving off the air of a nobleman despite his intimidating appearance. A fact that catches all but Jun by surprise. “What?” he asks looking around at the four.

“Prison garb? Are you from the 16th Century?” Miles asks jokingly.

“5th actually.” The man replies casually.

“I’m not sure how to respond to this.” Miles exhales.

“Might I introduce myself? My name is Finn Richardson, I’ve been recruited by Director Boone to assist you in your training. I’ve already met Ms. Naegi before your departure to recruit Blazer*. I look forward to working with you all.” Finn gives a slight bow.

*Blessed Inversion Inhibitors Chapter 8

“Blazer?” Ahmed asks confused.

“It was the codename you were given by Director Boone before we went to stop the wildfires.” Jun explains. “No, we don’t get to pick our codenames. I knew what you were going to say because I have limited future sight. Not that it wasn’t hard to see that question coming.” she pauses briefly. “You can still talk, I can’t see everything and I’m not always going to cut you off.”


“Now then, off with that prison garb you’re hiding. I’ll not be able to teach you how to use your powers if you can’t trigger them in the first place.” Finn orders.

“How did you know I was still wearing that?” Ahmed asks. All eyes turned their attention to Finn. Much like Kessler before him, Finn was largely a mystery to the Inhibitors. Only that Director Boone recruited him shortly after the Pheromaster Incident. As far as they knew, today was his first day on the job as well.

“I smelt it the second you walked in.”

“But what if something happens?”

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.” Finn assures him before everyone turns around. Giving Ahmed the privacy to remove his power restricting prison uniform and put back on his Inhibitors uniform. “Doesn’t that feel much better now that you aren’t being shackled?”

“Not really. Now I’m just scared I might explode.”

“That’s good. Fear is a useful tool. It helps you grow. Makes you stronger.” Finn responds. “Everyone has a different means to access their power as I’m sure you can attest to.” he glances at Karen & Jun. “Be it innate or emotional it’s just finding the trigger.” Finn leaps towards Ahmed, turning into a massive jet-black wolf who’s body just barely missed the ceiling. Blue veins releasing a cold mist surged throughout his body. Shocking and terrifying all present.

“Oh shit!” Miles cries and runs away.

“What the fuck!?” Ahmed stumbles backward to try and put space between him and the monstrous Finn. Without meaning to, he unleashes a volley of Heat missiles from his back. Each striking Finn in the snout.

“I should’ve seen that coming.” Finn snarls in a booming voice. He shakes his head mildly annoyed at the attack. Despite taking the attacks head-on, he showed no sign of injury. “It seems fear is the trigger for your Heat Missiles. Though it seems you need to actually concentrate to use your regular Heat Constructs” Finn returns to his normal form and yawns.

“Is it too late to go back to being a pilot?” Miles whines to himself as he stays far away from the group.

“Warn us next time!” Jun shouts at Finn who turns to leer at her.

“My apologies.” he smiles. “I thought it the best method to get a fearful reaction out of him. Now we know he needs a more concrete means of controlling one of his power.”

“Couldn’t we have done that first?” Karen asks as her voice deepens. The dark side of her powers intensifying from annoyance.

“Not at all. If he was relaxed we’d likely never have discovered the trigger for his Heat Missiles until it was too late.”

For accessing an Inversions abilities, there were several different known methods. Inversions like Doctor Khonshu or Marco where it was tied into their physiology. Their powers were innate and unable to be shut off, being used subconsciously much like breathing. Inversions like Chaos or Biohazard trigger their power by emotional triggers. Allowing their powers to become immensely more powerful or vastly weaker depending on their mood. Some, like SWAT-Spider and Construct, accessed their powers with immense focus and concentration. Should they lose consciousness or waver, their powers will weaken or stop immediately. Finally, there were those like Black Ice who required a balance between the emotional focus and active concentration. While it is difficult to find that balance, it allows them to be both powerful and versatile. However, no two Inversions has the same abilities. Depending on the combination they may need to learn multiple different methods to access different abilities. Regardless of the method used, when an Inversions powers first manifest they are often unstable and unrestrained.

“Harness your fear and anger and you can better aim your Heat Missiles. Unlike Chaos, you want to let loose.” Finn takes a step back and transforms once more. “Now then, hit me with your best shot.”

“Seriously?” Ahmed is taken back by the request.

“Trust me, child, NOTHING you can do will hurt me.” Finn says fearlessly. Naturally, Ahmed is unable to attack him despite his monstrous appearance. “What’s wrong?”

“I can’t just shoot Heat Missiles at you.”

“I am ordering you to attack me.” Finn snarls.

“That’s enough, we’ll come back to this later.” Jun interjects.

“And if there isn’t a later?” Finn turns his head to Jun and snarls with fangs bared. His breaths freezing the air around him.

“Finn…Don’t even think about it.” Jun dons her Taser Gloves as a precaution.

“Cute, you think that will stop me.” Finn turns his body to face Jun. Slowly approaching her as she begins backing up. The training room was the size of a track field but offered little in the way of being able to stall Finn when and if he attacked.

“Back off!” Karen shouts. Her body glowing brightly as she shoots a stream of light into Finn’s side.

“I suppose I’ll start with you then.” Finn turns to face Karen. Swinging his tail into Jun mid-turn to send her flying to the floor. Rolling to minimize the damage she saw coming but was entirely unable to avoid. “Is this all you can do?” he asks as he slowly steps towards Karen. Her stream of light striking her square in his snout but doing nothing to slow him. As he exhales the veins on his body begin releasing a cold air that fills the room. But despite the room slowly freezing and their bodies becoming harder and harder to move, Karen continued her attack. This time adding a stream of darkness to her stream of light. Sadly, this did little to stall his advances. “You’ve still fight in you? Impressive young one.” his head looms ever closer to Karen who is backed against the wall. Finn then takes a deep breath and exhales. A frozen burst of wind begins to overwhelm her. The stream of light and darkness being held only mere inches away from her body.

“Karen!” Ahmed calls out and reaches for her with eyes glowing red. A volley of 12 Heat Construct Missiles soaring from his back into Finn’s side. Forcing Finn to stop and catch his breath.

“EAT THIS ASSHOLE!” Karen shouts at the top of her lungs. Darkness fully taking over her as a wave of shadows begin to surround Finn. Ensnaring him in a web of blackness as he continues to be bombarded by Ahmed’s attack. On instinct alone, Ahmed summons a minotaur Heat Construct who charges headfirst into Finn’s neck. At the same time summoning a Dragon Heat Construct that appears overhead and pounces on the wolf. Biting and tearing at the back of his neck.

“GAH! I yield! I yield!” Finn howls in pain as he returns to normal once more. But while Karen stops her attack, Ahmed does not. Forcing the man to dodge the Minotaurs wild swings, the Dragon biting at him, and Ahmed’s Heat Missiles. “Oh dear…” he sighs. “Perhaps I pushed a little too hard.” he thought to himself.

“STOP!” Karen gives into her darkness and surrounds herself and Ahmed in a wall of shadows.

“Wha-where am I? What’s going on? Where’s Finn?!” Ahmed asks in a fury. His voice echoing in the darkness. The only thing that pierces it is the light coming off of Karen’s body. “Karen? Are you okay? Did he hurt you?” he stammers as he rushes to his side.

“I’m fine Ahmed. Everyone is. Just…please calm down. You don’t have to keep on fighting.”


“It’s okay.” she smiles as Ahmed’s eyes return to normal. His Heat Constructs fading along with the darkness that surrounded them. The scorch marks that filled the room terrified the young Inversion.

“Good job Blazer. I daresay this was a resounding success.” Finn congratulates him without a care in the world.

“I’m gonna die aren’t I?” Miles whines to himself as he backs even further away from the group.

“NEVER do something like that again.” Jun orders Finn who just shrugs his shoulders with a sigh.

“I make no promises. Were it not for my forceful methods we would not have learned what we did. Young Blazer now will be able to use his Heat Missiles and his Heat Constructs seem to be triggered by emotion as well rather than concentration. We also know that like dear Chaos, using his powers alters his emotional and mental state. Quite the dilemma really. He needs emotions to use his powers but using his powers makes him too emotional…”

“Does this mean I’ll never be normal again?” Ahmed’s heart sinks at the grim situation before him.

“Perhaps…perhaps not…We’ll just need to get more creative in training you.” Finn glances at Karen and stares at her briefly.


“You managed your power through therapy yes?” Finn inquires as he continues examining Karen. Her physical state a chaotic mesh of a young girl, photokinesis, umbrakinesis, and illumination. Her mind seemingly improving over time since her initial arrival all those months ago.

“Yeah. I also felt…I dunno…clearer after being stuck in that cell with my powers shut down.”

“Hmm…Blazer had his powers shut down immediately after his incarceration so that’s out of the question…” Finn looks at Miles and begins to walk over to him.

“W-what’s wrong?” Miles asks hesitantly as Finn sniffs the air around him. “Huh? Do I smell bad or something?” he asks as he smells his armpits.

“You have a scent on you that has me curious about something. Lady Reflex.” Finn diverts his attention once more but this time to Jun. “I believe a field trip to the White Whale is in order.”

“White Whale?” Jun asks confused.

“Ah yes, you’ve not heard of it I wager. No matter, you’ll learn more about them soon enough.”

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