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Previously on Blessed Inversion Inhibitors…

With the Inhibitors facing threats ahead of schedule, Director Sasha Boone decides to visit the Directors of the other two facilities. Director Todd of the Pathogen has granted access to the complete prison cells for use. Now Director Boone must head to the Nucleus to meet the Director of that facility…

*Note: The events of this chapter take place between Blessed Inversion Inhibitors Chapter 4- The Second Director and Blessed Inversion Inhibitors Chapter 5- Recruitment Drive

Director Sasha Boone

While the Cell was located in Sweden and the Pathogen was mobile, being sustained by Director Todds own gravitokinesis, the Nucleus was the only of the three facilities kept secret. Requiring the access codes of both Directors Boone and Todd to locate it. With both codes in hand, Director Boone was able to find the Nucleus. The Nucleus itself was a massive facility hidden in the frozen tundra of Antarctica. While there were a number of research facilities on the continent, both active and inactive, the Nucleus was a particularly special one. Due to its significance to Inhibitor kind, it remained masked psychic illusions. Only by providing both the access codes of that day during a mental scan would you be allowed to know it was even there. Like the Cell, it had facilities both above and below the surface of the ice. Once her VTOL lands on the surface level helipad, it lowers down in a massive elevator to the 7th sublevel. There she met the third and final Director, Director Ricardo Velez. He was a thin older man in his 30s. Stubble covering his face and greying brown hair somewhat unkempt. Just barely reaching the base of his neck. Unlike the stoic Director Todd or the serious Director Boone, Director Velez was exceedingly cheerful and welcoming. A smile very rarely leaving his face.

“Sasha! It’s so good to see you!” he says ecstatically. Hugging Sasha like an old friend he hadn’t seen in years. “What brings you to my frozen corner of the globe?” he lets go of his embrace to Sasha’s joy.

“The Inhibitors have gone active ahead of schedule. I came for an updated list of Inversions.”

“If that was all you wanted you didn’t need to come in person. Not that I’m not happy to see you of course.”

“I was in the area.”

“Now that’s not even close to a good lie.” Ricardo sighs. “But if you don’t want to tell me then I won’t pry on one condition. I want you to see something I’ve been looking into.” He turns and walks towards a nearby hallway. “Come now, don’t want you getting lost!” he waits for Sasha to follow him. “When I say the word Inversion what is the first thing to come to mind?”

“Someone with superpowers.”

“Exactly. People who shoot ice, people who shoot webs, manipulate gravity, geniuses, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. No matter what they do all Inversions were at one point a normal individual who gained powers through the Singularity. We still don’t know what the Singularity truly is or even what determines who is and isn’t an Inversion. I mean, why did Chadwick become an Inversion but not you or me?”

“Luck of the draw.” Sasha scoffs to the amusement of Ricardo.

“Good answer. Weird coming from you but a good answer nonetheless.” he turns a corner, enters an elevator, and goes down several more levels. “Even with all the psychics and geniuses like Wataru Modo, Dr. Patherson, Dr. Galanis, and Dr. Robinson trying to figure out why we still aren’t any closer to having any answers.”

“Where is this leading?” Sasha asks growing impatient.

“I am so glad you asked. You see, in my personal research into the subject, I discovered something nobody else has yet. That Inversions aren’t the only special individuals around.”

“What?” Sasha was in disbelief at the notion.

“It’s exactly as it sounds. In my research, I discovered that, while EXTREMELY rare, there are a number of people who have skills or abilities much like Inversions. Yet none of our Inversion tracking techniques work on them.”

“Then how do you know they exist at all?”

“Simple really…” Ricardo exits the elevator to a hallway overlooking a training room. There a young girl with curly brown hair sat resting surrounded by the remains of a series of robotic drones. “Overnight my daughter somehow gained enough strength to tear our security drones limb from limb without even breaking a sweat. Yet no psychic or power senser can track her and she’s immune to power dampeners. But, there are two uniting factors. The first is a peculiar energy signature we’re still trying to identify. The second is that these abilities are largely physical in nature. Something we can tie back to an individuals physiology. Not something as abstract as say summoning energy constructs or teleportation. While there are a few we’re considering they might just be anomaly’s to the new standard.”

“You know this could change everything.” Sasha’s tone was grim and foreboding.

“I do. But for the time being, there aren’t enough to raise alarms.” he shrugs casually. “But since you’re here I had to at the very least make you aware of them.”

“Do they have a name yet?”

“For now, I’m calling them Forma. Individuals with abilities gained not through the Singularity.”

“Thank you for the information. But this doesn’t change why I came here.”

“I didn’t think it would. I’ll be sure to give you those updated files. And if you happen to find any Forma…”

“I’ll be sure to send them here.”

“Thank you, Sasha, and don’t be a stranger! Anita misses seeing you.” Sasha simply scoffs at Ricardo’s words and leaves. Yet he smiles knowingly at the words. Even if she acted cold and distant, he still knew how she cared in reality. Not only that, this meant he’d get far more subjects he could test and research. His thirst for knowledge and science would continue to be quenched and he was ecstatic at the prospect.

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