2 Year Anniversary & 400th Post Special

It has been a long road and I honestly didn’t think about reaching this point until it was already here. I wanted to thank anyone and everyone who’s ever looked at…any of the content I posted. If it weren’t for you guys this wouldn’t have been possible. So to commemorate 2 years of activity and 400 posts of content (technically I should’ve hit it sooner but quality control set that back. But in this case having both events on one post was totally worth it) here is a special treat. A celebratory post commemorating every series of mine and beyond. As well as highlighting some behind the scenes details about each respective series. For ease of access here’s a guide you can use to easily keep track of each section if you can’t finish it all in one sitting.

  • Part 1: Why are you here?
  • Part 2: Forma
  • Part 3: Installation-0083
  • Part 4: Earn Your Stripes
  • Part 5: Day Off
  • Part 6: Be Just or Be Dead
  • Part 7: Race Against Time
  • Part 8: Cursed Fate
  • Part 9: Bloodstained Lineage
  • Part 10: E.T.K
  • Part 11: Awe of He
  • Part 12: Writhe in Pain
  • Part 13: Hero of Golden Plains
  • Part 14: Rise of an Empire
  • Part 15: Promise
  • Part 16: Living Nova
  • Part 17: Blood Red Oath
  • Finale: Dark Gods

Part 1: Why are you here?

Aetherius  Saga Stormraiders (Thumbnail)
Debut: 2/8/2017

Aetherius Saga Stormraiders was my second attempt at doing a prequel series. But unlike the prequels which would become the first in their series (U.G.M.P and Soul Thieves), this one happens both before and during the mainline series. Sowing seeds of what would eventually become Aetherius Saga Empires, Stormraiders explores the old ruins of forgotten kingdoms and ruined civilizations. Showing parts of Zeratal that would otherwise go unseen.

Previously on Aetherius Saga Stormraiders…

Before they became the Stormraiders, Lei and Rai the Topaz were just a brother and sister hoping or a better life. Taking the arduous and dangerous journey from the Empire of Myurkyuria to the magical Kingdom of Endymion…

*Note: The events of this take place before Aetherius Saga Relic 1- Savage Crown pt.1

Lei the Topaz

Rai the Topaz

Before they became the Stormraiders, Lei and Rai the Topaz were just a brother and sister hoping or a better life. Taking the arduous and dangerous journey from the Empire of Myurkyuria to the magical Kingdom of Endymion…

It’s been over a month since the siblings Lei & Rai left their home for the Kingdom of Endymion and they finally have reached the mainland of Elysium. Lei was of Myurkyruian descent with straight black hair that shone in the sunlight. She wore a dingy white kimono with gold cloud designs that had lost their luster in the long journey. Rai was a young Trelza, a species of humanoids with feline traits. He had short light brown-red hair. His cat ears and tail had spots on them while the tips of both were black furred. He wore a dingy white vest tunic that extended to his thighs and had identical golden cloud designs to his sister.

“Are we there yet?” Rai whines to his older sister. As a Trelza, the journey was physically easy for him. But as a child, it was still a trial in patience.

“Not yet Rai.” Lei reassures him. Several days ago they had entered Elysium. Yet no matter how long they walked, the forest never seemed to end. “Have we been here before Rai?” she asks trying to not hide her fear and concern. She spent her whole life in the Myurkyurian Empire and was wholly unprepared for the journey through a forest.

“I dunno.” he replies looking around the labyrinth of trees. His ears twitching slightly and causing him to walk off to the side. There he found a pale-skinned monk with 7 dots on his forehead meditating on a tree trunk in the center of an open patch of land. He had a black ponytail extending down to his lower back. The black fading into gold and then into white at the tip. The same type of fur coloration on his fox ears and his bushy fox tail. His body was thin and he wore fairly simplistic orange monks robe that covered him from the waist down. A Rosary made of 10 large beads, each with their own unique symbol sat around his neck. The man sat with his legs crossed, eyes closed, and hands held in an inverted pyramid in front of his navel. The Aether flowing around him gently. All manner of woodland creature basking in his calm presence. None fearful of Rai or Lei as they approached. “Hi.” Rai asks after crawling up to the monk on all fours. Lei following him soon after. “I’m Rai. What’s your name?”

“I am Seimei the Schorl little one.” his voice was soft and inviting. “And yours young miss?”

“Lei the Topaz.” she answers cautiously. Slowly motioning Rai behind her with her right hand.

“There’s nothing to fear child. All will be well. Please, sit with me.” While Rai sits down instantly, it takes Lei a moment to sit after him. “Tell me, why are you here?”

“I wanted to see the Sage that lives here.” Lei replies.

“Is that so? Is that why you’re here?”

“I wanted to learn from them.”

“What is it a Sage could teach you that you could not learn on your own?” Seimei continues his strings of questions.

“Did you want us here just so you could keep questioning me?” Lei stands annoyed.

“I simply wish to know why you are here.”

“Come on Rai, let’s go.” Lei stands and begins leaving.

“But…” Rai’s ears lower sadly.

“Running may have served you well in the past young miss, but there is a point in all our lives where we must stand our ground.” Seimei spoke slowly and surely. His words causing Lei to stop in her tracks.

“W-what are you talking about?” she feigns strength and looks straight at Seimei who remained unwavering.

“I speak of why you are here young miss. Though we’ve not met, the Aether tells me both of your tales clearly. Tell me…why…are you here?”

“I…we didn’t have anywhere else to go. I wanted to honor my family and the empire…But when Rai came into my life I…I faltered. I used his desire to explore as an excuse to escape our home. Part of me hoped that we could learn something from the Sage…But I just…don’t know…” she collapses to the floor and pulls her knees up to her chest. Rai crawling up to her and rubbing against her like a kitten to comfort her.

Seimei stands, walks over to Lei, and sits next to her. “All will be well. Though you’ve endured a great many trials and tribulations. You’ve a good expression about you.”

“Good expression?”

“Though your feet are tired and your clothes dirty. Your face is one that has grown from what it once was. Though you know not what the future holds. Though you fear for you and your brother. Though you had to turn your back on all that you’ve ever known…Are you not happy? Did you not see and learn things you’ve never learned? See sights you never thought you’d see and experienced things you’ve not ever dreamt of?”

“Uh huh!” Rai nods with tail and ears upward excitedly.

“You run from the truth for a lie. A lie that what you’ve done was wrong. Sometimes to grow one must cast aside the past for a new future.”

“I guess you’re right.” Lei agrees with the insightful monk. “May I ask a question?”

“You may ask me anything young miss.”

“Why are you here?”

Seimei turns and opens his soft copper eyes to look at her. “To guide you on the right path. Shall we go meet the Sage?” he stands and extends his hands to both Lei and Rai. Both take his hand and together, they make way for Endymion. There the Sage of Lightning, Zam the Persistent, would meet them and under his tutelage make them into the Stormraiders…

Part 2: Forma

Blessed Inversion Inhibitors 2.0 Emblem
Debut:  2/18/2017

The Inhibitors originally were just going to be the bit players in the Cursed World. Just footnotes that are referenced but never really seen or acknowledged. The ever-present background figures. But with the recreation resulting from Blessed Inversion Golden Age, they became far more detailed and fleshed out. Especially after the Rise of the Pheromaster Event where they got a new emblem and a better focus. Not being vehicles for the first crossover event and being able to actually stand on their own. I admit I handled them somewhat poorly in season 1 but they will grow and expand as time goes on. They are virtually unrecognizable from my original plan and honestly, it’s for the best.

Forma Brigade (Small)
Debut: 9/19/2017

The Forma Brigade is actually a series made by my good friend Elliot Kach. He had been working on it for years and after we started talking and doing more writing-related stuff together. It seemed only right to reference him. But as time went on it evolved from a simple reference to adding his series to the grand multiverse. But doing it in a way that lets his stuff exist on their own without needing to be directly involved with anything by me. Kind of like how the X-Men get treated in Marvel. It’s a part of the greater scope but it’s off on its own doing its own thing. This way the Forma Brigade (as well as any of his other works) can improve and grow on their own but have the options to expand if they so choose. The Forma Brigade, after I got permission to reference them, was set to join Blessed Inversion at some point in an alternate universe version of themselves for some time. Only now am I finally able to utilize them and I hope both he and you enjoy seeing them now and in the future! Be sure to check out the originals they are drawing from! If it weren’t for that, this wouldn’t be possible right now.

Previously on Blessed Inversion Inhibitors…

With the Inhibitors facing threats ahead of schedule, Director Sasha Boone decides to visit the Directors of the other two facilities. Director Todd of the Pathogen has granted access to the complete prison cells for use. Now Director Boone must head to the Nucleus to meet the Director of that facility…

*Note: The events of this chapter take place between Blessed Inversion Inhibitors Chapter 4- The Second Director and Blessed Inversion Inhibitors Chapter 5- Recruitment Drive

Director Sasha Boone

While the Cell was located in Sweden and the Pathogen was mobile, being sustained by Director Todds own gravitokinesis, the Nucleus was the only of the three facilities kept secret. Requiring the access codes of both Directors Boone and Todd to locate it. With both codes in hand, Director Boone was able to find the Nucleus. The Nucleus itself was a massive facility hidden in the frozen tundra of Antarctica. While there were a number of research facilities on the continent, both active and inactive, the Nucleus was a particularly special one. Due to its significance to Inhibitor kind, it remained masked psychic illusions. Only by providing both the access codes of that day during a mental scan would you be allowed to know it was even there. Like the Cell, it had facilities both above and below the surface of the ice. Once her VTOL lands on the surface level helipad, it lowers down in a massive elevator to the 7th sublevel. There she met the third and final Director, Director Ricardo Velez. He was a thin older man in his 30s. Stubble covering his face and greying brown hair somewhat unkempt. Just barely reaching the base of his neck. Unlike the stoic Director Todd or the serious Director Boone, Director Velez was exceedingly cheerful and welcoming. A smile very rarely leaving his face.

“Sasha! It’s so good to see you!” he says ecstatically. Hugging Sasha like an old friend he hadn’t seen in years. “What brings you to my frozen corner of the globe?” he lets go of his embrace to Sasha’s joy.

“The Inhibitors have gone active ahead of schedule. I came for an updated list of Inversions.”

“If that was all you wanted you didn’t need to come in person. Not that I’m not happy to see you of course.”

“I was in the area.”

“Now that’s not even close to a good lie.” Ricardo sighs. “But if you don’t want to tell me then I won’t pry on one condition. I want you to see something I’ve been looking into.” He turns and walks towards a nearby hallway. “Come now, don’t want you getting lost!” he waits for Sasha to follow him. “When I say the word Inversion what is the first thing to come to mind?”

“Someone with superpowers.”

“Exactly. People who shoot ice, people who shoot webs, manipulate gravity, geniuses, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. No matter what they do all Inversions were at one point a normal individual who gained powers through the Singularity. We still don’t know what the Singularity truly is or even what determines who is and isn’t an Inversion. I mean, why did Chadwick become an Inversion but not you or me?”

“Luck of the draw.” Sasha scoffs to the amusement of Ricardo.

“Good answer. Weird coming from you but a good answer nonetheless.” he turns a corner, enters an elevator, and goes down several more levels. “Even with all the psychics and geniuses like Wataru Modo, Dr. Patherson, Dr. Galanis, and Dr. Robinson trying to figure out why we still aren’t any closer to having any answers.”

“Where is this leading?” Sasha asks growing impatient.

“I am so glad you asked. You see, in my personal research into the subject, I discovered something nobody else has yet. That Inversions aren’t the only special individuals around.”

“What?” Sasha was in disbelief at the notion.

“It’s exactly as it sounds. In my research, I discovered that, while EXTREMELY rare, there are a number of people who have skills or abilities much like Inversions. Yet none of our Inversion tracking techniques work on them.”

“Then how do you know they exist at all?”

“Simple really…” Ricardo exits the elevator to a hallway overlooking a training room. There a young girl with curly brown hair sat resting surrounded by the remains of a series of robotic drones. “Overnight my daughter somehow gained enough strength to tear our security drones limb from limb without even breaking a sweat. Yet no psychic or power senser can track her and she’s immune to power dampeners. But, there are two uniting factors. The first is a peculiar energy signature we’re still trying to identify. The second is that these abilities are largely physical in nature. Something we can tie back to an individuals physiology. Not something as abstract as say summoning energy constructs or teleportation. While there are a few we’re considering they might just be anomaly’s to the new standard.”

“You know this could change everything.” Sasha’s tone was grim and foreboding.

“I do. But for the time being, there aren’t enough to raise alarms.” he shrugs casually. “But since you’re here I had to at the very least make you aware of them.”

“Do they have a name yet?”

“For now, I’m calling them Forma. Individuals with abilities gained not through the Singularity.”

“Thank you for the information. But this doesn’t change why I came here.”

“I didn’t think it would. I’ll be sure to give you those updated files. And if you happen to find any Forma…”

“I’ll be sure to send them here.”

“Thank you, Sasha, and don’t be a stranger! Anita misses seeing you.” Sasha simply scoffs at Ricardo’s words and leaves. Yet he smiles knowingly at the words. Even if she acted cold and distant, he still knew how she cared in reality. Not only that, this meant he’d get far more subjects he could test and research. His thirst for knowledge and science would continue to be quenched and he was ecstatic at the prospect.

Part 3: ZEN Frames

Warzone-Aeternus Logo
Debut: 3/10/2017

I love mechs. They are one of my favorite things ever bar none. From Megazords to Mechagodzilla, to Jaegers, to Transformers, Armored Core, Veritechs, Zoids, Gundam, and beyond. If it has a giant robot in it I more than likely am 1,000% onboard for it. So it was natural to make one at some point. Harvesting the original concepts I came up with for a fanfiction back in High School. Technically, Warzone-Aeternus is one of my first and oldest series. Like the other originators Aetherius Saga and Blessed Inversion, it has undergone quite a few upgrades and changes over the years. Unfortunately, writing a three-sided war and making it unfold naturally instead of how the plot demands it is…VERY difficult. As such, it’s been delayed time and again but hopefully, this will spark the inspiration to write a full-blown war properly.

Previously on Warzone-Aeternus…

After years of peace, the Second Human/Colonist War has begun. The Patrons fight to maintain their freedom, Beta Advent fights to defend the Earth from a hostile enemy, and the Universal Concord fights to end the fighting. But while the Patrons and Beta Advent respectively have a foothold on the Earth and Colonies, the Patrons are forced to remain in the Asteroid Belt…

*Note: The events of this take place during Warzone-Aeternus Chapter 1- Return to L1

-High priority message directed to Colonel Gadra Frerichs, Universal Concord Installation-0079

Our supplies are dwindling, our influence is waning, and living on the Asteroid Belt is destroying our bodies. Whether General Rose wants to admit it or not we’re working on a very strict time limit. If the war doesn’t end before the point of no return we’ll collapse at best. At worst we’ll have to restructure but by that point, we’d stand even less of a chance. This is why Installation-0083 was created. To find a solution to this problem and give us a chance to stay in this war.

For years, we’ve always been reacting. Beta Advent created the colonies and by extension the Colonists. The Colonists created the GEAR Frames using Cirushon technology. But what have we created? Until now we’ve done nothing of the sort. It’s taken considerable time and effort but we’ve successfully created the first wave of Zoetic Escutcheon Nexus Frames or ZEN Frames. The next generation of GEAR Frame which will turn the war in our favor. Compared to the Patrons, GEAR Frames up to this point have always been derivative. Always simplistic and lacking. Something you can mass produce while using minimal funds and resources. With the ZEN Frames, we had a much different approach. We spared no expense, putting all our technology and research into making a few elite mobile suits rather than an army. Our plan is to distribute them to our top Rooks. Spreading them across our fleets to bolster their strength. We’ll win the battle to ensure we can win the war. Each individual ZEN Frame in the right hands will be worth an entire fleet. You may believe it’s insane to put so much into 7 individuals, everything riding on their skills with 7 prototypes.

Well, I assure you that they are more than up to the task. The weapons and functions have been modeled after the original Cirushon GEAR Frames rather than the ones created by the Patrons. No more following the design trends or minimalist techniques. These will be our secret weapons to surpass anything currently designed. Once Operation: Ukko ends we’ll have the Hope transport them to their designated fleets. I look forward to seeing how each fare in turning the tide in our favor.

-Chief GEAR Frame Engineer, Dr. Gai Nagano, Universal Concord Installation-0083

Part 4: Earn Your Stripes

Blessed Inversion SWAT Emblem
Debut: 3/17/2017

Originally, Blessed Inversion SWAT was never going to be a story in the Cursed World. In fact, SWAT-Spider nor RajTEK existed in the original design of the story. SWAT-Spider was a transplant from the eventually to be canceled sequel to Geist Wars who got a cameo appearance in the first book. He assimilated my desire to make a noir-style story and have a more mature and experienced vigilante to become one of the main pillars of the Cursed World. Using a mix of both his crumbling family life and the more serious side of superheroing in this World…

Previously on Blessed Inversion SWAT…

While out on duty Steven Kessler, the vigilante known as SWAT-Spider, was caught unawares by the kingpin of Silver Plains Biohazard. Enduring torture for two days before being rescued. He’d then go on to help stop the mad machinations of Pheromaster with the Inhibitors, Black Ice, Doctor Khonshu, and his own son Jetstream. Adopting the former Inhibitor, Wendell Hoffman, along the way. Now he begins the slow process of recovery and makes the most of his time…

*Note: The events of this take place after Blessed Inversion SWAT Chapter 11- Rebirth

Steven Kessler/SWAT-Spider

Gabriel Kessler/Jetstream

Wendell Hoffman/Titan

Almost a week has passed since Wendell came to live with Steven & Gabriel. Today marking the first weekend together. Wendell was still using Stevens room while he stayed in the living room. Wendell felt bad having him move to the living room while still recovering from broken ribs but was unable to argue against it. As he had been for the last five days, Wendell got out of bed and walked down the hallway to see if Steven had awoken yet. There Steven sat on the couch with Gabriel leaning against his left shoulder half asleep. They were watching the old kung-fu flick, The Black Dragon. A cult classic blaxploitation film about a would-be martial artist in New York who takes down a crime ring.

“Mornin’ Wend.” I say to Wendell who waved back before going to sit on my right. “Ever see this before?” Wendell shakes his head no. “It’s good, you might like it.”

“When do I get a costume?” Gabriel asks when there’s finally a commercial break.

“Huh?” I glance at Gabe. I knew what he asked but had to hear it again.

Gabe stops leaning on me to face me and give me his full attention. “When do I get my costume? Everyone has a costume but me.”

“Wendell has a uniform.”

“But that’s a costume. I just have to wear my regular clothes…I want a costume too.”

“Finish your training and you’ll get a costume.”

“When do I finish training?”

“When I say you’re ready.” I could already tell this was going to be a long conversation.

“When will that be?” he keeps prying. I know he won’t stop until I give him a straight answer.

“When I say you’re ready.” This time I say it just to mess with him.

“No fair! I helped save the world didn’t I?” Gabriel frowns.

“You did and I’m very proud of you.” I pat him on his head. “You’re still not getting one.

“No fair…” he grumbles under his breath. Crossing his arms and pouting. I forget how dramatic he could be sometimes when we actually disagree on something.

“Okay, let’s make a deal.”

“What kind of deal?” Gabriel asks hesitantly.

“I’ll see about getting you a costume made. But you’ll only get it AFTER, we complete all your training.”

“Can I decide how it looks?”

“I’ll think about it.” Not that I didn’t trust Gabe’s fashion sense…but he was still a kid and I didn’t want him adding anything needless to the suit. “Did you need a new costume too?” I looked over at Wendell who seemed to contemplate the idea. “I’m sure Doctor K could make something for you too.”

“Wait, Kreon is gonna make the costumes?” Gabriel interjects.

“Yeah, something wrong with that?” I ask wondering where this is gonna lead.

“No…I mean…a little. What if he makes it all weird? What if he gives me like thirty pouches? Or! Or he gives me tons of belts? Or maybe both! What if he doesn’t give me a cape and just gives me like a whole buncha spikes!”

“He won’t do that. At work it’ll be grey with some neon in it.”

“That’s somehow worse…” Gabe laments the idea of Doctor K making his costume. He wasn’t particularly unfashionable but he had a very specific style with his designs. Although, we could always just paint over it later.

“Do we have a deal?” I hold out my hand.

“Promise you’ll make sure he doesn’t make something weird?”

“…I make no promises but I’ll do my best.”

“Fine…” he replies with a firm but hesitant handshake.

Part 5: Day Off

Blessed Inversion Emblem (Text 2.0)
Debut: 3/20/2017

Blessed Inversion was the first of my series that I ever started but it was immensely different at the time. It was called Viral Surge and was focused on Freeze (his name was never planned to be given). He was a member of the mob who ended up being betrayed by Haze & Surge and was murdered. Through mystical means, he came back to life and was kind of a sociopathic jerk. For years that was the general layout but when I created the sequel, Cursed Inversion, I began to shift away from it. Essentially, I actually properly wrote the series and things just shifted along with the rest of Blessed Inversion. Freeze became Black Ice, his villainous origins were removed, and things have turned out for the best. He remains the center of the Cursed World but this time you don’t hate him for it! Hell, I don’t hate him anymore and now he’s one of my favorite main characters to write for. Ending up as a literal…INVERSION of what he originally was planned to be. As a final fun fact: Cursed and Blessed were meant to be used to describe the Inversions. But eventually that got dropped and only remains as references in the title and universe designation.

Previously on Blessed Inversion Golden Age…

Hal Sharp, now the superhero Black Ice, has helped save RajTEK from an attack by several dangerous Inversions. After a night on patrol, he encounters two of the Inhibitors, Granite and Mach. They have a brief discussion and he agrees to get an Inversion Registration Card which will allow him to act freely as a hero. But while he waits for it to arrive he is unable to act as Black Ice…

*Note: The events of this take place after Blessed Inversion Golden Age Chapter 5- Registration but before Blessed Inversion Rise of the Pheromaster Part 1

Henry “Hal” Sharp/Black Ice

Two days have passed since Hal met the Inhibitors and it felt like an eternity. After losing his job when his powers manifested, being a Superhero was one of his main forms of distraction. But now that he couldn’t do anything he felt restless. While he wasn’t a particularly anti-social person, most of his old friends and associates worked at Gunma Inc. and visiting there was awkward at best. Jey, similarly, was at work today which meant he had to fly solo. As much as he enjoyed laying on the couch with nothing on, he decided to attempt to be productive. Putting on some jean shorts and a black short sleeved shirt. Donning his old inline skates, he decides to ride around Silver Plains. While he skated around normally using his powers it had been some time since he did it with his skates. The tension of his wheels on concrete was far different than sliding around on ice he generated on his own. It was an oddly nostalgic sensation to feel the resistance as he moved. The hardest thing to get used to was not skating in and out of traffic haphazardly. For today he was a civilian and had to act as such.

“Where should I go today…” Hal thought as he waited at a crosswalk for the light to turn red. “Jey’s at work so I shouldn’t visit him…Arcade maybe?” he begins skating once more as the light changes. “Probably crowded today…Could go to the park…” Hal continues to skate while in thought. His shoulder bumping into a passerby. “Sorry!” he calls as he spins around and skates down the sidewalk backward. It doesn’t last long as he trips backward after hitting a stray can of soda. Falling flat on his back. “Ow…” he groans. Slowly sitting up as the pedestrians pay him no mind and step around him. “This wouldn’t have happened if I could just use my normal skates.” he grumbled under his breath. Hal gets on his feet once more and skates off. Gradually making his way to a skate park.

There weren’t many skate parks in Silver Plains, but every so often there were days like today where it was full of life and activity. While he stood out as the darkest person around it never stopped him from having fun. Though in this case, his fun was mostly getting used to skating again. Resisting the urge to just use his ice skates instead. He could still grind, do the butterfly, and when he was prepared he could skate backward without running into anyone.

“Maybe I should add these to my costume.” Hal thought as he went down the bowl. A massive enclosed area in the ground made of several quarter pipes one could skate in and out of with relative ease. Performing a handstand as he reached the opposite end and going back down. “Or maybe I should keep my ice skates on all the time.” he grinds along the edge of the bowl seamlessly. “But then I won’t be able to do kicks like that. Then again it’s not like I’ve been doing capoeira in a while…” Hal ends his grind, skates down the bottom of the bowl, and flip out the other end. Landing on his wheels and sliding to a stop. Sitting down next to one of the fences that separated it from the rest of the park. “Maybe I should start practicing again. Probably could mix in my ice skating to make a really cool fighting style…Till I get shot at anyway…”

“Hey man, you’re pretty good!” A skater asks as he rolls up to Hal. He wore full-length jeans and a short-sleeved white shirt. Arm and knee pads were worn atop them for protection. Straight blond hair sticking out the front of a backward cap while a ponytail sticks out the back. “You come here a lot?”

“Thanks, I mean I used to when I was younger. Haven’t had much time recently. I’m a little rusty.”

“Yeah, you were pretty bad when you came in here.” he sits down next to Hal. “Chase.” he extends his hand.

“Hal.” he responds and shakes his hand. “What about you?”

“Me? I basically live here. I know all the regulars. I’d love to go pro someday.”

“Sure you should be telling a stranger your dreams so casually?” Hal jokes.

“You don’t seem like a bad guy. My superpower says so.”

“You have superpowers? What a coincidence, I do too.”

“What do you do?”

“I freeze stuff. You?”

“I see the truth.” Chase responds to a blank stare.

“That just sounds fake.” Hal says unconvinced.

“Tell me about it. Not as glamorous as your ice powers but it has its uses.”

“I was joking.” Hal lies seeing his joking confession being taken seriously.

“I can see the truth remember? Don’t worry, you’re secrets safe with me. Honestly, part of me came here to thank you. For helping out around the city all the time.” Chase says to no response. “You probably don’t remember but one of those fires you put out was at where my sister worked. If it weren’t for you she’d probably be dead…So, thanks. Just uh…just wanted to say that.” he stands up and begins to slowly skate away.

“If I was a superhero…and I’m not saying I am…I’d say you’re welcome. I was just doing the right thing. I’d also say I’m glad I could help and if you need me. I’ll do my best as long as I live.” he says accompanied by a cold breath of air.

The pair exchanges a smile and wave before Chase went about the rest of his day. As Black Ice, Hal had saved numerous lives but he never stuck around to receive any form of praise. Always being active and leaving shortly after. Even after helping save RajTEK he didn’t stay around to receive thanks. Having someone thank him for the first time in person was an uplifting experience. It was one thing to do what was right just because it was right. It was another to actually see how those actions affected others for the better.

“Okay, back to practice.”

Even if he didn’t change the world overnight. At least Hal knew he could change one person’s world a day at a time.

Part 6: Be Just or Be Dead

UGMP 2.0
Debut: 4/9/2017

U.G.M.P is one of my series that found life first as a prequel rather than a mainline or even a sequel. It was the first series that got me to consider going into full depth for background things rather than being entirely vague. The original series it branched off of, called Xeno-Force, was actually the longest series I’ve done (as well as the main series with a direct co-writer in Aaron Galasso) and was nearing its end. Unfortunately, things happened and it was delayed almost indefinitely. Were it not for the Second Anniversary Celebration in all likelihood it would’ve stayed dead. But now my primary Sci-fi series is back and at the very least I’ll reformat and post all the old chapters (36 in U.G.M.P, 112 in Xeno-Force, and at least 175 chapters between the two when accounting for new content) at some point. Oh, this is also the series that taught me the value of editing and revamping a series…Multiple times at that…

Previously on U.G.M.P…

The Universal Government for Maintaining Peace, or U.G.M.P as it became known, stands as both the primary government and military across several systems. It’s top branches led by the top 18 individuals in the galaxy. 3 representing each of the major species with one above all else being the Supreme Commander. The others as Generals. Each with their own territories but all following the same ideals. Enforce order and protect the universe. Though, what this entailed changed from mission to mission…

*Note: The events of this take place before U.G.M.P Chapter 1- Kratos

Jason Nevan

“Commander Nevan?” A gruff man asks as he enters a brightly lit hospital room. His voice deep and matching his intimidating muscular frame. A full beard covered his face and connected to his short shaggy brown hair. His name was Rex Kendall, General of the U.G.M.P and Human Seat #3. His uniform consisted of a sleeveless white shirt over the standard U.G.M.P issued white pants, black belt, and black boot. The U.G.M.P logo emblazoned over the entirety of the torso. The black gloves replaced with silvery gauntlets. On the edge of the bed sat a lanky young man with ginger hair. Bandages covering his face and a cast on his right arm. Rex pulls up a chair and sits opposite of the man who appeared utterly destroyed by whatever brought him here.

“Yes, sir.” Jason responds.

“The team that responded to your distress signal said they found you unconscious three miles out from your Cruiser. A Cruiser which landed on Rizor for reasons we don’t know. We do know that only you and General Danvers were present onboard. But we don’t know what happened to leave you as the only survivor with energy burns on an uninhabited planet.” he waits for Jason to respond but gets nothing. “I can’t make you talk but it’ll make a lot of things easier. Trust me, you don’t want General Sera being the one coming in to see you.”

“I…” Jason hesitates to speak. His eyes focused on the floor. “I had a case…Someone was being sold reverse engineered Setzen technology.”

“That’s impossible.” Rex replies confused at the statement. The Setzen were an extremely secretive species. So much so that very few had seen what a Setzen looked like unarmored. Their Bio-Armors and weapons being kept within their species alone.

“That’s what I thought but every lead I found pointed to it. So I dug deeper and deeper.”

“What did you find?”

“They were working out of a secret facility on Rizor.” Although Rizor was part of the nuSol System, it was a hostile and unforgiving planet. Attempts to colonize it failing due to the universally hostile flora and fauna. The planet consumed in unrelenting jungles where everything was out to kill you. Though no rational person would come to the planet, a number of criminals have attempted to use its abandoned facilities to their own ends. Though they always ended the same, death. “But I couldn’t just go there on my own even if it was an investigation. So I asked General Danvers to take me there.”

“Why General Danvers?”

“A hunch.”

“A hunch?” Rex asks confused.

“Yeah…I hoped I was wrong for once.” Jason looks up at Rex and takes a deep breath before continuing. “The flight was fine but I had to know one final thing…”

U.G.M.P cruisers came in varying sizes. For the sake of speed, however, General Karl Danvers had taken one built to accommodate at maximum 5 individuals. Jason sat in the pilot’s seat while Karl sat in the captain’s seat. Karl was best described as a bland generic man you wouldn’t suspect was even a General in the first place. He wore a standard Generals coat and was neither thin nor muscular. He carried no special tools and the only standout trait of his was the blond hair and blue eyes. Both traits of being a half-breed between a Human and an Aurian.

“Thanks for the assist, General.” Jason remained serious as they approached their destination.

“No problem at all Commander, last thing we need is the Setzen Monarch finding out about this. It could lead to another war.”

“Wouldn’t want that.” Jason says under his breath.

“No, no we wouldn’t.” After about an hour long trip, the pair arrives in the skies of Rizor. The unending sea of mountain-sized trees before them. It’d take another 10 minutes before they found their destination, a ruined facility with a still stable landing pad.

“Shall we?” Jason asks standing from the pilot’s seat.

“After you Commander. This is your case.”

Jason waits a moment before taking the lead and exiting their Cruiser.

“Then what happened?”

“I confronted him…”

“General Danvers…you used to be part of the science division right?” Jason asked as he puts his hands inside his long coats pockets.

“Yeah, couldn’t stand Raja so I switched my area.”

“Really? I heard you worked with Dr. Zen a lot.”

“Sometimes, nothing all that special. He was really focused on his android development with Specialist Nagas.”

“That’s right. You were more into…what was it…Oh right, biomechanical technology.” Jason stopped walking as Karl did the same. “Just like the type used to make Setzen Bio-Armor.”

“I guess there are similarities.”

“Stop acting already. Just tell me why General…That’s the one thing I couldn’t figure out.”

Karl sighed and spoke. “Before joining the U.G.M.P I was part of another group working for a certain man. Dio plans to right the universe. I plan on using Setzen biomechanical technology to help him do so.”

“You must think you can kill me if you’re sharing that much.” Jason noted. The sound of metal forming and sliding into place reaching his ears. Without looking he could tell he was summoning his own Bio-Armor.”

“Only if you don’t come with me. We could use someone like you. A detective who can do what needs to be done.”

“So he was successful in reverse engineering it…”

“Yeah…But I don’t know for how long.”

“I’ll keep that in mind. So, what did you respond?”

Jason quickly draws two knives from the inside of his coat, turns, and throws them at Karl. Karl in response uses his newly generated palm blasters to shoot the knives out of the sky.

“I declined. I’m no traitor to the U.G.M.P. We fought and I barely made it out alive.”

“Your file says you’re a knife expert. How did you manage to defeat an artificial Bio-Armor?”

“There were cracks in his armor so I got creative.”

“Good work soldier.” Karl puts his hand on Jason’s shoulder.

“What does it mean for me?”

“First, you’re going to recover.” Karl stands up. “Third, you’re going to continue this investigation.”

“And second?”

“We had been considering you for some time but after this, I don’t think anyone will object to you taking Danvers old chair. Congratulations, you’re a General now.”

Part 7: Race Against Time

Aetherius Saga Emblem
Debut: 6/2/2017

Aetherius Saga is actually the first story I had begun writing and planning way back in high school. But due to various reasons it just never came to fruition. Although it does let me tell the story of the MANY versions it went through. It has the highest amount of revamps and reboots and replannings to the point that Aetherius Saga in its current form has nothing in common with the old besides being a fantasy story. What was left of the original base is being used for a possible sequel series. But the version that I made I am extremely proud of. Creating the Seven Sages, building up the world, and even getting to use the Eternals, who were based on my Free Company in Final Fantasy 14, pleased me immensely. Being the magical center of the multiverse also helped and I can’t wait for you to see where it goes since I’ve been setting it up since Geist Wars.

Previously on Aetherius Saga…

Deep in the Mystic Jungle lays a Guild dedicated to the betterment of Zeratal in trying times. The Eternals, led by Slash the Ephemeral, are a group of…unusual individuals who despite their quirks have gained a considerable amount of renown from Poluyim to the Everfrost Isles. Completing humanitarian missions, to escorts, rescues, raids, and everything in between. Today, they had a particularly trying request…

*Note: The events of this take place before Aetherius Saga Chapter 4- The Eternals

Slash the Ephemeral

Silver of the Aether Lance

Tal of Jova

Na’na the Healer

Dys of Elysium

Shotonte the Witch

Lorand the Wanderer

Wornsfeik of the Zweihänder

A month ago when Slash first accepted this request, they expected it to be difficult. The Eternals were requested by Eumenes the Scholar to investigate a disturbance along the Elysion Mountain Range south-east of Cider Village. Rumors had spread of travelers and caravans being looted. It’s people and their valuables taken into the mountains never to be seen or heard from again. Other Guilds who had been sent to investigate similarly had gone missing. Thus they turned to the Eternals. Seeing the threat; Slash came with his best members and with little difficulty found their destination. An oft-forgotten path leading into the mountains. It’d be a two days walk from here to reach the peak.

Wornsfeik of the Zweihänder took the lead. He was a Ciruseran, a massive four-armed species feared for their strength but known for their pacifism despite it. Clad in thick plated armor, he wielded a Zweihänder that totaled at 8 feet tall making it almost as tall as he was. Following behind him was Silver of the Aether Lance, an athletic Elf with pale skin and straight teal hair down to his shoulders. He wore lightweight wyvern skin armor and wielded an ornate lance which shone silver like his namesake. Though the bottom of the lance and base of the blade were ornate, the blade itself was shockingly mundane. Being a simple lance head with no special additions.

Behind them in the middle of the group stood a 10 foot tall humanoid Black Dragon clad in a heavy suit of steel armor with a massive axe strapped to his back. By his side was a dark purple furred female Trelza, a species of humanoid cats common throughout Poluyim. She wore a black bustier, black frilled sleeves with purple highlights, a matching combat skirt, and knee-high black boots. Piercing pink eyes keeping an eye on the path and the surroundings at all time. They were the husband and wife pair Dys of Elysium & Shotonte the Witch. Behind them and in the direct middle of the group was another Trelza, albeit with black fur that had emerald streaks. Most noticeable in his ponytail and on the tips of his ears. Like Sho, he was fairly thin and carried an ancient tome tightly in his right arm. He wore an open red long coat that reached down to the floor exposing his chest for all to see over jet black breeches that extended down to his knees. A brown leather belt keeping them hanging loosely off his waist and a rainbow-hued gemstone attached to a necklace finished off his look. Lorand the Wanderer was his name and despite it, he was here by the Eternals side in their time of need.

In the back was Slash himself, a pale Dhampir or Half-Vampire with straight black hair marked with streaks of blond and crimson eyes hidden behind black-rimmed glasses. He wore an elegant closed white & black spellcasters long coat that matched the black leather boots he wore. He carried a staff as tall as he was with a clear gem that appeared to be surrounded by a pair of wings at its top. Sitting on his left shoulder was the heavyset Chorsingh, Na’na the Healer. The Chorsingh were a Meerkat-like species with a prehensile tail, quills mixed in with their fur, and opposable thumbs. Her fur and quills were light brown and she wore a beautiful golden necklace. Should any ill befall their allies, these two would no doubt ensure their survival.

As they continued along the path they were met by a Trelza with smooth black fur and dark skin who appeared out of thin air. Tal of Jova was a ninja and member of the Eternal. He wore a black ninjas uniform with the exception of the torso being removed and showing his athletic frame. Full-length arm guards protected his arms and connected to his hood. Two boomerangs sat strapped to the back of his waist while two more were on each side of his hips. A red left eye and right blue eye staring intensely as the Eternals approached as he slams his right hand on the floor. Creating a cloud of smoke that transports them deep inside the mountains. There the Eternals find themselves face-to-face with a horde of Goblins several hundred members strong and a massive crimson Aether Crystal that shone brightly and ominously. The massive secret cavern aglow with the same sinister light. The goblins ecstatically dancing before the sea of corpses they lay piled as tall as a three-floor building before it.

“Okay Eternals, follow my lead!” Worns orders fearlessly. His Zweihänder at the ready. When it came to leading battles, Worns was one of their best. Had Slash not been founder and leader of the Eternals, Worns could’ve easily filled the role. With one mighty swing, Worns easily cleaves a dozen Goblins in half.

“Lumancar.” Silver casts his personal spell. White colored Aether flowing into his lance and turning it into pure white magical energy. Raising his arm skyward, he throws it like a javelin. The mystical energy coursing through the air like a bolt of lightning. Piercing through row after row of Goblin without stopping. This spell that got him the name, Aether Lance, was not one to be trifled with. A fact any who opposed the Eternals or his husband Slash would find out painfully.

“GRAHGH!!!” The Goblins howl upon realizing they were under attack. Each picking up the stolen weapons from the numerous Guildsmen who died trying to save their captives. Though weak on their own, Goblins more than made up for it in sheer numbers.

“You couldn’t have given us a heads up Tal?” Sho sighed before gathering Aether around her. Though she often came off tough and standoffish, she cared deeply for all the Eternals. As one of the older members, she often acted more as a parent than a peer.

“No time. We need to stop their spell before it’s too late.” Tal counters. He draws the boomerangs from behind his waist and throws them towards the Goblins. Tal was not the greatest of fighters, preferring stealth and indirect attacks over the direct. But when the time came, he’d stand by the Eternals fearlessly.

“Slash!” Worns calls out from the frontlines.

“Claradavar!” Slash holds his staff skyward and creates a blinding flash of light. As the leader of the Eternals, Slash made sure to protect them with his best spells. Including one that blinded enemies and gave them an opening.

“Dys!” Worns calls out once more.

“On it!” Without missing a beat, Dys leaps high into the air with his Dragoon Axe overhead. His impact creating a shockwave that kills a dozen Goblins. When it came to battle, Dys rivaled Worns strength. Though while Worns led from the front, Dys generally watched the backlines. But in cases like this…he gladly took to his fellow knight’s side. He stood next to Worns and both braced themselves as Shotonte finishes gathering Aether.

Lamiarugar Fulgur!” At long last, she unleashes her tier 3 spell. Calling forth a massive thunderstorm. It’s bolts of lightning striking and hitting with explosive enough force to leave craters in their wake.

“Good, Lorand you-“

Before Worns can give his directions, the Aether Crystal shines brightly. Crimson glyphs appearing on the Goblins and on the floor surrounding the pile of corpses. The corpses and goblins fade into ash and are absorbed by the Aether Crystal like a vacuum before stopping. Several eerily calm moments pass before it explodes, sending shards flying violently across the room accompanied by an explosive burst of wind. The combined might of Worns & Dys serving to protect those behind them.

“Clarada!” Na’na calls forth a light to heal all of the Eternals. While Slash was also capable of performing healing spells, Na’na excelled exclusively in this area. No matter the injury, she’d be able to help them recover from it. Something they required after the Aether Crystals explosion. Worns and Dys were mighty shields but there was only so much they could stop on their own.

“Get ready guys.” Worns stands strong with Dys by his side. His eyes focused on the being hidden within the smoke. A massive minotaur with glowing red veins pulsating throughout its body. Aether Crystals still firmly lodged throughout its entire body. It’s entire lower body consisting of Aether Crystals.

“By the Elementals! The Goblins were trying to summon?!” Slash stands in awe at the Goblins ability to summon and to summon such a massive creature.

“Shit, we weren’t fast enough.” Tal mutters to himself. “We need to kill it before it frees itself. If it finishes being summoned, it’ll release a sea of lava onto the highlands!” he warns the Eternals.

With a single step forward, the Crystal Minotaur shakes the ground violently. Energy surging through the floor as it breaks away. Forcing the Eternals closer to him as they remain isolated on a circular platform. Massive chasms on all sides leading to molten pools of magma. The Aether swirling through the air violently like a torrent. A crimson mist filled their lungs and gripped their hearts tightly. As if the Aether itself was fighting them. But the Eternals were a veteran Guild and pressed onward despite the pain.

Worns and Dys were the first into the fray. Holding his Zweihänder tightly and using it as a shield to block the Crystal Minotaurs fist. The impact of the blow causing him to slide backward several feet. Using the opening, Dys leaped high into the air and swing his Dragoon Axe into its shoulder. Lodging the blade inside of it and becoming stuck. His strength causing the minotaur to falter ever so slightly. Slash, Sho, and Na’na begin to gather Aether for their next spell as Silver knelt before them. Tal maintained a distance, using his boomerangs to keep slowly building up damage against the non-crystallized portions of its body. The Crystal Minotaur lets out an unholy roar, the shockwave blowing Dys off of his Dragoon Axe and pushing the group back together. The crystals in its body beginning to crack and fall off its body.

“Aldda Protar!” Lorand’s tome glows bright and summons a massive phoenix made entirely of wind. Summoning was one of the most difficult types of spells to cast and Lorand was a specialist in the art. When he stayed in one place long enough there weren’t many who could withstand him. “Go Aldara!” he orders as the Wind Phoenix flies into the air above the Crystal Minotaur. Creating a tornado around it. Each flap of its wing adding to the razor-sharp gale force wind.

Hear me o’ Aether. Lifeblood of Zeratal. Gift of the Elementals. Seven lights that guide us each day. Grant us the power to fell this creature!” Slash, Sho, & Na’na recite in perfect unison. The Aether they gathered pouring into Silver’s Aether Lance as it glows like the sun. “Zerudo Remalga!” their spell now complete. The Aether surges into Silver’s Aether Lance, combining with Lumancar. He raises his Aether Lance and throws it through the air at the Crystal Minotaur. It soared through the air and pierced through its chest like a laser. Exploding outward from its back in a massive explosion of mystical energy that shakes the mountain and causes the cavern to shake and crumble around them.

As the Crystal Golem falls backward, the Aether from its body explodes outwards. Instinctively, Tal performs several hand signs. “Kage Kyasuto!” he performs a ninjutsu art that summons 5 exact clones of him. Each grabbing one of the Eternals before disappearing into thin air just in time to escape an explosive death. All reappearing at the base of the mountain. Tal collapses from the effort of pushing such a technique to its absolute limit.

“Great work Eternals.” Slash congratulates his guildsmen full of pride. Though most would never know of this day. The Eternals saved the Highlands and the entire ecosystem of the region. The unsung heroes who saved the day with only moments to spare…

Part 8: Cursed Fate

Soul Thieves Emblem (Text)
Debut: 6/24/2017

Soul Thieves is another one of my series that actually has quite a bit done for it but circumstances have forced it into the shadows. It is also one of my first series I started to write as well though this particular story, like U.G.M.P, was a prequel. But then I realized I should just write it from the beginning here and go from there. Meant to be the premiere supernatural focused series for me, it kinda ended up being put on the backburner thanks to the other series I began writing. Another part of this delay was due to the considerable overhauls it got aesthetically and plot-wise. So it’s essentially being rebuilt from the ground up. May take some time but I’m confident the results will be grand.

Previously on Soul Thieves…

The town of Burgmont was once a peaceful and prosperous town. But through the years as the Demon presence has grown it became a shell of its former self. An unholy labyrinth of walls boarding off the old from the new that’s built around it. Protecting the nobles who call this land home. The Delacroix family was one such family though they have been plagued by misfortune. Now only the youngest noble, Salvatore Delacroix, remains to call their estate home…

*Note: The events of this take place before Soul Thieves Prologue

Salvatore Delacroix

After the death of his elder sister Serena, Baron Salvatore learned that the only thing he could rely on and trust was knowledge. Now that he was abandoned to his fate the only thing to keep him company and stave off madness were the books that filled the library. So long had he been forced to remain isolated in his room that he had oft forgotten what it was like beyond its door. He couldn’t even dream of venturing beyond the silver gates that bordered their…his…estate. Especially after the incident that led to his sister death…The peculiar man clad in red called him a Demon but young Salvatore did not truly know what it meant. He never felt any different than what he believed others felt.

But as he read book after book he began to piece together clues as to what he was. His skin was pale and cold to the touch. Whenever the sun’s rays touched his flesh it burned. In the dark, he could see as clear as if it was daytime. He never seemed to tire and the food he ate always seemed to be raw. Yet never once did he feel sick from it. In fact, the food helped him feel better. But most peculiar of all was his inability to appear on any reflective surface. Something he was kept from in his room but was all too easy to notice in the halls of the estate. All of this matched the tales he read of Vampires. Demons who prowled the night, preying upon the innocent. Young, old, fit, or ill, it mattered little to them. Blood was all the same and most dangerous of all was their ability to blend in with Humans. To use mysticism and blood magic to mask their presence.

At first, the revelation tore at Salvatore’s core. All his life he was the lowly demon that plagued the town. The monster who preyed on children and hexed the innocent. How did it happen? When did it happen? While it explained the poor treatment he experienced all his life it didn’t explain why his family didn’t simply kill him. The Demon Slayer seemed convinced that Salvatore was unlike any other Demon he encountered. In truth, while the fact he was a Vampire magnified is self-loathing to new heights the Demon Slayers words did resonant with him. Although he was a Vampire he never lashed out at another, no more than a normal child would at the very least. Nor did he suffer from an all-consuming bloodlust. Perhaps he wasn’t a natural Vampire. Perhaps he was simply cursed. For all his tireless searching he found only one possible solution to his dilemma. The Elixir of Life, a powerful alchemic compound, that was said to be able to give life to the lifeless. If he could find a way to make it then he could undo his Vampirism. He could become a proper human and change his destiny.

For twenty years he searched tirelessly for the Elixir of Life. Acquiring knowledge from both the human texts he held and demonic ones he acquired while sneaking beyond his protective silver gates. Testing and learning how his Vampiric powers worked along the way. Yet none of it mattered. No matter what he learned or could do it all ended the same. Just another dead end in his quest for the Elixir of Life. Was his curse destined to last as long as he lived? As Salvatore spiraled into despair he began to accept his fate. An existence cursed to never age beyond adolescence. Cursed to crave blood and fear the sun. Cursed to be a creature of the night that’s hunted without end. He wondered if this was what made Vampires such monsters. That the very curse that made them drove them over the edge into madness. The only thing that broke the self-destructive spiral was a knock on the front door. The first visitor since he was first abandoned. A young boy in search of a master in hopes of changing his own fate…

Part 9: Bloodstained Lineage

Black Valkyrie Emblem
Debut: 9/26/2017

Black Valkyrie was an idea that came out of the realization that with a multiverse, there should probably not be ten thousand plus different afterlives. So instead, I created a singular pair in Valhalla & Aaru. I wanted and had intended to use Norse Mythology for ages and with the cancellation of Geist Wars follow-up books, I elected to make this the first step in salvaging it. It also served as a logical segway into showing portions of the multiverse that don’t get shown. As well as showing off Angels fairly frequently. This helps to give a real sense of scale to how many things there are off-screen and how widespread the Angels truly are.

Previously on Black Valkyrie…

When an individual dies anywhere in the multiverse, their souls are claimed by the Disir. The pure will be retrieved by the Valkyries and ferried to the paradise of Valhalla. The impure will be dragged to the hellish domain of Aaru by the Reapers. After meeting Metatron, Prince of the Reapers and the Black Valkyrie, the new Valkyrie Evangeline seeks to learn about him. To learn about the World she is so ignorant to…

*Note: The events of this take place between Black Valkyrie Chapter 3- The Reaper & the Valkyrie & Black Valkyrie Chapter 4- Princess of Lokheim

Queen Angela



For the lucky souls deemed worthy, the paradise of Valhalla awaits them. Endless halls of every food and drink their heart could desire. Music and companionship to last an eternity. There was no pain or misery as the souls lived side by side with the Valkyrie. Queen Angela, the first Valkyrie, watched over it all from her throne of vines that stood in the center of a sacred lake. Her glorious curly red hair going down to her waist. Elegant robes covering a toned frame from years of battle. Her face calm and emotionless yet somehow inviting at the same time. While she spent most of her days here, on a rare occasion she could be found roaming the fields. But today, as many before it, Queen Angela was visited by Evangeline. A Valkyrie with azure hair and eyes that matched her armor which sat atop glistening white robes.

“Hail Evangeline.” Queen Angela greets her Valkyrie pleasantly as she kneels before her. “Did you come to learn more about the Black Valkyrie?”

“Are my intentions so obvious?” Evangeline stands.

“You’ve a habit of only seeing me if you want to learn more about him.”

“My apologies.”

“You’ve naught to apologize for. Pray, tell me your question.”

“Do you know of an Angel named Nocte Festum?” The moment the name exits her lips, Queen Angela’s calm visage becomes a fearful one. Seeing her Queen in such a state terrified Evangeline. “That expression…you look just like he did when I asked. No…” Evangeline remembers questioning Metatron about his hatred of Angels and desire to slay them. The expression he gave when he answered was like none she ever experienced. The hatred and killing intent was overwhelming. His normally aloof eyes bitter and full of darkness. If she were a normal person the sheer pressure he emitted would’ve broken her. “What…who is this creature?” she feared the answer but was unable to go without knowing the truth. Queen Angela could see it in Evangeline’s eyes and spoke. If only to spare her finding out firsthand.

“Nocte Festum is one of the Elder Choir. The oldest and deadliest Angels much like Nigrum Vastator and Indagator Antiquis. While the Elder Choir remain sealed within the Rift until freed by another…this is not the case for Nocte Festum.” Queen Angela explains while trying to mask her shaking. “Nocte Festum can travel between the realms as easily as you and I. Worse still, the taint he leaves in his wake is masked. By the time it’s discovered he’s long departed. Few know it but the alliance that was forged between the Star Forgers, Valkyries, and Reapers was in large part destroyed because of him. The survivors like to blame Nigrum Vastator but we know the truth…We fell before we even got to see him…”

“What manner of monstrosity is this?”

“One I pray you never face…Please, I know not why he seeks Nocte Festum. But you must not allow them to meet. No matter how great he is as Black Valkyrie, he’s no match for them in battle. If he were to fall…there will never be another like him again.”

Little did either of them realize that eons ago, before Metatron had grown beyond being a child, he had already encountered Nocte Festum. The memory still burned into his eyes and mind. The smell of blood and brimstone that stained a once pristine ancient garden. The beautiful flowers that once curled into full bloom beautifully now withered. He struggles to even crawl under the weight of his own body. Blood and smoke burning his eyes as he reaches out for another figure before him. A Valkyrie who lay bleeding like he was. Her blade shattered by her side.

“Mom!” he cries while reaching for her. His voice hoarse and cracking. Tears mixing with his own blood. He can’t see her face but he can see her head slowly turning to look at him. Her hand slowly moving towards him. She says something to him but he can’t hear it. All he can feel besides unending pain was a fear that felt like swords piercing his soul. The strength growing ever stronger as a single figure walks past him. He was an inhumanly pale man clad in a stark white long coat. Black veins pulsating throughout his body. Hollow black eyes with white pupils filling his skull. Short hair covering his head and making him appear almost human. Yet a feeling of wrongness never left him.

A single syllable from Nocte Festum’s mouth paralyzed Metatron and made the world go silent. Not even the sound of his heart beating in his chest reached his ears. But he couldn’t look away. His eyes practically glued to his mothers face as the Angel loomed ever closer to her. A sickening toothy grin spawning on his mouth. His pale body contorting and sprouting numerous dragon heads. Each head appearing to have a sickly white hue. Their skin stretched thin and barely covering the bone beneath it. Teeth exposed to their full extent beneath eyes as vacant as Nocte Festum’s. Metatron watched as she met her slow and agonizing end. Waiting for his own demise that never came. No, Nocte Festum derived pleasure from seeing the despair and anguish that consumed Metatron. It’s strength growing as he spiraled into darkness. Though Metatron couldn’t understand what the creature spoke he understood what it was saying. It was going to allow Metatron to live so that it could feed off his suffering. So that it can inflict an even greater pain on him and reality itself. With the message delivered, Nocte Festum disappeared as suddenly as it came. A permanent wound left on Metatron’s heart that would never recover. Thus the Black Valkyrie was born and his unending desire to exterminate all Angels and get revenge was born…

Part 10: E.T.K

Center of Crisis Emblem (Text 2.0)
Debut: 10/3/2017

As you can guess, I write about things I love and I love Kaiju. Always have since I was a kid and watched pretty much every giant monster thing. Good ol’ Godzilla, glorious Mothra, Gamera kinda, and of course when it came out Pacific Rim. So Center of Crisis was my attempt at writing something in the genre. I was especially inspired by the Godzilla comics and Shin Godzilla that really showed and focused on just how destructive the Kaiju really were. None of the pomp and pageantry of a giant monster/mech battle. Just physical embodiments of disaster and the tales of humans doing what they can to survive. It was ready to be posted a number of times but it seemed in poor taste to do a story about Florida being leveled by giant monsters when a real-world tragedy happened in the same area. But now that it isn’t in poor taste, Center of Crisis has returned!

Previously on Center of Crisis…

7 months ago during the 2024 Olympics, a sudden Eclipse and meteor shower blots out the sky. This eclipse, which would become known as the Kaiju Eclipse, marked the appearance of colossal monsters capable of single-handedly wiping out entire cities. As more and more Kaiju arise, more and more cities begin to fall. No matter where you went on the planet there was no escape…

*Note: The events of this take place during Center of Crisis Chapter 2- First Battle

As the world spiraled and slowly collapsed beneath the might of the Kaiju, there was one place that remained peaceful. The cold void of space that was normally so uninviting was now filled with a relaxing stillness. For the men and women aboard the Cyperion Space Station, it was paradise. There were no cries or destruction. No flames or terror. High within the protective blanket of space, they were safe from the Kaiju. Though, there were other concerns they had to deal with. Although they didn’t have to contend with the Kaiju, eventually they’d need to return to Earth. Even if it was simply for their supplies. From the space station, Earth seemed so peaceful to them. But the thought always lingered…When they had to return to Earth would there be anything awaiting them?

The Cyperion Space Station was a space station built by Kazuo Industries. It possessed several laboratories and cutting-edge technologies. They had come to study a number of microbes and chemicals, especially those that could potentially lead to explaining the Inversion disease that was plaguing areas of the globe. Nobody knew the cause of it only that it’d lead to delusions of grandeur and the belief they had superpowers. Not that it mattered anymore. The crew of 6 went through the motions as they dreaded their impending return in one month. They’d never see this return as an asteroid over 600 meters in diameter crushes the space station like an insect. It’s flight path undeterred while it continued into Earth’s atmosphere. Much of its massive form burning up in the atmosphere.

Luckily, it crash-landed into the Western Deserts of Egypt. Sending up sand and dust for miles. The crater was several miles wide as the massive meteor sat like a skyscraper that stood roughly 470 Meters tall. For days the Egyptian government observed the structure but were forced to stop when their resident Kaiju was discovered. A massive snake Kaiju whose body none knew the true scope of. While most accepted it was a snake, the spiky horns protruding from its head gave it an appearance more reminiscent of a dragon than a snake. Thus it was universally dubbed, Apepdon. One of the most recent of Kaiju’s to appear, it kept largely to the deserts and attacked any who crossed its path. A territorial Kaiju which made him somewhat easier to deal with. But the moment the meteor crashed into its sands, Apepdon became increasingly hostile. Attacking areas beyond the Western Desert.

“Cheeeeeeehhhh.” Apepdon hisses as its head surfaces from beneath the sands. It’s tongue darting out and creating strong gusts of wind. The massive meteor was in sight, almost drawing Apepdon to it. Yet it showed apprehension in getting close. Its caution is rewarded as the meteor begins to tremble and crack. Springing forth from the left and right side of the meteor sprung forth a massive tortoises head. Soon after spawned four legs that seemed to strain under both its weight and the sand to try and stand up. It’s already massive frame seemed to blot out the sun.

“Groooh…” The new Kaiju bellowed as it yawned.

“Hoooaaaaah!” Apepdon hissed deeply with fangs barred at its enemy. The scales from its neck lifting up like a frilled lizard in a display of force. The new Kaiju looked down with its left head upon Apepdon. Weary eyes slowly blinking in a strained attempt at focusing. Apepdon remained fearless. It’s frills shaking violently as they surge with electricity. Scales firing like missiles off its body into its rival.

“Grooooooh!” The Tortoise Kaiju bellowed in annoyance. The meteor continuing to shatter and reveal the crater filled shell beneath. It takes a deep breath. “GROH!” It roars. Flame and ice erupting from the craters within its shell. Apepdon looked on in fear as the skies began to create a hurricane.

“Cheh?!” Apepdon’s hiss is cut short before it can attempt to flee. It’s body unable to move as it’s wrapped in a thin purple aura. The same aura being emitted from the Tortoise Kaiju’s eyes and sheathing its own body.

With no escape, the Tortoise Kaiju took one last breath. It’s left head exhaling a stream of flames while the right head a stream of ice. Both colliding on Apepdon who was unable to escape its telekinetic grip. By the time it finished its breath, only the lifeless body of Apepdon remained. A fourth of its body reduced to nothingness beneath the onslaught. It released one final roar and began the slow journey deeper into the heart of Africa. This was the day the first E.T.K, or Extraterrestrial Kaiju, codenamed Testeroid was discovered. With its appearance, the Kaiju Eclipse became an even greater mystery. If Kaiju could come from the depths of space did that mean they all were? Just how many Kaiju were there truly? And if Kaiju could come from beyond the stars…does this mean no place in the universe was safe?

Part 11: Awe of He

Blessed Inversion Soul Emblem
Debut: 10/5/2017

With Soul Thieves falling behind (way behind), Blessed Inversion Soul was partly made to fill the void. Though that wasn’t originally the case. Back before the reboot that became this generation of Blessed Inversion, magic was going to be an ability used by a single person and be her superpower. Magic and the multiverse were never involved and Jey never even existed. But as a natural progression of the Cursed World, it fit to give him a standalone series. But beyond that on a bit of a serious and moody note, Blessed Inversion Soul was primarily made as a sort of coping mechanism. I am not the best at dealing with my anxiety or depression so writing for Jey has helped. It was also my first overt LGBT series, another thing writing has helped me with. Being able to write and talk about all three of these with Jey serving as a much needed outlet of sorts. Though I do keep enough distance in how he’s written so it’s not just an author surrogate and he becomes horribly mary sue or ego strokey. Also, it gave me a more traditional way of doing magic which is fun. Especially since it lets me sneak in multiversal references within the spells. Final fun fact, it released on my birthday to make it even more special.

Previously on Blessed Inversion Soul…

Jey Connors has been suffering from a reoccurring nightmare involving a monster of unknown origins. Each time it repeated the ferocity and anxiety it caused only increased. Adding onto the strain his mind already endured from his poor mental health. Each day was just another battle in his unending mental war…

Jey “Ji II” Connors

Henry “Hal” Sharp/Black Ice

Sleep was something that rarely came easily for Jey. His thoughts often restless and keeping dreams far from his reach. Unending nightmares making the idea of sleep itself an unwelcome one. Though sleeping with his boyfriend Hal by his side helped ease his mind. The slow movement of his chest with each breath beneath Jey’s head. The sound of rhythmic heartbeat upon his ear. The gentle breath upon his forehead. The warmth of their skin touching. Knowing that Hal was by his side throughout the night, even if he weren’t wrapped in Hal’s arms, gave Jey peace of mind. Both cherished moments like this where they could express their love unopposed. It didn’t matter that both were men or that one was Chinese American and the other African American. Although, when Hal got too excited and accidentally triggered his cryokinetic powers, the feeling of closeness was suddenly unwanted.

“OH MY GOD!” Jey shouts as he quickly jumps out of bed and falls to the floor. The sudden cold against his bare skin was the last thing he wanted on one of his days off. “The hell Hal?!” he shakes wrapping himself up in the covers.

“Dude, my thingie came in!” Hal jumps up ecstatically as he admires his Inversion Registration Card.

“Why did you have to ice up like that though?”

“I’m sorry but it’s the thingie I told you about.” he tries his best to contain himself but fails miserably. “My card thingie the um…just…here.” Hal tosses an ID at Jey who begins to examine it. It was his official Inversion Registration Card that allowed him to use his powers in public while being protected legally in case of unfortunate accidents.

“It’s an ID.” Jey frowns unimpressed. Throwing the IRC back at Hal and curling up on the floor in his covers cocoon.

“It’s my official ID so I can superhero and not get arrested now. It’s like…super late but still. I can finally go out again.” Hal returns to normal and walks over to Jey to comfort him. His ice making way for the ebony skin beneath.

“Meh, I’m still mad.” Jey curls up into his cocoon even tighter.

“You baby.” Hal pouts. “Fine, I’ll make it up to you when I get back.” As Jey remained sealed in his covers cocoon, Hal grabbed his costume and leaves the room. After an unfortunate firing at his previous job, Hal worked as the superhero Black Ice. Since his powers emerged roughly 2 months ago, Jey remained ever the supportive one as Hal had been supportive of his gaming career.

“Master?” A young boys voice calls to Jey.

In another timeline much like the one where Jey and Hal lived as the heroes Soul & Black Ice, in this timeline Jey Connors had lived on for the next 10 years. Growing older and wiser. Magical skills and skills with his Inversion abilities growing with experience. His body now covered in a skintight suit. Blue covering the torso while black covering his legs. The blue portions shimmering with galaxies. The forearms colored white to give it the impression of gloves while his feet cut off with white boots. A deep purple cape attached around his neck floated majestically in the air. His body sheathed in an indigo aura as he floated in the center of dome flowing with Aether of every hue. His own personal sanctuary that looked like a courtyard with a statue and fountain in the center during a starry night.

“That dream again…” Jey thought as he opened his weary eyes.

“Are you okay master?” The voice calls out again. It was a fair skinned boy of 13 with pushed back auburn hair and a single noticeable bang hanging down on the right side of his face. Like Jey, he wore a similar skintight costume. The torso covered with an orange-colored ‘X’ shape design that shimmered with galaxies. Dark orange lining separating the forearms which were the same orange color. Rather than a clean separation, the lining split in a triangular shape at the elbow. A matching orange scarf wrapped around his neck and flowing in the air. A pair of white goggles worn resting atop his head. His gentle grey eyes that had peculiar lines running down from them to his jaw looked to Jey with concern.

“I’m fine Ein.” Jey replies as he floats back down to the ground. “Just thinking.”

“About him?”

“Yeah…” Jey responds after a pause. With a wave of his hand the courtyard fades and transforms into a snowy rooftop. A wintery Silver Plains lay before them. For years the world had been caught in a neverending winter but none knew how. For Jey, it was a day he could never forget. The day Hal left their home to use his IRC. Little did he know he’d be pulled in a conflict that almost ended all life on Earth. After SWAT-Spider and the Inhibitors fell, Black Ice made the ultimate sacrifice to stop Pheromaster and the Inversions he had controlled. Leaving behind a permanent winter. An unending reminder of his presence for the few who knew it. “Did SWAT send you?” SWAT, or rather Gabriel Kessler, was the only other person who knows of the sacrifices that came with the unending winter. Both worked hard together for years to protect the world in the place of their fallen family.

“Uh huh.” Ein nods. “You’re the only one who can teach me magic anyway. I would’ve come on my own.”

“What about school?” Jey asks as he begins floating off the ground.

“Snow day.” Ein smiles as he flies after Jey. A dark orange aura glowing as he follows.

“Ugh, he would’ve loved that.” Jey groans.

“I know. It looked like you needed to hear it.”

“I guess you’re-“

“Magus! We got a problem right up your alley!” A male voice with a noticeable Irish accent calls out to Jey across the Aether.

“What is it SWAT?”

“Frost Giants. Don’t know if we missed em last time or there’s another Rift Gate somewhere. Just head Downtown when you can! Most I can do is still ’em for a while.” Although his training under his father was brief, SWAT made sure to practice and work towards honoring his name. To be his living legacy.

“I’m on my way.”

“When do I get a name master?”

“When you’re ready. For now, go home Ein.”

While Black Ice’s sacrifice did protect the world, he inadvertently allowed more mystical threats to plague the planet. Magus & SWAT did all they could but there was still a limit. Seeing the struggles they went to a thought crossed Ein’s mind. He grew up in an age of endless snow raised by the two heroes who protected it. Both adopted son and student to one in the name of a father he’d never have a chance to meet…but what if he could? He was still inexperienced in the ways of magic but there was a particular spell he had thought about at times.

Ein summons a crimson-hued tome from the Aether as it begins to glow. “Rift of the Crimson King!” he invokes his magic as he fades from existence. Being hurtled across reality. When his vision returns, he finds himself in the skies of Silver Plains. The sun shining in the sky and not a speck of snow to be seen. He deeply loved his masters Magus & SWAT but he could see in the back of their eyes a sadness that never faded. A scar that could never be healed. But now that he was in the past, at least one of the pasts he could spring from, he had a chance to see what type of life he could’ve had if things were different. But most importantly, a way to change his time for the better…

Part 12: Writhe in Pain

Legions of Eodeb
Debut: 11/5/2017

Legions of Eodeb is a bit of an interesting case amongst my series. First, it’s a series that would directly deal with the Angels. Second and most importantly, it is the only true anthology series I have (Tales of the Æsir comes close but is still fairly consistent in plot threads). So whenever I make an issue besides the same simple concepts, the story is always going to be different. Which means pumping out unique stories and locations over and over. Some of which, due to the dark tone of the series, will only get one appearance before an untimely demise. This was meant to be the darkest series of mine and a sort of indirect follow up to Notes of Roanoke. Taking cues from a number of series in the process.

In the past, there was a great war between three factions. A war that ravaged the planet and forced them to take drastic measures to ensure their survival. A massive portion of the populace fled the planet and went to space in search of a new home. But for those who remained on Earth…they suffered at the hands of the Angels. It was with the Notes of Roanoke that they were able to discover a means of defeating the Angels. Turning Earth into Testa Vitae, the Shell of Life, and scouring the universe for other survivors. Unfortunately, many species were wiped out by the Angels. But this did not deter the Order of Eodeb who continue their war against the Angels. One of their Legions has gone in search of survivors on an unnamed planet. What it once now lost to time. The cityscape that used to exist now a ruin filled desert.

“How long do we have to keep doing this?” A tall elven man with smooth silver hair asks as leans against the long rusted remains of a car. He wore the standard Legionnaires gear. A skintight silver bio-armor with a blue sash wrapped across the chest, silvery-white bands that glowed fluorescently were worn on the head, wrists, and ankles. Liquefied Aether Crystals filled the bands to give it the glow and provide ambient protection beyond the bio-armor. Strapped to the left side of his waist was a katana with the same Aetherial glow coming from within the sheath that held it. He was the Knight who’d battle the Angels up close.

“Until we find something, Dolton.” A voice replies across their built-in bio-armors communicator. The voice came from fellow his Legionnaire, a female fairy wearing the same gear as his. Although she glowed with a teal glow and had a green lensed visor covering both her eyes. Her straight emerald hair flowing in the wind as she flew through the ruins. She was the Pawn who scouted areas ahead. Locating and tracking Angels or possible survivors with their heightened senses.

“They just sent us to die? You know that right?” Dolton scoffs grimly saying what most Legionnaires thought but didn’t want to admit. With extinction threatening all species across the stars, any who didn’t aid to that end was forced to join the Legions of Eodeb. Their ailment being, in reality, a blessing. Their inability to bear children or their attraction to the same gender were prime quality in warriors to defeat the Angels and reclaim their homes. But for the Legionnaires who didn’t believe the Order of Eodeb’s every word, it was just an easy excuse to cull the populace. To not feed or tend to extra mouths that weren’t actively adding to the population.

“Knowing and caring are two different things.” The slender male Legionnaire responds to Doltons pessimism. He was of the Siren species which was known for having feathered hair and wings extending from right above their ears. His specific Legionnaires bio-armor left much of the torso exposed to allow his massive wings to extend around his waist like a shroud unobstructed. Each feather shone gold and ended with silver tips. He carried a small harp which bore the same Aetherial glow throughout its frame. Male Sirens were exceedingly rare amongst the Siren species. The fact he was forced to join the Legions showed just how endangered they were in comparison of the other species on Testa Vitae. However, for the few that did join the Legions, they were the exclusive Songstresses class of Bishop. “We all know we’re not wanted. But being upset about it won’t change anything. At least our sacrifice may help what’s left of our people.” his face remained calm and serene despite accepting his fate so easily.

“Of course you’d say that Baroque.” Dolton sighs. “What about you Lois?” Dolton asks a female Human Legionnaire with long red hair tied into a singular braid down to her lower back.

“The more Angels we kill the better. That’s all that matters to me.” her voice was low and cold. Her eyes filled with a quiet fury that was waiting to erupt. She was the Rook who specialized in Sorcery and would bombard their enemies from afar.

“I think that’s a sentiment we can all get behind.” A Trelzan male with pale-skinned finally speaks. As a Trelzan, he was a humanoid species with feline-like traits. Claws and pads on his hands and feet, smooth white cat ears, and a smooth tail being his particular traits. The white fur accompanied his straight silvery hair that extended down to his neck. Yellow eyes blending in with the rest of her sterling white frame. As the Ace leading to the team, he spoke confidently and surely. “We can worry about things after we get back to the Guinevere.”

“I’ve found Angels! Fourth floor up on the eastern end.” The Fairy Legionnaire informs her team.

“Good work Mera. We’re on our way.”

It was exceedingly rare for survivors to be found on a tainted planet. So various Legions focused on a different task, purification. They broke planets down into sectors and worked piece by piece. It was a slow agonizing process that, in theory, would allow them to slowly reclaim the universe. This meant each respective Pawn had to locate any and all Angels present in the area for extermination first. Mera didn’t like it but she was successful in locating a single Angel. A bulbous headed creature with numerous grotesque growths along it. To head being supported entirely by 4 mantis-like sickle blades as it wandered aimlessly. She kept her distance from the Angel until the rest of her Legion arrived.

“Shit…another new type…” The Ace thought to himself. It wasn’t uncommon to run into new breeds of Angels. But finding and cataloging them was the duty of the Space Stations. Scientists who remained beyond the protection of Testa Vitae specifically with the goal of learning about the Angels. Their physiology, their habits, their strength, weakness, mannerisms, and anything of value. Specifically, so they didn’t have to run in blind as his team is about to. “Baroque!” he says with their unspoken bond filling in the blanks.

“On it Opal.” Baroque immediately begins to play a gentle melody on his harp. A sweet and soothing song escaping his lips despite it being in his native tongue and foreign to all who heard it. A specialty of the Sirens, no matter their language barrier, the songs they sang would reach your ears if they deemed it so. In this case, his song was meant to soothe and relax his allies. At the same time, Lois begins to gather Aether and cast her spell. As a Sorceress Rook, she took a considerable amount of time to cast spells but once they are unleashed their might was awe inspiring.

Sensing the impending attack, the Angel begins convulsing violently. It’s growth being pushed from the inside. Erupting in black blood as bladed tendrils burst forth. Swinging wildly around the room. The attack was blindingly fast and unpredictable. Lashing at the Legion, the building around them, and even the Angels own body. Dealing grievous injuries to itself that are simply ignored. Dolton just barely managed to draw his Katana. The Liquefied Aether Crystals filling the center of the blade, adding it the extra protection it needed to parry the attack without breaking. The force of their blades clashing being enough to nearly knock him off his feet. In an almost calculated strike, one of its bladed tendrils strikes Dolton in his left thigh. Cutting through his bio-armor with easy and severing the leg. His screams of pain were deafening but he didn’t give up. Even with only one leg, he maintained what guard he could to try and defend Lois.

“Dolton!” Baroque’s song stops abruptly at the sight of his friend’s injury.

“Focus Baroque!” Opal jumps in the lead of the group now that Dolton was out of commission. Arbiters were a special class of Ace Legionnaire. They had no specialized weapon synonymous with them. However, the same liquefied Aether Crystals that filled their weapons flowed through their bloodstream. An excruciating process to endure, those who survive to gain a great power. The power to summon a Geist, an Aetherial guardian who will defend them. Each having their own unique effects and abilities. “Silver Justice!” he calls out as he summons his spectral guardian. It appeared to be a white translucent muscular humanoid tiger. Golden bands wrapped around its wrists, ankles, and neck.

“Oraoraoraoraoraoraora!” Silver Justice cries with each punch it makes. It’s fists flying at a blinding speed. Each blow meant to parry Angel’s blind onslaught. For the strength granted by Geists, they had one considerable downside. Any damage incurred by the Geist was transferred directly to the user. Something Opal was all too aware of as bloody scars appeared on his hands. Even when aiming for Silver Justice’s golden bands, he couldn’t stop each attack without injury.

Thankfully, good news finally came their way. “Dialafodoruk!” Lois calls out, her spell finally ready. All the Aether gathering into a concentrated beam of magical energy from the sky. Incinerating a portion of the building along with the Angel.

“Good job guys.” Opal takes a deep breath now that they had a moment to rest. But as was the case oftentimes with the Legions, situations spiral out of control wildly. Though they managed to defeat the new breed of Angel, several more begin to crawl in from the new opening in the building Lois created. With Dolton down and Lois needing time to gather Aether, it was all up to Opal to save his team. “SILVER JUSTICE!” He calls out one final time. As long as one member of his Legion could escape this day to warn others of this new breed of Angel, it didn’t matter to Opal what became of his fate…But when it came to matters of the Rift…we rarely get what we want…

Part 13: Hero of Golden Plains

Blessed Inversion Universe Emblem
Debut: 1/10/2018

Blessed Inversion Universe was directly inspired by me realizing comics like Sonic the Hedgehog & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles did “Universe” stories focused on the side characters. I liked the concept and with how the roster of the Blessed Inversion Series was ballooning it made sense to do one. Originally, it was going to be the series Blessed Inversion Metanoke but I decided to just make that story into a portion of this. As more characters get introduced, expect to see more of this!

Previously on Blessed Inversion Universe…

Henry “Hal” Sharp under the alias of Black Ice has become the world’s first public superhero. Between the recent heroism of the Inhibitors, Black Ice’s continuous actions aiding firefighters, and the heroic Inversions who saved RajTEK, numerous individuals have been inspired to heroism.

*Note: The events of this take place after Blessed Inversion Rise of the Pheromaster Epilogue

Whether he knew it or not, Silver Plains was Black Ice’s territory. Golden Plains & Bronze Plains, however, were largely unprotected. Something a team of bank robbers took advantage of. Each wore black ski masks and used assault rifles loaned to them by the Rebellion, one of the larger gangs in Silver Plains. Their target was the Junon Bank located in Golden Plains. They were a squad of seven and within seconds were able to hold up the entire bank. The wealthy patrons for the day woefully unprepared for the attack.

“This everyone?” The leader of the bank robbers asks.

“Yeah, this is everyone.” His cohort replies.

“Good, let’s make this quick. Don’t want you-know-who finding us.”

Taking the lead, he and three of the other bank robbers make their way for the vault. Leaving the three remaining in the lobby watching the hostages. Not two minutes pass when a spiral of water soars through the air and crashes into one of the bank robbers. Exploding on contact and revealing someone within it. An athletic 18-year-old man with short orange hair wearing a white taekwondo dobok. The color and belt were black while the sides of the legs and arms were a dark green. Padded taekwondo gloves and foot guards were the same white as the uniform and the head guard he wore. It covered his ears, cheeks, under the jaw, and the forehead. A single strap going over the middle from the ears and allowing some of his hair to remain visible. As he lands on his left foot he leaps and does a roundhouse kick with his right leg. Sending out a wave of water to knock the second robber through the air and sliding through a table. Using the momentum of his right kick he spins once more and sends out another wave of water. This time the robber is able to dodge it. Unfortunately for him, the young man keeps his momentum, spins to the ground and does a low roundhouse kick. Sending out a third wave of water along the floor to trip him. Narrowly avoiding the nearby hostages in the process. Using the opening, he leaps high into the air, twists so he’s turned all the way around, and lands on the downed robber’s chest. Knocking him out cold.

“Everyone okay?” he asks the hostages who have already begun running frantically for the exit. “Not a single thank you…” he thought to himself in annoyance.

“What the fucks going on?!” the leader returns and sees the man standing by his unconscious lackeys. “Now who the fuck are you?”

“Waverider. You guys all that’s left?” Waverider asks without a hint of fear in his eyes.

“Great, another kid who thinks-” the leader stops when the robber to his left begins coughing up water to the point he collapses to his knees.”

“Looks like that hurts. What makes you think you can just rob people in broad daylight?” Waverider asks as he walks slowly towards the group. As he gets closer two of the other robbers similarly begin throwing up water.

“Always gotta be a fucking Inversion!” the leader shouts furiously as he opens fire. But each bullet is deflected by a seemingly invisible barrier of water.

“That’s not gonna work. Give up now and I’ll make things easy for you.” Waverider stops 6 feet from the leader.

“I ain’t giving up to a little shit like you.” the leader begins to reload when his gone begins overflowing with water. It’s components clogging and being rendered entirely useless.

“Absolute Saturation, it’s the ability my Verde Trench has. Whatever it touches begins to fill with water.” Waverider explains as his Astral Manifestation becomes visible behind him. It was a thin green-skinned humanoid. Its face possessed a pointed nose, hollow black eyes, and fish like fins on the side of its head. The top of its head, rather than having hair, extended into a long tendril extending down to its feet. Dividing the center of its face was the symbol for Pisces. Its right and left curves outlining the cheeks and eye sockets. The symbols appear once more atop each fist and as the shins to give the impression of boots. “Your friends will be fine. It can’t kill but it hurts like hell. You give yourself up and I won’t have to do something worse to you.

“Fuck off!” he throws the now useless gun at Waverider to prompt him to catch it. Quickly turning to flee but Verde Trench appears in front of him.

“Don’t blame me, you brought this on yourself.” Waverider sighs.

Tataku tataku tataku tataku!” Verde Trench calls out as it kicks rapidly. Each strike too fast to be seen. In less than 30 seconds over 100 kicks have landed before Verde Trench pulls its leg back one final time. “Zuboshi!” both Verde Trench and Waverider call out in unison as he delivers a mighty spinning back kick to send the leader flying into the wall. Canceling the effects of Absolute Saturation shortly after.

“SPPD FREEZE!” A police officer calls out as he and several other cops arrive on the scene.

Seeing the police arrive, Waverider sheaths himself in a pillar of water and races out of the Bank past the police officers. Leaping high into the air and onto the nearby rooftops. He removes his helmet and walks over to a nearby carrying bag with a school uniform inside. “Remind me never to do this after school VT.” Waverider sighs with a smile. He grabs his bag, tosses it over his shoulder, and using Verde Trench leaps casually from rooftop to rooftop with ease as he heads home. His name was Kousuke Ishiwatari, a student of Cardinal Char’s High School in Golden Plains. He had just come from Taekwondo practice when he noticed the crime in progress. He planned to officially begin superheroing when he had a costume like Black Ice, but being a hero was more important than looking the part. “Maybe we should ask Black Ice where he got his suit…He seems like he’d be nice enough to tell us.” Although, having a costume to look the part would be nice…

Part 14: Rise of an Empire

Aetherius Saga Empires (Large Emblem)
Debut: 2/19/2018

Aetherius Saga Empires was a series that originally was never going to be elaborated on. It was just going to be vaguely referenced in flashbacks for Aetherius Saga & Aetherius Saga Stormraiders. But as you can tell from the trend, my attempts to flesh it out to make it fit properly without noticeable gaps I decided to just make it a full story in itself. Telling the tale of Zeratal post Notes of Roanoke but pre-Aetherius Saga. A world utterly consumed in the war over the Seven Sages, territory, and just plain old fashioned hating the other guys. The most notable change between conception and writing was Xanatos and Orcus. Namely, everything about Orcus was originally Xanatos. But then I decided to split the traits apart with the story being fleshed out and made the brothers stand out more on their own.

Previously on Aetherius Saga Empires…

Before the 270th set of Sages roamed Zeratal, the land was consumed in constant wars. There was no such thing as “allies”. The only one you could trust was your own Kingdom, your own people, and even then it was only a matter before they too betrayed you. As the battles continued to intensify, the largest Kingdoms set out for one final conflict. One final battle to determine the true ruler of Zeratal…

*Note: The events of this take place before Aetherius Saga Empires Chapter 1- Pax Drakana

Atlas the Wraith

Orcus the Drake Emperor

Eliezer the Aether Blade

Urion the Flame Shade

Today was one that the world would never forget. It was the day the Kingdom of Orion, Kingdom of Santoris, Kingdom of Celestia, and the Gadran Empire arrived on the shores of the fabled island of dragons. All drawn by the same allure of power, power made from gaining favor with the Dragons who called it home. Quite possibly the only power on Zeratal that could rival the Seven Sages who remained ever the elusive lot. It was said to be an unusual region divided into separate environments that made Poluyim seem balanced. To the north was a large desert adjacent to a snowy mountain, to the west both fields and highlands, to the southern jungles and swamps, and to the east a volcano. While in the center was a lake deep like the ocean. All of this hidden within a mountain range. It was said that this was where the Fairies truly originated from but until now, those who searched never returned. But with the full might of several armies that fear was dashed in an instant.

The Gadran Empire was the first to arrive, led by Pharaoh Kakra himself. His head adorned with a golden and azure headdress that matched his wide collar. Azure armbands and anklets further gave him a regal appearance as did the white, azure, and golden shendyt skirt that extended down to his knees. He sat wielded a golden staff taller than he was while atop a throne mounted on the back of massive jet-black jackal. Smaller versions of the same beast being used by the remainder of his army as mounts. Upon arriving at the entrance, they stopped when they realized the Kingdom of Celestia was approaching by horseback directly from the north. Their shimmering silver plated armor, blond hair, and pale skin their polar opposite. To make matters worse, the Kingdom of Santoris followed not long after. While the Kingdom of Celestia was clad in hard steel to protect from the cold and the Gadran Empire wore light cloth to combat the hear, the Kingdom of Santoris prided themselves on the furs and bones they used from slain beasts. A warrior Kingdom who were not particularly interested in conquest but the thrill of battle that came with it. Like the Celestians, they came on horseback.

This presented a unique opportunity for the Gadran Empire. Two armies stood before them while their backs were to the fabled land of Dragons. They could put their hopes in the Dragons being willing to ally with them or hold their ground. Defending their position and retreating inland as necessary. Each side sat waiting for the others to make the first move. But it was then that the Kingdom of Orion rode in from the south on Urbaback, a species of moose-like mounts exclusive to Poluyim. Armed with gladius’, smooth bronze armor, and pristine white robes adorned with capes. Each stood at the ready but it was the Kingdom of Orion who made the first attack. Launching a volley of arrows high into the sky to rain down on the Gadrans. But it mattered little as Pharoh Kakra raised his staff skyward.

“Jigarudo.” he says calmly. The Aether gathering at the tip of his staff as he summons a massive magical barrier. One that distorts the flight path of the arrows so they fall harmlessly on the ground. “Hold your ground! Don’t give them an inch!”

Following their Pharaoh’s word, they remain where they stand. The entrance to the land of dragons at their back. Their hope that the three other sides would clash while they remained strong. Unfortunately for them; the King of Santoris, Ukrit the Berserker, was leading his army. Fearlessly charging towards the Gadran Empire with single hand axes in-hand. Long flowing ginger hair that connected to his beard accompanied by a massively muscular frame and tribal markings gave him a truly rugged and masculine appearance.

“Tear them down! Don’t let him cast another spell!” Ukrit bellows loudly.

“Let the barbarians go first. Purge the survivors after!” Lord Faust of House Verdaux orders. He was a pale man with smooth obsidian hair. His armor the most sterling silver with a blue cape and a family crest upon his heart. A pragmatic and conniving man, he’d do whatever it took to win this battle and overthrow the current Vampiric King of Celestia. Fortune truly was in his favor for keeping him bound to their homeland.

It doesn’t take long for the armies to meet on the field of battle. The clash of steel, bone, wood and flesh echoed for miles. Thousands were present this day and it was the largest battle in all of Zeratal’s history. It came to everyone’s surprise when a single voice reached out above all the noise, all the cries, and all the clashing weapons to speak.

“Hear me, armies of Zeratal.” A soft mellow voice echoes throughout the region. The attention of all being drawn to the entrance to the land of Dragons. There stood a gangly pale man who was thin to the point of being almost skeletal. Hollow black eyes filling his head with ornate angular tattoos covering his head, extending down to his face to form eyebrows. He hands held in a reverse finger pyramid above his lower abdomen. He wore a black nobles long coat with gold lining being prominent along the eight blade-like trails that extended down to his ankles. The chest covered with a large white cross shape surrounded by a similar golden trim. “I speak to you on behalf of the one true ruler of this land. The Emperor you have all angered in one way or another. The Emperor, who in his divine grace, allow me to deliver to you all a message.” his words spoken like a pastor to a congregation. “You are all now subjects to the glorious Empire of Pax Drakana. You may choose to fight it if you wish…but know that you’ve only one chance to lay down your arms. The fate you incur will be of your own making.” he awaits an answer but only sees the armies turning their attention towards him. A rare show of unity amongst the humans. “It seems, my Emperor, that they need a demonstration.

“Very well…” a deep voice echoes accompanied by the Aether rippling. Smoking black flames begin to form like a gateway and out walks a muscular 8′ tall man. His skin pale with piercing purple eyes, slightly pointed ears, and short black hair. As a Drake, he was a half-dragon and parts of his body remained draconic. In his case, the entirety of his arms and the waist down were covered with black scales giving the appearance of a humanoid dragon. His tail reaching down to the floor and massively powerful black wings wrapped around his chest like a shroud. Two thin jet black horns extending backward from the top of his head. By his right side was an eerie black cloaked figure. The face beneath the hood was a black skull with two small horns curving upwards. Orange flames glowing from within it and throughout the clock to give it a muscular frame. Silvery clawed gauntlets and boots being barely visible amidst the smoke, flames, and blackness, further aiding in giving him a sense of form. To his left was an Elven Knight clad in a mix of white robes under lightweight soldiers armor. Its smooth metal curving to a form-fitting finish. A longsword strapped to his waist and a silver ponytail extending down to this hips. They were Orcus the Drake Emperor, Urion the Flame Shade, and Eliezer the Aether Blade as called by Atlas the Wraith. Orcus takes a breath and exhales. His very presence terrifying the armies before him. The sky filling with lightning and storm clouds ominously.

“My Emperor, might I suggest total annihilation?” Eliezer says casually with a smile.

“While your bravado is appreciated, I’ve a better solution. If we kill them all there will be none to tell tale of us.” Atlas notes.

“How many would I require to live?” Orcus asks while raising his right hand and facing it towards the armies.

“A dozen an army should be a safe number.” Atlas replies.

“Let none of the leaders live.” Eliezer adds on.

“Very well then.” The Aether gathers in Orcus’ hand as he releases his power. Summoning a gravity force strong enough to several mile deep chasms. Crushing all but 48 people. His eyes surging with Aether as his wings open widely. Each flap as he lifts off the ground loud enough to be heard throughout the battlefield. “Know this, you’ve seen but a fraction of my power this day.” He returns his arms to his side. Shoulders bent and forearms raised slightly. His palms facing skyward, surging with Aether that made the ground shake violently. “You’ve all brought ruination to Zeratal in your own ways. That ends this day. I will bring about a new era. One freed from your petty wars….Your corrupt rules…” The ground tears and separate the land of dragons from the mainland. Slowly beginning to rise into the air due to Orcus’ power. “Your reliance on the Seven Sages…No more. Soon, you will all be part of Pax Drakana and Zeratal will be no more. Soon…I will create a paradise like no other. In due course, you will all know Shangri-La.”

Part 15: Promise

Star Forgers 7.0
Debut: 2/26/2018

Star Forgers was a bit of a spur of the moment series I did to focus on the cosmic aspect of the multiverse. But I loved the concept and ran with it as hard as possible. A somewhat more lighthearted parallel to Black Valkyrie which covered the supernatural side of the multiverse. Star Forgers also allows me to create and use similarly themed characters while still being super diverse and unique in both power sets and origins. Either way, their mark has been made and I have no plans of stopping anytime soon.

Previously on Star Forgers…

The Star Forgers are a group of individuals dedicated to the relighting and creation of stars throughout the multiverse. Esther Connors is one of the newer Radiants who does her best in this task while juggling her normal everyday life…

*Note: The events of this take place during Star Forgers Chapter 3- Leaving the Nest

Ester Connors

When flying from planet to planet and universe to universe, the sense of time often became muddled. Days and months blending in together as the individual spends what feels like ages. Sometimes their home has changed by eons…but for others, it hasn’t changed a day. Luckily, this was the case for Esther Connors as she returned to her home universe. Flying down to her dorm room window at night and sneaking inside. Her Star Forger uniform consisted of a Chinese qipao dress worn over a tight sleeveless black full body uniform. The dress was a gold coloration and stopping at her upper thigh. Black trimmed fastens and swirling star patters near her right leg and Star Core which lay embedded over her heart. Her hands covered in golden forearm gloves and her feet covered in golden knee-high boots. The gold parts throughout all pieces of her clothing shimmering with the faint image of galaxies. With a thought, her uniform is banished and she undoes the small bun holding her black hair at the base of her neck, returning it to its normal straight styling. She flops down onto her bed exhausted and sleeps for the night. When morning comes she’s greeted by the sound birds chirping happily. A sound she had almost forgotten.

“I missed you, bed.” she says to herself as she curls up in her covers. Her sleep is, however, disturbed by the sound of her cell phone ringing. Another sound she had almost forgotten. “Uggggggh…” she groans as she reaches for her phone. Looking at the screen through half-asleep eyes. The picture of her kissing an Asian man with straight black hair to his shoulders is displayed with the name ‘Cam’ below it. “Hiiiii.” she responds sleepily. She met Cameron Tan her third year of college at Xanatos University and after several dates, became an official couple. When she became a Star Forger, Cam remained by her side. Although it has greatly strained and tested their relationship…

“Hey honey.” he greets.

“Hi sweetie.” she replies.

“Mind opening the door?”

“Huh?” she forces herself to stand up, walks over to the door, and opens it. There stood Cam wearing an open red shirt with orange stripe patterns over a white shirt, denim jeans, and white sneakers.

“You are a very heavy sleeper you know that?” Cam says as Ester lets him in. “Three texts and four calls. I think that’s a record.” he sits down on the side of her bed as she sits down next to him, leans on his right shoulder, and falls asleep. His eyes focused on the Star Core over her heart. “You went out again didn’t you?” It wasn’t hard for Cam to tell when she was traversing the multiverse. Each time she did and returned she was always drained and exhausted.

“I’m sorry.” she says without opening her eyes.

“You okay?” he asks concerned.

“Yeah…I relit a sun again. Saw some aliens.”

“When can you stop?”

“If I stop the universe ends.” Ester finally opens her eyes but keeps averting her gaze.

“There’s plenty of other Star Forgers aren’t there?”

“That’s the group, Radiants are individuals.” Ester explains.

“Whatever, I don’t like you always being in these dangerous situations. Flying through space is cool and all…” he wraps his arm around Esters shoulder and holds her tightly. “The time before this you fought a warlord and before that a dragon. You keep coming back exhausted…”

“I’m sorry…” Ester leans into Cam. “It’ll get better when I finish my training. I promise.”

“This is just training?” Cam stands up suddenly and runs his hands through his head while pacing. “I thought you finished that already.” he stops his pacing and turns to face Ester. His eyes a mix of fear, concern, and anger. Ester nods while still unable to look Cam in the eyes. “I don’t think I can keep doing this Es. I know for me you aren’t even gone a day but for you how long has it been? Days? Months? Years? Just flying and fighting god knows what. I know it’s selfish but I can’t stand it.”

“It’s not selfish.” Ester stands and reaches for Cam. Her hand failing to reach him as he pulls away. “I promise…there’s nothing in the universe that could hurt me or keep me from you. I’ll find my way back to you. Over time, over space, like a wave…I’ll be your own guardian angel.” she smiles and reaches for Cam’s hand once more. This time he doesn’t pull away.”

“Promise.” he turns to embrace him.

“Promise.” Ester seals her promise with a kiss. Not suspecting that her next trip would bring her back to the Starpulse. There she’d meet one of the latest Radiants, a young A.I Program from the World of Data who had gained his sentience. A meeting that’d change her life. For better or worse remains to be seen…

Part 16: Living Nova

New Nebulas
Debut: 4/4/2018

Following the creation of the Star Forgers, I created the New Nebulas. A type of pseudo spin-off. Meant to be an anthology of sorts that’d show off some of the other Radiants that exist in the multiverse. Given there are 108 in total and some of their Worlds are quite interesting, this seemed an ideal way of spotlighting them both. Going in greater depth for lesser-seen Worlds and developing Radiants who wouldn’t normally be focused on otherwise. All the while expanding the multiverse and in some cases setting up future plot points…

Of all the nine realms, Lokheim was one of the most unique. It’s Worlds an amalgam of both the scientific and the mystical. Of all these Worlds, the Cosmic World stood out as one of the most unique. It was a World where space travel was commonplace and the term Alien was just a distant memory. A World where the U.G.M.P reigned during an era of seemingly everlasting peace. That isn’t to say this World was anywhere near perfect…Specialist X’altea was one of the U.G.M.P’s finest warriors but one all too familiar with the dark underside hidden throughout the universe. She was a tall athletic woman with straight blond hair down to her shoulders. Her U.G.M.P uniform consisting of a simple white suit reminiscent of an ancient Naval-man with a black belt, forearm gloves, and knee-high boots. Several buttons to seal the uniform slightly off to the right side of her chest and the U.G.M.P’s logo emblazoned atop it. She sat at the helm of her own personal cruiser, the Maximus. It was a small dark purple colored ship design for speed above all else. Having only a crew of 24 aboard at any one time.

“We’ve found the ship captain.” the Navigator says from the front of the bridge. Their target was a massive frigate more than three times their size. It had a large blocky design with a noticeable massive barrel in the front of the ship. The bridge atop the back end of the barrel. “What are your orders?”

“Hail them.”

“Yes, captain.” After a few moments, the image of a tiger-like humanoid with a grievous scar over his right eye appears on screen.

“Trunade, this is Captain X’altea of the Maximus and Specialist in the U.G.M.P. You’re wanted for numerous counts of assault, murder, kidnapping, theft, and connection to a Proximite trafficking ring. Surrender and I’ll make this easy for you.”

“Gagagagagaga.” he laughs mockingly. “No, you surrender and I go easy on you.”

“Original.” X’altea rolls her eyes.

“Captain, the ship is changing course to face.”

“You really want to do this the hard way don’t you?” she asks with a stern scowl.

“Massive energy build up detected!” Even without zooming in, they could see the massive energy build up in the barrel of the enemy ship. A deep pink hue as the energy began to build up.

“I’m going out, you’re in charge till I come back Tsung.” X’altea says with a truly fierce death glare. Her rage just barely being contained as she presses a button on the arm of her chair. Lowering a glass tube around her and raising the chair up through the top of the hull into the vacuum of space. She floats off her chair towards the bow of the Maximus. She drifts about 30 feet in front of the Maximus before the enemy ship fires. The pink and purple energy surging through space in a surprisingly beautiful display. One that made the cacophony of screams that accompanied it even in the vacuum of space all the more unsettling. She holds her hands out in front of her as the beam collides with her. Surging around her and missing the Maximus. When it finally stops, the Maximums remains undamaged.

“Why isn’t the ship destroyed?!” the enemy captain growls in confusion.

Suddenly a flash of golden blinds the entire bridge crew. When the light dims they find X’altea floating in space with her arms crossed. Her old uniform burned away and replaced with a skintight black suit. Her boots and gloves now a golden coloration that merged into the skintight suit. A star-shaped gemstone embedded in her chest, the topmost point in-between the underside of her breast putting it near the center of her body. The side points from it extending around her body like a harness. The golden parts of her outfit shimmered with the faint image of galaxies. Her eyes glowed an intense purple hue that clashed with the golden aura that now surrounded her. “I gave you the easy option…” she uncrosses her arms. “I was even going to go easy on you but now…” she pulls her arm back, punches through the hull of the ship, and tears open a massive chunk of it. Creating an opening into space that pulls the bridge crew out into the abyss to endure a slow and agonizing end. “You get exactly what you deserve.” X’altea doesn’t pay the pirates any mind and flies towards the engine of the frigate. Tearing a hole in the hull and floating in. There she finds an eerie power generator made of glass. Inside flowed the same purple and pink energy that was fired at the Maximus. She places her hand on the glass and begins to weep. “I’m sorry…I couldn’t save any of you.”

The Proximites were an energy-based species originating from the planet Proxima. Both renowned and feared for their ability to absorb near limitless amounts of energy and to be able to redirect or expel energy as well. As they grew they developed a sort of skin shell to contain their energy and could appear as any species. Unfortunately, when they were discovered they were often captured. Their shells destroyed to return them to their energy form to be used as the power source for all manner of tools. But to power a Frigate and cannon as large as it was meant at least 50 Proximites had been used to power it. All their energies mingling and merging together in a forced energy loop. Whatever sentience they had was long gone. Any chance they had of returning to a physical state now plagued by the guaranteed chance of insanity.

As a Proximite herself, X’atea had who own natural energies combined with the energy absorbed from the Proxi-Cannon and her own Star Core. Giving her strength enough tear the entire Frigate apart by hand. Part of her wanted to but held back and focused on the task at hand. She points her hands at the ceiling and releases a purple and pink stream of energy. Creating a massive hole through every level above it until reaching the outside. She then digs her hands under the floor in front of the power generator and tears it out. Flying into space before shattering the glass. Releasing all the energy within into space. Their wails of sorrow and pain dissipating as the energy fades away.

“This is X’altea…power source of the Proxi-Cannon located and removed. I’m returning now.” she says across her Star Core which was linked to the Maximus’ communications system.

“Are you okay Captain?”

“No…no I’m not. But at least there’s a chance those Proximites will find peace now.”

Since joining the U.G.M.P, X’altea has worked to save her people from being harvested and murdered in the name of power. The moment she became a Radiant only bolstered her desire to save the Proximites from their plight. A golden beacon of light throughout the cosmos, she was known to all as X’altea the Living Nova of the U.G.M.P.

Part 17: Blood Red Oath

Tales of the Æsir
Debut: 4/9/2018

Tales of the Æsir was created from the ashes of Geist Wars numerous sequels. I had planned to properly introduce Norse gods, Ragnarök, and the Four Horsemen there. But with the end of the sequels, I decided to salvage many of those concepts to use here. Conveniently, I had already begun setting up for this with Black Valkyrie and to a lesser extent Star Forgers and Blessed Inversion Soul. Building off of those building blocks I got to properly expand the multiverse with the full appearance of the Nine Realms and further expansion of the divine aspects present. Oh, and certain other things I can’t quite elaborate on because that’d be spoilers!

I’ve been called many things through the eons. Liar. Deceiver. Silver Tongue. Trickster. King. Father. God of Mischief. But there’s one title that holds a special place in my heart…Blood Brother. Yet few know how I’ve come to gain the honor. Most would tell you I’ve acquired it through treachery. How else could a lowly Frost Giant become a Æsir? Twas eons ago back when the Zero Pillar still stood. When the Disir were first split in half and realms of Aaru and Valhalla were created, putting us from Seven Realms to Nine Realms. The Bifrost Bridge connecting each of them back to Asgard’s hallowed halls. It wasn’t uncommon for the Æsir to venture out across the Realms. Some for pleasure and others seeking knowledge as guided by the All-Seeing Heimdall so they were never lost. That is all but the All-Father Odin, who could easily slip in and out of Heimdall’s gaze as required. Doing so allowed him the privilege of walking amongst the Mortals without fear. One such day he chose to visit the Ream of Jötunheim.

“So this is Jötunheim…” Odin thought to himself as arrived in the forests of Jötunheim. It’s trees tall as mountains and mountains that pierced the heavens. Despite being the land of the Frost Giants, the land was not entirely covered in snow. Although the portions that were covered in snow were cold to such a degree that few could withstand it.

Odin was still a young man when he came to this Realm. His muscles large enough to tear a golem apart with ease, a flowing scarlet beard, and mane that even Thor would be jealous of. But most notably, he still had both his eyes. It’d be some time before he became the cycloptic god we’ve come to know and love. He walked heavily and brandished the golden spear, Gungnir, proudly. I still remember what I thought when I first gazed eyes upon him…

“Is that truly Odin?” Loki thought as he sat on a tree branch. His straight black hair lay flat on his shoulders. A black goatee outlining his mouth and green eyes focusing curiously on the All-Father. Though at this point, Loki was still just an ordinary Frost Giant and was clad in a simple red tunic that went down to his thighs.

I still had no clue why Odin came to visit me but I was curious to find out. Tis not every day you see the All-Father on his own. So I followed him. His journey was taking him through Mímir’s Forest. He walked with purpose and seemed to know his way through the land. Guidance from Heimdall no doubt. I was no fool and took the initiative.

“Hail Odin.” Loki said as he appears kneeling behind Odin.

“You know who I am?” Odin asked as he turned to look at Loki.

“I know many things All-Father. I know you seek Mímir’s Well.” Loki bluffed. He had a suspicion this was the case. Mímir’s Well was a location of great magic. Being the exit point for the roots of Yggdrasil. A tree located realms away in Yggdraheim. Legend said that if one were to drink from its waters they’d be gifted with great knowledge and wisdom.

“Is that so? Rise and tell me your name, good sir.” Despite his intimidating visage, Odin was still formal and courtesy.

Loki does as he’s told and stood. “I am Loki, Son of Laufey, and a capable spellcaster at your service.”

“Tell me Loki, what reason do you believe would draw the All-Father to Mímir’s Well?” Odin squinted slightly.

“The same all men seek coming here. Answers to some great mystery they can’t solve on their own. Few would willingly brave Jötunheim for less. Especially one who came through the Bifrost.” Loki pauses when he noticed Odin’s ever so subtle tightening of his grip on Gungnir. “I offer you my services as guide.”

“I need no guide.”

“Surely not, I imagine Heimdall told you the path you’d need to take. I suppose he also told you the secret of Mímir’s Well.” Loki said almost passive aggressively.

“Secret?” Odin’s curiosity was peaked. “What secret do you speak of?”

“Forgive me All-Father, but I believe I’ll hold onto that information. Lest I lose my head in a fit of rage. But if you were to assist me then perhaps I’d be more talkative.”

“Hmph, if this will make you talk then speak your terms.” Odin was annoyed but had no other choice.

“Fear not dear Odin, I don’t bear you ill will. I have a very simple request.” Loki smiled and forms a finger pyramid in front of his mouth. “But I’ll wait till after our journey is complete.”

Odin was fearless, he had little trust in me. But he also was fully capable of striking me down with a thought. So he played along and followed me through Mímir’s Forest. It’d be several days of walking given our small stature. He was…not much of a talker. It was difficult to fill the time but I’ve never been a quitter. Mímir’s Well was truly a sight to behold. Though it was called a well it was truly the size of a massive lake. The equally massive roots of Yggdrasil bursting forth to the point one could barely tell they’re not trees. Destroyed trees visible surrounding the lake as if from a previous battle.

“Welcome to Mímir’s Well.” Loki bowed and extended his left arm towards the massive well.

“Your words rang true Loki. For that I thank you.” Odin thanked Loki and continued on ahead.

“That’d not be wise All-Father.” Loki explains. “Knowledge always comes with a price.” his words were simple yet Odin stopped in his tracks. “A wise leader seeks counsel from those with walked a different path than their own. Knowledge without something to temper it is like a flame. Raw untapped potential that can aid and harm depending on its use.”

“If I were to seek counsel from another, what would they tell me?” Odin asks without turning back to face Loki.

“I imagine that consul would tell you that the well isn’t what you believe it to be. That all you’ll gain from it is misery and death.”

Without saying the words, Odin could sense what I was warning him of. Mímir’s Well was a gateway between the realms much like the Bifrost Bridge. But unlike the sterling Bifrost, there were…other guests along this secret path. The wisdom one might gain from the Well was not of any natural Realm but of the Rift. Like a termite slowly eating away at the roots of a mighty oak tree, a singular Angel remained trapped between three realms. Forever torn between Jötunheim, Yggdraheim, and the Rift. Even I know not its name or even its form, but I’d seen its effects firsthand. The Frost Giants that drunk of the Wells water did, in fact, gain knowledge…but the knowledge broke their minds. Sending some into a murderous frenzy. Heimdall likely believed it to be simply being unable to handle the magic of Mímir’s Well . His all-seeing eyes unable to see the Angel hidden in three realms at once.

“If you wish for an alternative, the Norns are knowledgeable if vague.” Loki suggests.

“I am well aware, it was the Norns who sent me here in the first place.” Odin lowered Gungnir and faces Loki. “You’ve upheld your end of the bargain. What is it you desire as payment?”

“Nothing at all.” Loki replies casually.

“Heh.” Odin smiled at Loki’s reply. “Hahaha.”  he laughed haughtily. “Quite the peculiar creature you are. What say you to becoming my consul? I imagine one with a different path than my own would be quite beneficial for all the Realms.”

“If you insist.”

Finale: Dark Gods

Radiant Pulsars

“Tell me, lord…why is it you’ve forsaken me? Have I not done your will without question? Have I not proven myself in your eyes?” A man prays before an altar made of obsidian. It sat within a church that was only lit by the occasional torch aglow with a purple flame. The man himself wore a purple hooded sleeveless tunic atop ebony pants and knee-high boots. Black tattered bandages wrapped around his forearms. Black veins coursing through his pale flesh. Turning red as they enter his hollow black eyes with eerie white pupils. His black goatee was the only facial feature clearly visible. “Is there yet more I must do in your name? Were my tributes no enough? Please, answer me o’ blighted ones.” the man looks upward to a statue that stood behind the altar. It appeared to be a muscular man who was a human-dragon hybrid with noticeable draconic hands, feet, wings, tail, and horns. His torso leaning forward with his arms bound to the wall behind him. As if he fought to escape a stone prison. For the briefest of moments, the man sees a flicker of light in the statue’s eyes and stands. “Thank you, my lord. Your will shall be done.”

The man turns and leaves the church. Pushing open the door to reveal a ravaged and destroyed city. It’s roads covered with corpses. It’s people in a mad frenzy as they attacked one another blindly. Trees and buildings set ablaze under a crimson sky that rained ash and flames beneath a black moon. Angels basking in the chaos in whatever method they deemed fit. Some enjoying the slaughter and others merely admiring it. The cries and shouts of the people who once called this city home echoing without rest. The man looks upon the carnage and remains unmoved.

“DANTE!” a voice shouts from the heavens. A golden light piercing the sky like a bullet as it flies fist first towards the hooded man who catches the fist with his right hand. The shockwave of the impact creating a surge of golden and black energy.

“Rodin…” Dante says to the short haired and clean shaven man. He wore a jet black shendyt, a cloth skirt that wrapped around the waist and extended to his knees. A golden belt is worn atop of it and a long sash wrapped across the chest from the Star Core embedded below his right collarbone. Extending down to the left side of his waist, returning up to the Star Core, and wrapping around his neck like a scarf. Golden wristbands and anklets finishing his look. His shendyt rippling with the faint image of galaxies and his body sheathed in a golden aura. Tattooed on his back was the image of wasp wings. “I wondered how long till you’d find me.” he releases a surge of Abyssal Aether to blow back Rodin several feet into the air.

“It’s not too late brother. You can stop this madness!” Rodin pleads.

“The only one guilty of madness is you, Rodin. Were you truly my brother you’d know how foolish it is to challenge me.” Dante puts his right hand forward and fires a stream of Abyssal Aether. The black energy tearing through the air. To stop it, Rodin holds both hands forward and creates a golden circular barrier. Blocking and dispersing the stream around him into the roads and nearby buildings. “You know what awaits us and yet you deny it! You fight to protect a damned reality for deities who could care less about it.”

“Your wrong!” Rodin explodes his barrier forward, giving him a second to dash to the side and fly towards Dante once more. Locking hands with him and crashing to the floor. “Our reality is not the damned one! You champion a realm of darkness so fervently you ignore the death and ruination you leave in your wake! How many more lives must be lost till you are satisfied?”

“As many as my lord demands.” Dante answers defiantly. His eyes aglow with Abyssal Aether. A Rift Gate opens and out flies a dark blue stream of fire that knocks Rodin off of Dante and sliding to the floor. Allowing Dante to stand up next to his new ally who exits the Rift Gate. A charred body covered with dark blue flames and flaming white eyes. Dante turns to look at his brother once more. “Whether you like it or not brother…the Abyssal Gods WILL awaken and I shall usher them in.”

“No matter how long it takes…I’ll find a way to save you, Dante.” Rodin stands and hovers a foot off the ground.

“Like how you saved White Dwarf?” Dante looks down on Rodin. “In your foolish quest to save lives, you decided to restart a sun that had died. It must’ve been quite the sight. The sun exploding and expanding to its former glory. I suppose in your eyes, spreading light and refueling the Starpulse is only natural. But for White Dwarf it was a death sentence. His home thrived in the cold void and the moment you gave the star a new life…you ended his. But my Lord saw fit to give him new life. Life to seek revenge against you and your ilk.” Dante says as a Rift Gate opens behind him. “Farewell, brother. Like the deities you serve, you shall be felled by the mistake you’d bury.” With one last look back, Dante enters the Rift Gate with it closing behind him.

Not a moment after Dante’s departure does White Dwarf surge with flames, holding both hands forward and firing twin streams of flame at Rodin. The flames clashing with Rodin’s golden barrier as he holds both hands forward to maintain it. The strength and intensity of his flames rivaled a sun. It’s power growing as White Dwarf slowly approached his nemesis until they are only a foot away from the other.

“Please! We don’t have to fight!” Rodin pleads to the flaming wraith who knew no forgiveness.

“RAGHHHH!” White Dwarf bellows. His guttural roar accompanied by a black smog that fills the streets. After a few moments, his eyes ignite and his breath becomes flames. Traveling along the smoke and turning the city into a true hellscape. The flames incinerating civilian and Angel alike. Even for the Radiant who’s job allowed him to travel to the surface of suns, the flames burned intensely. Had he not put all his strength into his Cosmic Barrier, he’d be ash in an instant.

“Ungh…I take no pleasure in this…” Rodin strains to maintain his footing against the fiery onslaught. The flames making it difficult to breathe. But Rodin still had tricks up his sleeve. Like his brother Dante, Rodin was a skilled mage and could call upon the Aether to cast spells. Tragically, with the Abyssal Aether overwhelming the World they were on he was forced to further draw from his Star Core. “Verti Domirugra!” he calls upon the Cosmic Aether flowing through his Star Core. Creating a cosmically empowered magnetic well in the air behind White Dwarf. Pulling him towards it and giving Rodin the opening he needed. The second White Dwarfs head is pulled up ever so slightly by the magnetic well, Rodin flies as fast as he can off the planet and into space. Stopping when he passes the shattered moon that has begun to be pulled towards to planet by its gravity.

Injured and exhausted, Rodin drifts aimlessly in space. His Star Core pushed to the limit, he only had enough power left to maintain his Cosmic Aura and flight. As he gazed upon the dying planet he felt powerless. He had just barely escaped with his life and by the time he could return to undo what Dante had done, it’d be too late. Rodin had lost the battle against his brother this day. But deep down he knew the war was not over. That he’d need to keep fighting to ensure the Abyssal Gods were never awoken. For if they got freed it’d not be long before Iblis followed behind…

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