BI Golden Age #9: Hypothesis

Blessed Inversion Emblem (Text 2.0)

Previously on Blessed Inversion Golden Age…

Hal Sharp, the hero known as Black Ice, has begun his search for Darcy after her mysterious disappearance. Going to Doctor Khonshu for assistance, he temporarily joins the Khonshu Squadron. Together they begin investigating into a string of kidnappings. Resulting in them pursuing the new Inversion, White Shadow. In a twist of fate, it turns out White Shadow is Black Ice’s adopted older brother Terry. This destined encounter sparking a new theory in Doctor Khonshu. That all the kidnappings were the result of someone trying to kidnap Inversions…

Henry “Hal” Sharp/Black Ice

-Superhero. Cryokinetic Inversion

Doctor Khonshu/Kreon Galanis

-RajTEK R&D. Genius Inversion

Eddie Vasquez

-Detective. Cybernetic arm

Marco Oliver Jr.
-Depressed. Dragonfly Inversion

Terry Sharp/White Shadow
-Superhero. Levis Umbrakinetic Inversion

Doctor Khonshu was tied for the fourth smartest person on the planet. The result of his Inversion ability to be a genius. As such, there was little he didn’t know. For those few things he lacked knowledge on, he could easily learn all he needed within minutes. However, he wasn’t perfect and was still bound by the scientific method. One hypothesis that had yet to become a full theory was the belief that Inversions were drawn together. Sometimes described like the chains of fate binding them together. But Doctor Khonshu wasn’t a superstitious man and believed it could be explained logically. Though, he was open to the possibility. Which was why he dragged the Khonshu Squadron and White Shadow back to his home lab for an impromptu science lesson. Black Ice sat on the edge of a table alongside White Shadow and Achilles. Dragonfly, who now could be normal sized, was taking advantage of this and walking around the room. Admiring things at their proper size for the first time in what felt like a lifetime.

“So…is there a reason we came all the way back here?” Black Ice asks somewhat annoyed.

“Yes, there is.” Doctor Khonshu removes his Khonshu Lenses and sits at his computer. “This is a discussion we should have in private. Not standing on a dingy rooftop beneath an obnoxious neon sign. Wouldn’t know what other people might stumble onto us here.” he gives White Shadow an aside glance. “There’s an ongoing study by a number of scientists have been looking into. Specifically, that Inversions have a tendency of being drawn together. More accurately, one could describe it as the Singularity choosing new Inversions based on previous generations.”

“Got proof to back up that idea?” Eddie inquires.

“Shall I start with the present party or use broader examples first?” Doctor Khonshu snarks.

“Um…” Black Ice begins to think of which to go with.

“Rhetorical question. Let’s look at the most obvious ones. Black Ice is the adopted brother to White Shadow. He is also the ex to one Inversion and roommate to yet another. You all know me while three of us know Kessler, yet another Inversion. He has his son and Raja, yet another individual who knows multiple people present. Raja, like Kessler, knows the Inhibitors. The Inhibitors themselves tying into the gangs of Silver Plains which rounds about to all of us sans Marco. The world may be small but it’s not that small. Other researchers have had similar findings. 8 times out of 10 Inversions somehow found themselves with some form of relationship together. Given how none are able to figure out what precisely the Singularity is, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility…” he stops and begins mumbling under his breath. “Not to mention magic is apparently a thing to add to the mix now…”

“Magic? Seriously?” Eddie asks understandably confused.

“Kessler called about it this afternoon.* I have naturally decided to not touch that particular bag of worms for the time being.” he holds the bridge of his nose. Takes a deep breath and exhales before continuing. “Back on task, with this all in mind there is a chance that Darcy is yet another Inversion. If this is so, then the kidnappings aren’t just kidnappings but one focused on Inversions or those connected to Inversions.”

*Blessed Inversion Soul Chapter 3: Lesson from the Spider

“So basically we need to watch out for our family and friends?” White Shadow stands up and stretches.

“Yes and no. First, I need to compare the Detectives current list of kidnappings with the current list of Inhibitor candidates and then find any connections they might have. From there, we’ll make our next move.”

“Okay, and how long should that take?”

Doctor Khonshu pauses for 10 seconds before speaking again. “I have several rooms available upstairs. You can wait in any one of them or the living room. Just don’t make a mess.”

Taking the offer; White Shadow, Eddie, and Marco head upstairs in search of bedrooms. Black Ice was the only one who chose to remain by Doctor Khonshu’s side. Moving from the edge of the table to one of the spare wheeled chairs. Black Ice had no idea what Doctor Khonshu was doing as he worked but he wanted to be ready the second he was done with his research. Minutes melded into hours as the genius cross-referenced the numerous forms of data to try and find useful results. It was a tiring and mind-numbing process but one he has grown all too accustomed to. As Black Ice slept leaning back in the chair, Doctor Khonshu chose to let him rest. The stress of the day likely took its toll and it’d be pointless for Black Ice to remain awake just to watch him. Without needing to even get up from his chair, Doctor Khonshu uses his left Khonshu Drive to draw covers off the back of a chair in the corner of the room and lowers it over Black Ice.

“Good morning Mr. Sharp.” Doctor Khonshu says without a hint of fatigue as Black Ice awakens.

“Morning? How long was I asleep?” Black Ice asks groggily.

“About 8 hours or so.” he answers casually.

“8 hours?!” Black Ice jumps to his feet in shock. He remembered closing his eyes for a second but he didn’t expect to fall asleep. His heart raced at the realization that he didn’t go home or even tell Jey anything that had happened. “Do you have a phone? I need to tell my roommate where I am.”

“I’m sure your…roommate will be fine if he’s aware of you being an Inversion as well as being one himself.”

“But what if the kidnapper went after him next?”

“Assuming they went after your roommate, what would you have done while still exhausted from the night before?” his words silenced Black Ice who wished he could argue against it. “I’m sure he’s fine. Go home and check on your roommate if you’d like. White Shadow has already gone back to work and said he’d keep an eye on his friends and other family members. Eddie is investigating on his own and Marco is…well, I don’t know what he’s doing but I’m sure it’s important. For now, we wait while I finish my work. But if anything comes up contact me, understand?”

“I understand.” Black Ice lets out a sigh of relief but remains unmoving. “So…”

“No, I don’t care. Just don’t do anything rash.”

“I make no promises.” With one weight off his shoulder, Black Ice skates home to deal with the second weight. As he approaches his home he notices Jey’s signature red van isn’t parked anywhere in sight. “Please be safe Jey…” Hesitantly, Black Ice enters his home and thankfully finds everything in order. “Jey?” he calls out as he begins searching room after room but finds no sign of him. “C’mon Jey where did you…wait…” On a hunch, Black Ice walks to their bedroom and checks a calendar hanging on the wall. Labeled on October 8th was a scheduled match between Team Moon Fox and Team Federal Offense at the Harley Hotel.

Knowing this put his mind at ease. Jey would be surrounded by a crowd which meant he was probably safe. If he was quick he’d be able to get there by the second round of his match. Hal quickly discards his costume, gets a much-needed shower, and puts on a sleeveless blue shirt, denim jean shorts, and black sneakers. His legs burned from having such little time to actually rest and relax but Jey was worth it. In 20 minutes he arrives at the Harley Hotel which stood in downtown Silver Plains. It was a popular and successful 5 Star Hotel throughout the country…and was now surrounded by a curious crowd and police numerous police officers present. However, they weren’t stopping people from entering and exiting. Hal made his way through the crowded halls to the east hall where the local Guardian Corps tournament was to be held. But when he arrives it’s blockaded with two Police Officers watching over it.

“Shit…” Hal says under his breath before backtracking. Searching for anyone he can question. Locating a player from one of the other teams playing. Though not one Hal knew or cared to learn more about. “Excuse me, do you know what happened?”

“There was a really weird power surge during the match between Federal Offense and Moon Fox. Took out every single computer on the venue.”


“Yeah man, police got called in case it was another Inversion attack.”

“Everyone’s okay though?” Hal asks concerned for not just Jey but everyone present. Part of him wishing he stayed in costume or at least brought it with him.


“Sorry for all the questions but I was wondering if you saw where Bun-Bun went?” Hal didn’t know if people knew Jey by his first name. But if he was as popular as he believed, his gamer title would be his best bet.

“I think after the power surge he freaked out and ran off to the bathroom.”

“Thanks for the help.” Hal pats him on the shoulder and runs off to the venue once more.

“Hold it, the areas not safe.” One of the police officers stops Hal in his tracks.

“I know, and I’m looking for someone.” Hal takes out and shows them his IRC.* He didn’t know if it’d work but it was worth a shot.

*Inversion Registration Card

“What does that mean?” The Police Officer asks.

“It means I have superpowers and if someone is behind this I’m your best bet at stopping them.” he says accompanied by making a frozen version of his bandana mask. “Left my costume at home but you should recognize me.”

“Black Ice? What do you think happened?” The Police Officer begins to relax.

“Not sure, but that’s why I’m here. Just need to check on one thing first.” Hal shatters his frozen mask now that he no longer needed it.

“What is it?”

“Do you know where the nearest bathroom is?”

“Oh, down the hall where you came and to the right.”

“Thanks, I’ll be back after checking it out.” Hal didn’t mean to tell a white lie but after helping Jey he’d be sure to return to help them. It doesn’t take long to arrive at the bathroom but finds it empty. Each stall was reasonably clean but no clues. Only a foreboding feeling he couldn’t shake. A sense of cold and dread that stuck out in the back of his mind. “Damnit Jey where are you…” With nothing left for him, Hal exits and prepares to return to the police. Even out of costume it was still his job to help.

“Henry Sharp.” a voice calls out to him as he turns the corner.

“Huh?” Hal turns and sees an oddly familiar man. He wore a deep green suit worn under a matching open dress coat. A large star symbol was emblazoned on the center of the chest, exposing the skin beneath. A sun symbol pin placed on the left breast of the dress coat and moon symbol pin on the opposite. A pattern of planets filled the inside of the dress coat. His long hair was deep purple coloration. But rather than letting it lay flat down to his shoulders, it was tied into numerous spirals like the rings of Saturn. His left arm held across his waist, while his right hand rested on his chin. His head tilted to the side ever so slightly as he gazed intensely at Hal. “Do I know you?”

“We’ve met once before briefly.” *

*Blessed Inversion Golden Age Chapter 6: Public Relations

“Okay, well I’m kinda busy so I’ll have to chat later.” Hal continues back towards the police.

“So you’re not interested in hearing what I have to say…Black Ice?” The man’s words prompted Hal to stop in his tracks. Hal introducing himself to the cops was one thing, but being identified out of the blue was another thing entirely.

“Who the hell are you?” Hal prepares himself for a potential fight.

“Joey Jones, but you can call me Jojo. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you Black Ice.” he voice remained unwavering as the faint image of his Astral Manifestation appears behind him in an identical pose. Just enough for Hal to realize it was there but not enough to know what it looked like or could do. The air chilling around the pair in anticipation of a battle…

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