A dark day has come that many of us didn’t want to come. Stan the Man Lee has passed away. Normally, I wouldn’t do something like this but it felt like something I should do. I have no real heading and it’ll be a bit rambly so bear with me. Stan Lee was a guy most people (especially people interested in comics) knew of for a majority of their lives. I’m no exception being born in ’91. So many characters he created I loved and enjoyed seeing. All the Marvel cartoons on Fox or ABC Family made my Saturday mornings and gave me my love for Marvel. The cards also really helped but the one that stood out to me the most and I enjoyed was the X-Men.

Image result for blue & gold x-men

Hell, he created one of my top two favorite comic book characters of all time Cyclops/Scott Summers. Whenever I’d hear about him growing up he always came off as the cool grandpa everyone loved. Seeing him appear in basically every Marvel movie and tons of the games was always cool to see. So many things he touched have withstood the test of time and his stories and characters are ones I at the very least will be able to look back on fondly. He’s one of the people I, as a writer/creator, looked at as an inspiration. I wouldn’t be anything like I am today nor would the world have become as fun a place without you or your creations. We’ll miss you Stan Lee.


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