Annual 2018- Promise

Star Forgers 7.0

Previously on Star Forgers…

The Star Forgers are a group of individuals dedicated to the relighting and creation of stars throughout the multiverse. Esther Connors is one of the newer Radiants who does her best in this task while juggling her normal everyday life…

*Note: The events of this take place during Star Forgers Chapter 3- Leaving the Nest

Ester Connors

When flying from planet to planet and universe to universe, the sense of time often became muddled. Days and months blending in together as the individual spends what feels like ages. Sometimes their home has changed by eons…but for others, it hasn’t changed a day. Luckily, this was the case for Esther Connors as she returned to her home universe. Flying down to her dorm room window at night and sneaking inside. Her Star Forger uniform consisted of a Chinese qipao dress worn over a tight sleeveless black full body uniform. The dress was a gold coloration and stopping at her upper thigh. Black trimmed fastens and swirling star patters near her right leg and Star Core which lay embedded over her heart. Her hands covered in golden forearm gloves and her feet covered in golden knee-high boots. The gold parts throughout all pieces of her clothing shimmering with the faint image of galaxies. With a thought, her uniform is banished and she undoes the small bun holding her black hair at the base of her neck, returning it to its normal straight styling. She flops down onto her bed exhausted and sleeps for the night. When morning comes she’s greeted by the sound birds chirping happily. A sound she had almost forgotten.

“I missed you, bed.” she says to herself as she curls up in her covers. Her sleep is, however, disturbed by the sound of her cell phone ringing. Another sound she had almost forgotten. “Uggggggh…” she groans as she reaches for her phone. Looking at the screen through half-asleep eyes. The picture of her kissing an Asian man with straight black hair to his shoulders is displayed with the name ‘Cam’ below it. “Hiiiii.” she responds sleepily. She met Cameron Tan her third year of college at Xanatos University and after several dates, became an official couple. When she became a Star Forger, Cam remained by her side. Although it has greatly strained and tested their relationship…

“Hey honey.” he greets.

“Hi sweetie.” she replies.

“Mind opening the door?”

“Huh?” she forces herself to stand up, walks over to the door, and opens it. There stood Cam wearing an open red shirt with orange stripe patterns over a white shirt, denim jeans, and white sneakers.

“You are a very heavy sleeper you know that?” Cam says as Ester lets him in. “Three texts and four calls. I think that’s a record.” he sits down on the side of her bed as she sits down next to him, leans on his right shoulder, and falls asleep. His eyes focused on the Star Core over her heart. “You went out again didn’t you?” It wasn’t hard for Cam to tell when she was traversing the multiverse. Each time she did and returned she was always drained and exhausted.

“I’m sorry.” she says without opening her eyes.

“You okay?” he asks concerned.

“Yeah…I relit a sun again. Saw some aliens.”

“When can you stop?”

“If I stop the universe ends.” Ester finally opens her eyes but keeps averting her gaze.

“There’s plenty of other Star Forgers aren’t there?”

“That’s the group, Radiants are individuals.” Ester explains.

“Whatever, I don’t like you always being in these dangerous situations. Flying through space is cool and all…” he wraps his arm around Esters shoulder and holds her tightly. “The time before this you fought a warlord and before that a dragon. You keep coming back exhausted…”

“I’m sorry…” Ester leans into Cam. “It’ll get better when I finish my training. I promise.”

“This is just training?” Cam stands up suddenly and runs his hands through his head while pacing. “I thought you finished that already.” he stops his pacing and turns to face Ester. His eyes a mix of fear, concern, and anger. Ester nods while still unable to look Cam in the eyes. “I don’t think I can keep doing this Es. I know for me you aren’t even gone a day but for you how long has it been? Days? Months? Years? Just flying and fighting god knows what. I know it’s selfish but I can’t stand it.”

“It’s not selfish.” Ester stands and reaches for Cam. Her hand failing to reach him as he pulls away. “I promise…there’s nothing in the universe that could hurt me or keep me from you. I’ll find my way back to you. Over time, over space, like a wave…I’ll be your own guardian angel.” she smiles and reaches for Cam’s hand once more. This time he doesn’t pull away.”

“Promise.” he turns to embrace him.

“Promise.” Ester seals her promise with a kiss. Not suspecting that her next trip would bring her back to the Starpulse. There she’d meet one of the latest Radiants, a young A.I Program from the World of Data who had gained his sentience. A meeting that’d change her life. For better or worse remains to be seen…


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