Annual 2018- Be Just or Be Dead

UGMP 2.0

Previously on U.G.M.P…

The Universal Government for Maintaining Peace, or U.G.M.P as it became known, stands as both the primary government and military across several systems. It’s top branches led by the top 18 individuals in the galaxy. 3 representing each of the major species with one above all else being the Supreme Commander. The others as Generals. Each with their own territories but all following the same ideals. Enforce order and protect the universe. Though, what this entailed changed from mission to mission…

*Note: The events of this take place before U.G.M.P Chapter 1- Kratos

Jason Nevan

“Commander Nevan?” A gruff man asks as he enters a brightly lit hospital room. His voice deep and matching his intimidating muscular frame. A full beard covered his face and connected to his short shaggy brown hair. His name was Rex Kendall, General of the U.G.M.P and Human Seat #3. His uniform consisted of a sleeveless white shirt over the standard U.G.M.P issued white pants, black belt, and black boot. The U.G.M.P logo emblazoned over the entirety of the torso. The black gloves replaced with silvery gauntlets. On the edge of the bed sat a lanky young man with ginger hair. Bandages covering his face and a cast on his right arm. Rex pulls up a chair and sits opposite of the man who appeared utterly destroyed by whatever brought him here.

“Yes, sir.” Jason responds.

“The team that responded to your distress signal said they found you unconscious three miles out from your Cruiser. A Cruiser which landed on Rizor for reasons we don’t know. We do know that only you and General Danvers were present onboard. But we don’t know what happened to leave you as the only survivor with energy burns on an uninhabited planet.” he waits for Jason to respond but gets nothing. “I can’t make you talk but it’ll make a lot of things easier. Trust me, you don’t want General Sera being the one coming in to see you.”

“I…” Jason hesitates to speak. His eyes focused on the floor. “I had a case…Someone was being sold reverse engineered Setzen technology.”

“That’s impossible.” Rex replies confused at the statement. The Setzen were an extremely secretive species. So much so that very few had seen what a Setzen looked like unarmored. Their Bio-Armors and weapons being kept within their species alone.

“That’s what I thought but every lead I found pointed to it. So I dug deeper and deeper.”

“What did you find?”

“They were working out of a secret facility on Rizor.” Although Rizor was part of the nuSol System, it was a hostile and unforgiving planet. Attempts to colonize it failing due to the universally hostile flora and fauna. The planet consumed in unrelenting jungles where everything was out to kill you. Though no rational person would come to the planet, a number of criminals have attempted to use its abandoned facilities to their own ends. Though they always ended the same, death. “But I couldn’t just go there on my own even if it was an investigation. So I asked General Danvers to take me there.”

“Why General Danvers?”

“A hunch.”

“A hunch?” Rex asks confused.

“Yeah…I hoped I was wrong for once.” Jason looks up at Rex and takes a deep breath before continuing. “The flight was fine but I had to know one final thing…”

U.G.M.P cruisers came in varying sizes. For the sake of speed, however, General Karl Danvers had taken one built to accommodate at maximum 5 individuals. Jason sat in the pilot’s seat while Karl sat in the captain’s seat. Karl was best described as a bland generic man you wouldn’t suspect was even a General in the first place. He wore a standard Generals coat and was neither thin nor muscular. He carried no special tools and the only standout trait of his was the blond hair and blue eyes. Both traits of being a half-breed between a Human and an Aurian.

“Thanks for the assist, General.” Jason remained serious as they approached their destination.

“No problem at all Commander, last thing we need is the Setzen Monarch finding out about this. It could lead to another war.”

“Wouldn’t want that.” Jason says under his breath.

“No, no we wouldn’t.” After about an hour long trip, the pair arrives in the skies of Rizor. The unending sea of mountain-sized trees before them. It’d take another 10 minutes before they found their destination, a ruined facility with a still stable landing pad.

“Shall we?” Jason asks standing from the pilot’s seat.

“After you Commander. This is your case.”

Jason waits a moment before taking the lead and exiting their Cruiser.

“Then what happened?”

“I confronted him…”

“General Danvers…you used to be part of the science division right?” Jason asked as he puts his hands inside his long coats pockets.

“Yeah, couldn’t stand Raja so I switched my area.”

“Really? I heard you worked with Dr. Zen a lot.”

“Sometimes, nothing all that special. He was really focused on his android development with Specialist Nagas.”

“That’s right. You were more into…what was it…Oh right, biomechanical technology.” Jason stopped walking as Karl did the same. “Just like the type used to make Setzen Bio-Armor.”

“I guess there are similarities.”

“Stop acting already. Just tell me why General…That’s the one thing I couldn’t figure out.”

Karl sighed and spoke. “Before joining the U.G.M.P I was part of another group working for a certain man. Dio plans to right the universe. I plan on using Setzen biomechanical technology to help him do so.”

“You must think you can kill me if you’re sharing that much.” Jason noted. The sound of metal forming and sliding into place reaching his ears. Without looking he could tell he was summoning his own Bio-Armor.”

“Only if you don’t come with me. We could use someone like you. A detective who can do what needs to be done.”

“So he was successful in reverse engineering it…”

“Yeah…But I don’t know for how long.”

“I’ll keep that in mind. So, what did you respond?”

Jason quickly draws two knives from the inside of his coat, turns, and throws them at Karl. Karl in response uses his newly generated palm blasters to shoot the knives out of the sky.

“I declined. I’m no traitor to the U.G.M.P. We fought and I barely made it out alive.”

“Your file says you’re a knife expert. How did you manage to defeat an artificial Bio-Armor?”

“There were cracks in his armor so I got creative.”

“Good work soldier.” Karl puts his hand on Jason’s shoulder.

“What does it mean for me?”

“First, you’re going to recover.” Karl stands up. “Third, you’re going to continue this investigation.”

“And second?”

“We had been considering you for some time but after this, I don’t think anyone will object to you taking Danvers old chair. Congratulations, you’re a General now.”


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