Design Notes- Loki


Loki is the God of Mischief, blood brother to the All-Father Odin, and father to the Goddess of Death Hel. Despite his questionable nature, he has earned the undying trust and loyalty of Odin. Earning himself the right to rule Jötunheim, now Lokheim. Though he is called the God of Mischief and was considered a Æsir, he is, in fact, a hybrid of sorts. While he was born a Frost Giant, after becoming blood brother to Odin they combined their magic and made him a full-fledged Æsir. Loki is not an inherently evil person, simply doing what he feels is best at the time and aiding Odin as a trusted advisor and confidant. He’s known for his emerald eyes, straight raven hair, and matching goatee. Known as the Trickster, he very rarely directly says what he truly means. Preferring to make a show of it.


With the exception of Odin himself, Loki is the only Æsir to rule an entire realm. As such, he wears clothes to fit the part. Most commonly wears elegant black robes with golden trim and a matching gold crown with small antlers. Should he ever see fit to visit a mortal realm, Loki often chooses to wear the most regal clothing. Black suits and formal wear are a must for the ruler of Lokheim. A fairly simple design but effective nonetheless.

Miscellaneous Notes

Loki is one of the characters I always had big plans for but had those plans changed considerably with the multiverse changing and updating. Above all else, I wanted to handle Loki and the other Æsir as they were (more or less) in Norse Mythology. This allows for unique storytelling points like him being blood brother to Odin. A position of respect you might not normally associate him with. For designing him visually, I did look to old artistic paintings of him. While there wasn’t really a consistent consensus, I went inspired by one of my favorite pieces. Making him look fairly handsome but to fit his role of ruler and advisor. Like a charming lawyer you just can’t help but listen to even if part of you is screaming not to. The crown with antlers being a reference to how Loki is consistently associated with Deer for reasons I admittedly am not fully aware of.

Final Comments

Like Black Valkyrie & the Star Forgers, Loki served as the gateway into another portion of the multiverse. Specifically, a deeper look into the Æsir than the one presented in Black Valkyrie. One that directly dealt with the Norse side of things, showed the other Realms that existed and served as the first on-screen reference to Ragnarök. Something that was originally hinted at and going to take center stage in Geist Wars. Personally, I’m glad I got to do it this way as it helped make the Æsir more significant and impactful. Instead of being confined to the First World they’re now a multiversal group of divine beings. Loki, in particular, has his hand in multiple series. Whether you know it or not, there is a high chance that the Trickster had some involvement in it…

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