Annual 2018- Cursed Fate

Soul Thieves Emblem (Text)

Previously on Soul Thieves…

The town of Burgmont was once a peaceful and prosperous town. But through the years as the Demon presence has grown it became a shell of its former self. An unholy labyrinth of walls boarding off the old from the new that’s built around it. Protecting the nobles who call this land home. The Delacroix family was one such family though they have been plagued by misfortune. Now only the youngest noble, Salvatore Delacroix, remains to call their estate home…

*Note: The events of this take place before Soul Thieves Prologue

Salvatore Delacroix

After the death of his elder sister Serena, Baron Salvatore learned that the only thing he could rely on and trust was knowledge. Now that he was abandoned to his fate the only thing to keep him company and stave off madness were the books that filled the library. So long had he been forced to remain isolated in his room that he had oft forgotten what it was like beyond its door. He couldn’t even dream of venturing beyond the silver gates that bordered their…his…estate. Especially after the incident that led to his sister death…The peculiar man clad in red called him a Demon but young Salvatore did not truly know what it meant. He never felt any different than what he believed others felt.

But as he read book after book he began to piece together clues as to what he was. His skin was pale and cold to the touch. Whenever the sun’s rays touched his flesh it burned. In the dark, he could see as clear as if it was daytime. He never seemed to tire and the food he ate always seemed to be raw. Yet never once did he feel sick from it. In fact, the food helped him feel better. But most peculiar of all was his inability to appear on any reflective surface. Something he was kept from in his room but was all too easy to notice in the halls of the estate. All of this matched the tales he read of Vampires. Demons who prowled the night, preying upon the innocent. Young, old, fit, or ill, it mattered little to them. Blood was all the same and most dangerous of all was their ability to blend in with Humans. To use mysticism and blood magic to mask their presence.

At first, the revelation tore at Salvatore’s core. All his life he was the lowly demon that plagued the town. The monster who preyed on children and hexed the innocent. How did it happen? When did it happen? While it explained the poor treatment he experienced all his life it didn’t explain why his family didn’t simply kill him. The Demon Slayer seemed convinced that Salvatore was unlike any other Demon he encountered. In truth, while the fact he was a Vampire magnified is self-loathing to new heights the Demon Slayers words did resonant with him. Although he was a Vampire he never lashed out at another, no more than a normal child would at the very least. Nor did he suffer from an all-consuming bloodlust. Perhaps he wasn’t a natural Vampire. Perhaps he was simply cursed. For all his tireless searching he found only one possible solution to his dilemma. The Elixir of Life, a powerful alchemic compound, that was said to be able to give life to the lifeless. If he could find a way to make it then he could undo his Vampirism. He could become a proper human and change his destiny.

For twenty years he searched tirelessly for the Elixir of Life. Acquiring knowledge from both the human texts he held and demonic ones he acquired while sneaking beyond his protective silver gates. Testing and learning how his Vampiric powers worked along the way. Yet none of it mattered. No matter what he learned or could do it all ended the same. Just another dead end in his quest for the Elixir of Life. Was his curse destined to last as long as he lived? As Salvatore spiraled into despair he began to accept his fate. An existence cursed to never age beyond adolescence. Cursed to crave blood and fear the sun. Cursed to be a creature of the night that’s hunted without end. He wondered if this was what made Vampires such monsters. That the very curse that made them drove them over the edge into madness. The only thing that broke the self-destructive spiral was a knock on the front door. The first visitor since he was first abandoned. A young boy in search of a master in hopes of changing his own fate…


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