Annual 2018- ZEN Frames

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Previously on Warzone-Aeternus…

After years of peace, the Second Human/Colonist War has begun. The Patrons fight to maintain their freedom, Beta Advent fights to defend the Earth from a hostile enemy, and the Universal Concord fights to end the fighting. But while the Patrons and Beta Advent respectively have a foothold on the Earth and Colonies, the Patrons are forced to remain in the Asteroid Belt…

*Note: The events of this take place during Warzone-Aeternus Chapter 1- Return to L1

-High priority message directed to Colonel Gadra Frerichs, Universal Concord Installation-0079

Our supplies are dwindling, our influence is waning, and living on the Asteroid Belt is destroying our bodies. Whether General Rose wants to admit it or not we’re working on a very strict time limit. If the war doesn’t end before the point of no return we’ll collapse at best. At worst we’ll have to restructure but by that point, we’d stand even less of a chance. This is why Installation-0083 was created. To find a solution to this problem and give us a chance to stay in this war.

For years, we’ve always been reacting. Beta Advent created the colonies and by extension the Colonists. The Colonists created the GEAR Frames using Cirushon technology. But what have we created? Until now we’ve done nothing of the sort. It’s taken considerable time and effort but we’ve successfully created the first wave of Zoetic Escutcheon Nexus Frames or ZEN Frames. The next generation of GEAR Frame which will turn the war in our favor. Compared to the Patrons, GEAR Frames up to this point have always been derivative. Always simplistic and lacking. Something you can mass produce while using minimal funds and resources. With the ZEN Frames, we had a much different approach. We spared no expense, putting all our technology and research into making a few elite mobile suits rather than an army. Our plan is to distribute them to our top Rooks. Spreading them across our fleets to bolster their strength. We’ll win the battle to ensure we can win the war. Each individual ZEN Frame in the right hands will be worth an entire fleet. You may believe it’s insane to put so much into 7 individuals, everything riding on their skills with 7 prototypes.

Well, I assure you that they are more than up to the task. The weapons and functions have been modeled after the original Cirushon GEAR Frames rather than the ones created by the Patrons. No more following the design trends or minimalist techniques. These will be our secret weapons to surpass anything currently designed. Once Operation: Ukko ends we’ll have the Hope transport them to their designated fleets. I look forward to seeing how each fare in turning the tide in our favor.

-Chief GEAR Frame Engineer, Dr. Gai Nagano, Universal Concord Installation-0083


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