Annual 2018- Hero of Golden Plains

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Previously on Blessed Inversion Universe…

Henry “Hal” Sharp under the alias of Black Ice has become the world’s first public superhero. Between the recent heroism of the Inhibitors, Black Ice’s continuous actions aiding firefighters, and the heroic Inversions who saved RajTEK, numerous individuals have been inspired to heroism.

*Note: The events of this take place after Blessed Inversion Rise of the Pheromaster Epilogue

Whether he knew it or not, Silver Plains was Black Ice’s territory. Golden Plains & Bronze Plains, however, were largely unprotected. Something a team of bank robbers took advantage of. Each wore black ski masks and used assault rifles loaned to them by the Rebellion, one of the larger gangs in Silver Plains. Their target was the Junon Bank located in Golden Plains. They were a squad of seven and within seconds were able to hold up the entire bank. The wealthy patrons for the day woefully unprepared for the attack.

“This everyone?” The leader of the bank robbers asks.

“Yeah, this is everyone.” His cohort replies.

“Good, let’s make this quick. Don’t want you-know-who finding us.”

Taking the lead, he and three of the other bank robbers make their way for the vault. Leaving the three remaining in the lobby watching the hostages. Not two minutes pass when a spiral of water soars through the air and crashes into one of the bank robbers. Exploding on contact and revealing someone within it. An athletic 18-year-old man with short orange hair wearing a white taekwondo dobok. The color and belt were black while the sides of the legs and arms were a dark green. Padded taekwondo gloves and foot guards were the same white as the uniform and the head guard he wore. It covered his ears, cheeks, under the jaw, and the forehead. A single strap going over the middle from the ears and allowing some of his hair to remain visible. As he lands on his left foot he leaps and does a roundhouse kick with his right leg. Sending out a wave of water to knock the second robber through the air and sliding through a table. Using the momentum of his right kick he spins once more and sends out another wave of water. This time the robber is able to dodge it. Unfortunately for him, the young man keeps his momentum, spins to the ground and does a low roundhouse kick. Sending out a third wave of water along the floor to trip him. Narrowly avoiding the nearby hostages in the process. Using the opening, he leaps high into the air, twists so he’s turned all the way around, and lands on the downed robber’s chest. Knocking him out cold.

“Everyone okay?” he asks the hostages who have already begun running frantically for the exit. “Not a single thank you…” he thought to himself in annoyance.

“What the fucks going on?!” the leader returns and sees the man standing by his unconscious lackeys. “Now who the fuck are you?”

“Waverider. You guys all that’s left?” Waverider asks without a hint of fear in his eyes.

“Great, another kid who thinks-” the leader stops when the robber to his left begins coughing up water to the point he collapses to his knees.”

“Looks like that hurts. What makes you think you can just rob people in broad daylight?” Waverider asks as he walks slowly towards the group. As he gets closer two of the other robbers similarly begin throwing up water.

“Always gotta be a fucking Inversion!” the leader shouts furiously as he opens fire. But each bullet is deflected by a seemingly invisible barrier of water.

“That’s not gonna work. Give up now and I’ll make things easy for you.” Waverider stops 6 feet from the leader.

“I ain’t giving up to a little shit like you.” the leader begins to reload when his gun begins overflowing with water. It’s components clogging and being rendered entirely useless.

“Absolute Saturation, it’s the ability my Verde Trench has. Whatever it touches begins to fill with water.” Waverider explains as his Astral Manifestation becomes visible behind him. It was a thin green-skinned humanoid. Its face possessed a pointed nose, hollow black eyes, and fish like fins on the side of its head. The top of its head, rather than having hair, extended into a long tendril extending down to its feet. Dividing the center of its face was the symbol for Pisces. Its right and left curves outlining the cheeks and eye sockets. The symbols appear once more atop each fist and as the shins to give the impression of boots. “Your friends will be fine. It can’t kill but it hurts like hell. You give yourself up and I won’t have to do something worse to you.

“Fuck off!” he throws the now useless gun at Waverider to prompt him to catch it. Quickly turning to flee but Verde Trench appears in front of him.

“Don’t blame me, you brought this on yourself.” Waverider sighs.

Tataku tataku tataku tataku!” Verde Trench calls out as it kicks rapidly. Each strike too fast to be seen. In less than 30 seconds over 100 kicks have landed before Verde Trench pulls its leg back one final time. “Zuboshi!” both Verde Trench and Waverider call out in unison as he delivers a mighty spinning back kick to send the leader flying into the wall. Canceling the effects of Absolute Saturation shortly after.

“SPPD FREEZE!” A police officer calls out as he and several other cops arrive on the scene.

Seeing the police arrive, Waverider sheaths himself in a pillar of water and races out of the Bank past the police officers. Leaping high into the air and onto the nearby rooftops. He removes his helmet and walks over to a nearby carrying bag with a school uniform inside. “Remind me never to do this after school VT.” Waverider sighs with a smile. He grabs his bag, tosses it over his shoulder, and using Verde Trench leaps casually from rooftop to rooftop with ease as he heads home. His name was Kousuke Ishiwatari, a student of Cardinal Char’s High School in Golden Plains. He had just come from Taekwondo practice when he noticed the crime in progress. He planned to officially begin superheroing when he had a costume like Black Ice, but being a hero was more important than looking the part. “Maybe we should ask Black Ice where he got his suit…He seems like he’d be nice enough to tell us.” Although, having a costume to look the part would be nice…


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