Sideways #9: 52 Pickup

Sideways finds himself in a hard position thanks to Perrus. But when an old face returns, are they friend or foe?

Sideways #9a

Sideways #9
Writer: Max Raynor & Dan DiDio
Artist: Max Raynor
Colors: Daniel Brown
Letters: Travis Lanham
Cover Art: Kenneth Rocafort
Publisher: DC Comics

Sideways remains trapped in the Dark Multiverse under the “care” of Perrus the Benevolent. But when he opposes his unwanted benefactor, he’s easily bested and tossed into a prison where a forgotten hero makes his return…

This issue we can kinda split in two as it focuses on two primary plot lines. The shorter of the two is on Earth where we finally see the funeral for his mother. But mostly, we get some nice setup for when Sideways returns from the Dark Multiverse. The cameo from Lois & Clark was also a nice touch. Especially given the later reveal.

Sideways #9b

The second and main storyline is Sideways discovering Perrus’ dark secret. Sideways fighting Perrus while powerless was a nice way of showing how he’s a true hero despite being so new and how he previously was briefly focused on revenge. But then his briefly line that he just wants to go home after being attacked by Perrus also reminds us of his age and inexperience in death battles.

Sideways #9c

We also get a brief setup in seeing the mystery person who seemingly gave Sideways his powers. But the biggest revelation is the return of New 52 Superman. Something I doubt anyone expected let alone expected in Sideways. Hopefully, he survives this story and gets out the Dark Multiverse. It’d be really interesting to have a second Clark Kent running around. Especially if he just focuses on different things than the real Superman.

Sideways #9d.jpg

Final Thoughts:
I honestly forgot New 52 Superman existed and thought he merged into the main thing. But now that he’s back, I’m super curious what he’ll do and where he’ll go. Otherwise, it’s a pretty standard issue.

Rating: 7.4/10

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