Annual 2018- E.T.K

Center of Crisis Emblem (Text 2.0)

Previously on Center of Crisis…

7 months ago during the 2024 Olympics, a sudden Eclipse and meteor shower blots out the sky. This eclipse, which would become known as the Kaiju Eclipse, marked the appearance of colossal monsters capable of single-handedly wiping out entire cities. As more and more Kaiju arise, more and more cities begin to fall. No matter where you went on the planet there was no escape…

*Note: The events of this take place during Center of Crisis Chapter 2- First Battle

As the world spiraled and slowly collapsed beneath the might of the Kaiju, there was one place that remained peaceful. The cold void of space that was normally so uninviting was now filled with a relaxing stillness. For the men and women aboard the Cyperion Space Station, it was paradise. There were no cries or destruction. No flames or terror. High within the protective blanket of space, they were safe from the Kaiju. Though, there were other concerns they had to deal with. Although they didn’t have to contend with the Kaiju, eventually they’d need to return to Earth. Even if it was simply for their supplies. From the space station, Earth seemed so peaceful to them. But the thought always lingered…When they had to return to Earth would there be anything awaiting them?

The Cyperion Space Station was a space station built by Kazuo Industries. It possessed several laboratories and cutting-edge technologies. They had come to study a number of microbes and chemicals, especially those that could potentially lead to explaining the Inversion disease that was plaguing areas of the globe. Nobody knew the cause of it only that it’d lead to delusions of grandeur and the belief they had superpowers. Not that it mattered anymore. The crew of 6 went through the motions as they dreaded their impending return in one month. They’d never see this return as an asteroid over 600 meters in diameter crushes the space station like an insect. It’s flight path undeterred while it continued into Earth’s atmosphere. Much of its massive form burning up in the atmosphere.

Luckily, it crash-landed into the Western Deserts of Egypt. Sending up sand and dust for miles. The crater was several miles wide as the massive meteor sat like a skyscraper that stood roughly 470 Meters tall. For days the Egyptian government observed the structure but were forced to stop when their resident Kaiju was discovered. A massive snake Kaiju whose body none knew the true scope of. While most accepted it was a snake, the spiky horns protruding from its head gave it an appearance more reminiscent of a dragon than a snake. Thus it was universally dubbed, Apepdon. One of the most recent of Kaiju’s to appear, it kept largely to the deserts and attacked any who crossed its path. A territorial Kaiju which made him somewhat easier to deal with. But the moment the meteor crashed into its sands, Apepdon became increasingly hostile. Attacking areas beyond the Western Desert.

“Cheeeeeeehhhh.” Apepdon hisses as its head surfaces from beneath the sands. It’s tongue darting out and creating strong gusts of wind. The massive meteor was in sight, almost drawing Apepdon to it. Yet it showed apprehension in getting close. Its caution is rewarded as the meteor begins to tremble and crack. Springing forth from the left and right side of the meteor sprung forth a massive tortoises head. Soon after spawned four legs that seemed to strain under both its weight and the sand to try and stand up. It’s already massive frame seemed to blot out the sun.

“Groooh…” The new Kaiju bellowed as it yawned.

“Hoooaaaaah!” Apepdon hissed deeply with fangs barred at its enemy. The scales from its neck lifting up like a frilled lizard in a display of force. The new Kaiju looked down with its left head upon Apepdon. Weary eyes slowly blinking in a strained attempt at focusing. Apepdon remained fearless. It’s frills shaking violently as they surge with electricity. Scales firing like missiles off its body into its rival.

“Grooooooh!” The Tortoise Kaiju bellowed in annoyance. The meteor continuing to shatter and reveal the crater filled shell beneath. It takes a deep breath. “GROH!” It roars. Flame and ice erupting from the craters within its shell. Apepdon looked on in fear as the skies began to create a hurricane.

“Cheh?!” Apepdon’s hiss is cut short before it can attempt to flee. It’s body unable to move as it’s wrapped in a thin purple aura. The same aura being emitted from the Tortoise Kaiju’s eyes and sheathing its own body.

With no escape, the Tortoise Kaiju took one last breath. It’s left head exhaling a stream of flames while the right head a stream of ice. Both colliding on Apepdon who was unable to escape its telekinetic grip. By the time it finished its breath, only the lifeless body of Apepdon remained. A fourth of its body reduced to nothingness beneath the onslaught. It released one final roar and began the slow journey deeper into the heart of Africa. This was the day the first E.T.K, or Extraterrestrial Kaiju, codenamed Testeroid was discovered. With its appearance, the Kaiju Eclipse became an even greater mystery. If Kaiju could come from the depths of space did that mean they all were? Just how many Kaiju were there truly? And if Kaiju could come from beyond the stars…does this mean no place in the universe was safe?


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