Spawn #288: Riot

Everything’s coming up Spawn as the next phase of his plan unfolds and an old acquaintance returns…


Spawn #288
Writer: Todd McFarlane
Artist: Jason Shawn Alexander
Cover Artist (Cover A/B): Francesco Mattina
Cover Artist (Cover C): Francesco Mattina & Todd McFarlane
Colorist: Lee Loughridge
Letters: Tom Orzechowski
Publisher: Image Comics
Original Review Date: August 4, 2018

What You Need to Know:

After allowing himself to be arrested and taken to prison, Spawn soon finds his way to the special facility Compound 8. But no matter who he meets or what torture they try to inflict it all ends the same. With Spawn getting exactly what he wants in his quest to out the demonic underworld and get revenge for the death of Wanda as publicly and loudly as possible.

What You’ll Find Out:

After escaping the night before to interrogate and murder the Secret Agent who brought him here, Spawn has returned to Compound 8. Being suspended in the air by chains where Overt-Kill once was. The guards who found him are confused about the turn of events. Wondering if he ever really did escape then why did he return? As well as what to do with him as none of them are even certain he isn’t a zombie. They attempt contacting the Secret Agent from orders but receive no response. This prompts them to call the upper levels and discover that seemingly all of the upper management in the prison has disappeared. Seeing the confusion and fear in the guards motivates the inmates to make the most of this opportunity. Meanwhile, at the White House, Marc Rosen’s connections continue to question the government about the whereabouts of Spawn but receive no answer. This will be relevant later but for now, we shift back to the prison which has erupted into a full-blown riot.

Spawn #288a

As the riot rages above, two guards remain by Spawn. Finally realizing that he has reappeared in the place where Overt-Kill once was. One of the guards remarks that Overt-Kill was simply a pile of junk while the other notes he had to be important to have found his way into Compound 8. But that neither should worry about it as the immediate concern was Spawn. Which is a justified concern to have as the riot causes Spawn to stir. The hatred, pain, and evil from up above causing his cloak to manifest. His costume returning to its usual form as the guards open fire to no avail. This only sparks yet another, newer, and more demonic form which is also part of Spawn’s plan. He wants both heaven and hell to know he’s on a rampage and to know that he isn’t the Spawn they’ve known from the past. He attacks the guards and covers them in darkness. Their fear causes them to shoot wildly and kill all but two in friendly fire. All of which happens in only one minute…But while Spawn dealt with the guards around him, the ones above discover that every single prisoner in the facility has suddenly disappeared.

Spawn #288b

We return to our favorite newscaster at CRN who informs us about the continual questioning the White House & Pentagon has gotten in regard to Spawn. That on top of limited answers, the ones that have been shared are slowly beginning to contradict previous information. The simple fact the story has remained in the spotlight has also raised the question as to the significance of Spawn being imprisoned in the first place. Every question leading back to the desire to know why any of this is. But the story is interrupted by news of the riot erupting into a full-blown prison break and there are already dozens of mounting casualties from both the inmates and the prison staff.

Spawn #288c

Back inside the prison, Spawn questions the ever loyal Jerome once more. Sending him to pay a visit to a prisoner named Cirelli. Spawn pays this unfortunate soul a visit as he sat scribbling something in his cell. Spawn asks if he’s feeling motivated and apologizes for removing his tongue. But since he wasn’t talking to Spawn anyway, he felt he wouldn’t miss it. The man turns and reveals what he wrote was a sign saying “Gideon = Albany” before we transition to who appears to be Gideon. After making small talk with his chauffeur, he enters the limousine that awaited him. But he’s confused when they aren’t moving before we’re shown why. Standing before them after over a decade missing was the newly rebuilt Overt-Kill…

Spawn #288d

What Just Happened?

The prison has served its purpose and now Spawn knows where to look next for Gideon. But Overt-Kill has gotten to him first and the cryptic “He’s…not…alone.” line seems to suggest he might be on the same side as Spawn for a change. A truly terrifying prospect. If he isn’t working with Spawn that raises a more pressing concern. Who rebuilt him and what are both his and Overt-Kills intentions?

Rating: 7/10

Final Thought: As a whole, the chapter was a bit of setup while allowing Spawn to show her terrifying and powerful he was. At the same time introducing yet another form for his costume. But beyond that and Overt-Kill at the end not much happened. The art was still nicely stylized and we only got two of the three usual reporters in a surprising change. But it felt slow and gave an odd feeling I can’t quite describe. It’s not bad but it’s not the best either.

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