Annual 2018- Rise of an Empire

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Previously on Aetherius Saga Empires…

Before the 270th set of Sages roamed Zeratal, the land was consumed in constant wars. There was no such thing as “allies”. The only one you could trust was your own Kingdom, your own people, and even then it was only a matter before they too betrayed you. As the battles continued to intensify, the largest Kingdoms set out for one final conflict. One final battle to determine the true ruler of Zeratal…

*Note: The events of this take place before Aetherius Saga Empires Chapter 1- Pax Drakana

Atlas the Wraith Orcus the Drake Emperor
Eliezer the Aether Blade Urion the Flame Shade

Today was one that the world would never forget. It was the day the Kingdom of Orion, Kingdom of Santoris, Kingdom of Celestia, and the Gadran Empire arrived on the shores of the fabled island of dragons. All drawn by the same allure of power, power made from gaining favor with the Dragons who called it home. Quite possibly the only power on Zeratal that could rival the Seven Sages who remained ever the elusive lot. It was said to be an unusual region divided into separate environments that made Poluyim seem balanced. To the north was a large desert adjacent to a snowy mountain, to the west both fields and highlands, to the southern jungles and swamps, and to the east a volcano. While in the center was a lake deep like the ocean. All of this hidden within a mountain range. It was said that this was where the Fairies truly originated from but until now, those who searched never returned. But with the full might of several armies that fear was dashed in an instant.

The Gadran Empire was the first to arrive, led by Pharaoh Kakra himself. His head adorned with a golden and azure headdress that matched his wide collar. Azure armbands and anklets further gave him a regal appearance as did the white, azure, and golden shendyt skirt that extended down to his knees. He sat wielded a golden staff taller than he was while atop a throne mounted on the back of massive jet-black jackal. Smaller versions of the same beast being used by the remainder of his army as mounts. Upon arriving at the entrance, they stopped when they realized the Kingdom of Celestia was approaching by horseback directly from the north. Their shimmering silver plated armor, blond hair, and pale skin their polar opposite. To make matters worse, the Kingdom of Santoris followed not long after. While the Kingdom of Celestia was clad in hard steel to protect from the cold and the Gadran Empire wore light cloth to combat the hear, the Kingdom of Santoris prided themselves on the furs and bones they used from slain beasts. A warrior Kingdom who were not particularly interested in conquest but the thrill of battle that came with it. Like the Celestians, they came on horseback.

This presented a unique opportunity for the Gadran Empire. Two armies stood before them while their backs were to the fabled land of Dragons. They could put their hopes in the Dragons being willing to ally with them or hold their ground. Defending their position and retreating inland as necessary. Each side sat waiting for the others to make the first move. But it was then that the Kingdom of Orion rode in from the south on Urbaback, a species of moose-like mounts exclusive to Poluyim. Armed with gladius’, smooth bronze armor, and pristine white robes adorned with capes. Each stood at the ready but it was the Kingdom of Orion who made the first attack. Launching a volley of arrows high into the sky to rain down on the Gadrans. But it mattered little as Pharoh Kakra raised his staff skyward.

“Jigarudo.” he says calmly. The Aether gathering at the tip of his staff as he summons a massive magical barrier. One that distorts the flight path of the arrows so they fall harmlessly on the ground. “Hold your ground! Don’t give them an inch!”

Following their Pharaoh’s word, they remain where they stand. The entrance to the land of dragons at their back. Their hope that the three other sides would clash while they remained strong. Unfortunately for them; the King of Santoris, Ukrit the Berserker, was leading his army. Fearlessly charging towards the Gadran Empire with single hand axes in-hand. Long flowing ginger hair that connected to his beard accompanied by a massively muscular frame and tribal markings gave him a truly rugged and masculine appearance.

“Tear them down! Don’t let him cast another spell!” Ukrit bellows loudly.

“Let the barbarians go first. Purge the survivors after!” Lord Faust of House Verdaux orders. He was a pale man with smooth obsidian hair. His armor the most sterling silver with a blue cape and a family crest upon his heart. A pragmatic and conniving man, he’d do whatever it took to win this battle and overthrow the current Vampiric King of Celestia. Fortune truly was in his favor for keeping him bound to their homeland.

It doesn’t take long for the armies to meet on the field of battle. The clash of steel, bone, wood and flesh echoed for miles. Thousands were present this day and it was the largest battle in all of Zeratal’s history. It came to everyone’s surprise when a single voice reached out above all the noise, all the cries, and all the clashing weapons to speak.

“Hear me, armies of Zeratal.” A soft mellow voice echoes throughout the region. The attention of all being drawn to the entrance to the land of Dragons. There stood a gangly pale man who was thin to the point of being almost skeletal. Hollow black eyes filling his head with ornate angular tattoos covering his head, extending down to his face to form eyebrows. He hands held in a reverse finger pyramid above his lower abdomen. He wore a black nobles long coat with gold lining being prominent along the eight blade-like trails that extended down to his ankles. The chest covered with a large white cross shape surrounded by a similar golden trim. “I speak to you on behalf of the one true ruler of this land. The Emperor you have all angered in one way or another. The Emperor, who in his divine grace, allow me to deliver to you all a message.” his words spoken like a pastor to a congregation. “You are all now subjects to the glorious Empire of Pax Drakana. You may choose to fight it if you wish…but know that you’ve only one chance to lay down your arms. The fate you incur will be of your own making.” he awaits an answer but only sees the armies turning their attention towards him. A rare show of unity amongst the humans. “It seems, my Emperor, that they need a demonstration.

“Very well…” a deep voice echoes accompanied by the Aether rippling. Smoking black flames begin to form like a gateway and out walks a muscular 8′ tall man. His skin pale with piercing purple eyes, slightly pointed ears, and short black hair. As a Drake, he was a half-dragon and parts of his body remained draconic. In his case, the entirety of his arms and the waist down were covered with black scales giving the appearance of a humanoid dragon. His tail reaching down to the floor and massively powerful black wings wrapped around his chest like a shroud. Two thin jet black horns extending backward from the top of his head. By his right side was an eerie black cloaked figure. The face beneath the hood was a black skull with two small horns curving upwards. Orange flames glowing from within it and throughout the clock to give it a muscular frame. Silvery clawed gauntlets and boots being barely visible amidst the smoke, flames, and blackness, further aiding in giving him a sense of form. To his left was an Elven Knight clad in a mix of white robes under lightweight soldiers armor. Its smooth metal curving to a form-fitting finish. A longsword strapped to his waist and a silver ponytail extending down to this hips. They were Orcus the Drake Emperor, Urion the Flame Shade, and Eliezer the Aether Blade as called by Atlas the Wraith. Orcus takes a breath and exhales. His very presence terrifying the armies before him. The sky filling with lightning and storm clouds ominously.

“My Emperor, might I suggest total annihilation?” Eliezer says casually with a smile.

“While your bravado is appreciated, I’ve a better solution. If we kill them all there will be none to tell tale of us.” Atlas notes.

“How many would I require to live?” Orcus asks while raising his right hand and facing it towards the armies.

“A dozen an army should be a safe number.” Atlas replies.

“Let none of the leaders live.” Eliezer adds on.

“Very well then.” The Aether gathers in Orcus’ hand as he releases his power. Summoning a gravity force strong enough to several mile deep chasms. Crushing all but 48 people. His eyes surging with Aether as his wings open widely. Each flap as he lifts off the ground loud enough to be heard throughout the battlefield. “Know this, you’ve seen but a fraction of my power this day.” He returns his arms to his side. Shoulders bent and forearms raised slightly. His palms facing skyward, surging with Aether that made the ground shake violently. “You’ve all brought ruination to Zeratal in your own ways. That ends this day. I will bring about a new era. One freed from your petty wars….Your corrupt rules…” The ground tears and separate the land of dragons from the mainland. Slowly beginning to rise into the air due to Orcus’ power. “Your reliance on the Seven Sages…No more. Soon, you will all be part of Pax Drakana and Zeratal will be no more. Soon…I will create a paradise like no other. In due course, you will all know Shangri-La.”

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