Helping a Friend

Normally I wouldn’t do something like this (I’m honestly not even sure if I am allowed to by the rules of WordPress but I’ll try anyway). But you should remember Sixth Saint Masamune, I’ve done a number of things with him including the sprite for Jon the Compassionate, several images for Geist Wars, and helping me both with writing in its various stages and just being one of my closest friends. Things have…not been good for them to say the least. Losing the greatest cat ever Vim, various medical bills, and regular bills that are continuing to mount on top of all this in short order just to give a bit of an idea. They need help and have created a GoFundMe to try help cope with it all and we would all really appreciate if you could help in any way, shape, or form. Even sharing it to others if you’re able. The more who can help the better. Thank you all and hope you can help out in some way.

Sixth Saint Masamune GoFundMe:

Please help us pay off medical, dental & debt

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