Annual 2018- Writhe in Pain

In the past, there was a great war between three factions. A war that ravaged the planet and forced them to take drastic measures to ensure their survival. A massive portion of the populace fled the planet and went to space in search of a new home. But for those who remained on Earth…they suffered at the hands of the Angels. It was with the Notes of Roanoke that they were able to discover a means of defeating the Angels. Turning Earth into Testa Vitae, the Shell of Life, and scouring the universe for other survivors. Unfortunately, many species were wiped out by the Angels. But this did not deter the Order of Eodeb who continue their war against the Angels. One of their Legions has gone in search of survivors on an unnamed planet. What it once now lost to time. The cityscape that used to exist now a ruin filled desert.

“How long do we have to keep doing this?” A tall elven man with smooth silver hair asks as leans against the long rusted remains of a car. He wore the standard Legionnaires gear. A skintight silver bio-armor with a blue sash wrapped across the chest, silvery-white bands that glowed fluorescently were worn on the head, wrists, and ankles. Liquefied Aether Crystals filled the bands to give it the glow and provide ambient protection beyond the bio-armor. Strapped to the left side of his waist was a katana with the same Aetherial glow coming from within the sheath that held it. He was the Knight who’d battle the Angels up close.

“Until we find something, Dolton.” A voice replies across their built-in bio-armors communicator. The voice came from fellow his Legionnaire, a female fairy wearing the same gear as his. Although she glowed with a teal glow and had a green lensed visor covering both her eyes. Her straight emerald hair flowing in the wind as she flew through the ruins. She was the Pawn who scouted areas ahead. Locating and tracking Angels or possible survivors with their heightened senses.

“They just sent us to die? You know that right?” Dolton scoffs grimly saying what most Legionnaires thought but didn’t want to admit. With extinction threatening all species across the stars, any who didn’t aid to that end was forced to join the Legions of Eodeb. Their ailment being, in reality, a blessing. Their inability to bear children or their attraction to the same gender were prime quality in warriors to defeat the Angels and reclaim their homes. But for the Legionnaires who didn’t believe the Order of Eodeb’s every word, it was just an easy excuse to cull the populace. To not feed or tend to extra mouths that weren’t actively adding to the population.

“Knowing and caring are two different things.” The slender male Legionnaire responds to Doltons pessimism. He was of the Siren species which was known for having feathered hair and wings extending from right above their ears. His specific Legionnaires bio-armor left much of the torso exposed to allow his massive wings to extend around his waist like a shroud unobstructed. Each feather shone gold and ended with silver tips. He carried a small harp which bore the same Aetherial glow throughout its frame. Male Sirens were exceedingly rare amongst the Siren species. The fact he was forced to join the Legions showed just how endangered they were in comparison of the other species on Testa Vitae. However, for the few that did join the Legions, they were the exclusive Songstresses class of Bishop. “We all know we’re not wanted. But being upset about it won’t change anything. At least our sacrifice may help what’s left of our people.” his face remained calm and serene despite accepting his fate so easily.

“Of course you’d say that Baroque.” Dolton sighs. “What about you Lois?” Dolton asks a female Human Legionnaire with long red hair tied into a singular braid down to her lower back.

“The more Angels we kill the better. That’s all that matters to me.” her voice was low and cold. Her eyes filled with a quiet fury that was waiting to erupt. She was the Rook who specialized in Sorcery and would bombard their enemies from afar.

“I think that’s a sentiment we can all get behind.” A Trelzan male with pale-skinned finally speaks. As a Trelzan, he was a humanoid species with feline-like traits. Claws and pads on his hands and feet, smooth white cat ears, and a smooth tail being his particular traits. The white fur accompanied his straight silvery hair that extended down to his neck. Yellow eyes blending in with the rest of her sterling white frame. As the Ace leading to the team, he spoke confidently and surely. “We can worry about things after we get back to the Guinevere.”

“I’ve found Angels! Fourth floor up on the eastern end.” The Fairy Legionnaire informs her team.

“Good work Mera. We’re on our way.”

It was exceedingly rare for survivors to be found on a tainted planet. So various Legions focused on a different task, purification. They broke planets down into sectors and worked piece by piece. It was a slow agonizing process that, in theory, would allow them to slowly reclaim the universe. This meant each respective Pawn had to locate any and all Angels present in the area for extermination first. Mera didn’t like it but she was successful in locating a single Angel. A bulbous headed creature with numerous grotesque growths along it. To head being supported entirely by 4 mantis-like sickle blades as it wandered aimlessly. She kept her distance from the Angel until the rest of her Legion arrived.

“Shit…another new type…” The Ace thought to himself. It wasn’t uncommon to run into new breeds of Angels. But finding and cataloging them was the duty of the Space Stations. Scientists who remained beyond the protection of Testa Vitae specifically with the goal of learning about the Angels. Their physiology, their habits, their strength, weakness, mannerisms, and anything of value. Specifically, so they didn’t have to run in blind as his team is about to. “Baroque!” he says with their unspoken bond filling in the blanks.

“On it Opal.” Baroque immediately begins to play a gentle melody on his harp. A sweet and soothing song escaping his lips despite it being in his native tongue and foreign to all who heard it. A specialty of the Sirens, no matter their language barrier, the songs they sang would reach your ears if they deemed it so. In this case, his song was meant to soothe and relax his allies. At the same time, Lois begins to gather Aether and cast her spell. As a Sorceress Rook, she took a considerable amount of time to cast spells but once they are unleashed their might was awe inspiring.

Sensing the impending attack, the Angel begins convulsing violently. It’s growth being pushed from the inside. Erupting in black blood as bladed tendrils burst forth. Swinging wildly around the room. The attack was blindingly fast and unpredictable. Lashing at the Legion, the building around them, and even the Angels own body. Dealing grievous injuries to itself that are simply ignored. Dolton just barely managed to draw his Katana. The Liquefied Aether Crystals filling the center of the blade, adding it the extra protection it needed to parry the attack without breaking. The force of their blades clashing being enough to nearly knock him off his feet. In an almost calculated strike, one of its bladed tendrils strikes Dolton in his left thigh. Cutting through his bio-armor with easy and severing the leg. His screams of pain were deafening but he didn’t give up. Even with only one leg, he maintained what guard he could to try and defend Lois.

“Dolton!” Baroque’s song stops abruptly at the sight of his friend’s injury.

“Focus Baroque!” Opal jumps in the lead of the group now that Dolton was out of commission. Arbiters were a special class of Ace Legionnaire. They had no specialized weapon synonymous with them. However, the same liquefied Aether Crystals that filled their weapons flowed through their bloodstream. An excruciating process to endure, those who survive to gain a great power. The power to summon a Geist, an Aetherial guardian who will defend them. Each having their own unique effects and abilities. “Silver Justice!” he calls out as he summons his spectral guardian. It appeared to be a white translucent muscular humanoid tiger. Golden bands wrapped around its wrists, ankles, and neck.

“Oraoraoraoraoraoraora!” Silver Justice cries with each punch it makes. It’s fists flying at a blinding speed. Each blow meant to parry Angel’s blind onslaught. For the strength granted by Geists, they had one considerable downside. Any damage incurred by the Geist was transferred directly to the user. Something Opal was all too aware of as bloody scars appeared on his hands. Even when aiming for Silver Justice’s golden bands, he couldn’t stop each attack without injury.

Thankfully, good news finally came their way. “Dialafodoruk!” Lois calls out, her spell finally ready. All the Aether gathering into a concentrated beam of magical energy from the sky. Incinerating a portion of the building along with the Angel.

“Good job guys.” Opal takes a deep breath now that they had a moment to rest. But as was the case oftentimes with the Legions, situations spiral out of control wildly. Though they managed to defeat the new breed of Angel, several more begin to crawl in from the new opening in the building Lois created. With Dolton down and Lois needing time to gather Aether, it was all up to Opal to save his team. “SILVER JUSTICE!” He calls out one final time. As long as one member of his Legion could escape this day to warn others of this new breed of Angel, it didn’t matter to Opal what became of his fate…But when it came to matters of the Rift…we rarely get what we want…


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