Annual 2018- Living Nova

New Nebulas

Of all the nine realms, Lokheim was one of the most unique. It’s Worlds an amalgam of both the scientific and the mystical. Of all these Worlds, the Cosmic World was amongst the most distinctive. It was a World where space travel was commonplace and the term Alien was just a distant memory. A World where the U.G.M.P reigned during an era of seemingly everlasting peace. That isn’t to say this World was anywhere near perfect…Specialist X’altea was one of the U.G.M.P’s finest warriors but one all too familiar with the dark underside hidden throughout the universe. She was a tall athletic woman with straight blond hair down to her shoulders. Her U.G.M.P uniform consisting of a simple white suit reminiscent of an ancient Naval-man with a black belt, forearm gloves, and knee-high boots. Several buttons to seal the uniform slightly off to the right side of her chest and the U.G.M.P’s logo emblazoned atop it. She sat at the helm of her own personal cruiser, the Maximus. It was a small dark purple colored ship design for speed above all else. Having only a crew of 24 aboard at any one time.

“We’ve found the ship captain.” the Navigator says from the front of the bridge. Their target was a massive frigate more than three times their size. It had a large blocky design with a noticeable massive barrel in the front of the ship. The bridge atop the back end of the barrel. “What are your orders?”

“Hail them.”

“Yes, captain.” After a few moments, the image of a tiger-like humanoid with a grievous scar over his right eye appears on screen.

“Trunade, this is Captain X’altea of the Maximus and Specialist in the U.G.M.P. You’re wanted for numerous counts of assault, murder, kidnapping, theft, and connection to a Proximite trafficking ring. Surrender and I’ll make this easy for you.”

“Gagagagagaga.” he laughs mockingly. “No, you surrender and I go easy on you.”

“Original.” X’altea rolls her eyes.

“Captain, the ship is changing course to face us.”

“You really want to do this the hard way don’t you?” she asks with a stern scowl.

“Massive energy build up detected!” Even without zooming in, they could see the massive energy build up in the barrel of the enemy ship. A deep pink hue as the energy began to build up.

“I’m going out, you’re in charge till I come back Tsung.” X’altea says with a truly fierce death glare. Her rage just barely being contained as she presses a button on the arm of her chair. Lowering a glass tube around her and raising the chair up through the top of the hull into the vacuum of space. She floats off her chair towards the bow of the Maximus. She drifts about 30 feet in front of the Maximus before the enemy ship fires. The pink and purple energy surging through space in a surprisingly beautiful display. One that made the cacophony of screams that accompanied it even in the vacuum of space all the more unsettling. She holds her hands out in front of her as the beam collides with her. Surging around her and missing the Maximus. When it finally stops, the Maximums remains undamaged.

“Why isn’t the ship destroyed?!” the enemy captain growls in confusion.

Suddenly a flash of golden light blinds the entire bridge crew. When the light dims they find X’altea floating in space with her arms crossed. Her old uniform burned away and replaced with a skintight black suit. Her boots and gloves now a golden coloration that merged into the skintight suit. A star-shaped gemstone embedded in her chest, the topmost point in-between the underside of her breast putting it near the center of her body. The side points from it extending around her body like a harness. The golden parts of her outfit shimmered with the faint image of galaxies. Her eyes glowed an intense purple hue that clashed with the golden aura that now surrounded her. “I gave you the easy option…” she uncrosses her arms. “I was even going to go easy on you but now…” she pulls her arm back, punches through the hull of the ship, and tears open a massive chunk of it. Creating an opening into space that pulls the bridge crew out into the abyss to endure a slow and agonizing end. “You get exactly what you deserve.” X’altea doesn’t pay the pirates any mind and flies towards the engine of the frigate. Tearing a hole in the hull and floating in. There she finds an eerie power generator made of glass. Inside flowed the same purple and pink energy that was fired at the Maximus. She places her hand on the glass and begins to weep. “I’m sorry…I couldn’t save any of you.”

The Proximites were an energy-based species originating from the planet Proxima. Both renowned and feared for their ability to absorb near limitless amounts of energy and to be able to redirect or expel energy as well. As they grew they developed a sort of skin shell to contain their energy and could appear as any species. Unfortunately, when they were discovered they were often captured. Their shells destroyed to return them to their energy form to be used as the power source for all manner of tools. But to power a Frigate and cannon as large as it was meant at least 50 Proximites had been used to power it. All their energies mingling and merging together in a forced energy loop. Whatever sentience they had was long gone. Any chance they had of returning to a physical state now plagued by the guaranteed chance of insanity.

As a Proximite herself, X’atea had her own natural energies combined with the energy absorbed from the Proxi-Cannon and her own Star Core. Giving her strength enough to tear the entire Frigate apart by hand. Part of her wanted to but held back and focused on the task at hand. She points her hands at the ceiling and releases a purple and pink stream of energy. Creating a massive hole through every level above it until reaching the outside. She then digs her hands under the floor in front of the power generator and tears it out. Flying into space before shattering the glass. Releasing all the energy within into space. Their wails of sorrow and pain dissipating as the energy fades away.

“This is X’altea…power source of the Proxi-Cannon located and removed. I’m returning now.” she says across her Star Core which was linked to the Maximus’ communications system.

“Are you okay Captain?”

“No…no I’m not. But at least there’s a chance those Proximites will find peace now.”

Since joining the U.G.M.P, X’altea has worked to save her people from being harvested and murdered in the name of power. The moment she became a Radiant only bolstered her desire to save the Proximites from their plight. A golden beacon of light throughout the cosmos, she was known to all as X’altea the Living Nova of the U.G.M.P.

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