Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers #14: Power Rangers (Lost) in Space

Space is a big place, just how long will it take before Jason & Trini can find rescue? Or will Rita get to them first?

Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers #14
Writer: Ryan Parrott
Artist: Eleonora Carlini
Colors: Raúl Angulo
Letters: Ed Dukeshire
Cover Artist: Dan Mora
Cover Artist (Ranger Variant): Miguel Mercado
Cover Artist (Pre-Order): Audrey Mok
Cover Artist (Movie Variant): Natacha Bustos
Cover Artist (Ranger Stop Exclusive): James Griffiths “Griff”
Pre-Order & Movie Variant Cover Design: Dylan Todd
Publisher: Boom! Studios
Original Review Date: November 26, 2018


Jason & Trini remain lost on an unknown alien planet in the wrong colors. Fighting for survival as the remaining Rangers are forced to continue their lives until Zordon finds a way to rescue them. At the same time, Rita continues her latest plot to end the Rangers once and for all. But in a surprise twist, Baboo might have schemes of his own involving Finster…


As has become the norm, the Rangers continue to grow and develop. This time we get to see Jason as a surly child for the first time and learn how he got into Karate in the first place. As well as hints to him having a poorer mental state and self-image then he lets on. Something we saw shades of in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers when he went unhealthy stretches of time in the Command Center searching for Zordon after his presumed death. But we also still see him being somewhat upbeat with Trini by his side.

GGPR #14b.jpg

Granted, they do get a signal through to Zordon in the end (although they haven’t been pinpointed) it was nice to see them bring up something sci-fi usually ignores. Just how truly massive space is between galaxies and the systems within them. We know things will work out in the end but it’s still quite interesting to see actually noted. The reference to Zack’s dance fighting was also a nice touch as was seeing Skull get a date with Kimberly and Matt seemingly moving on entirely.

GGPR #14c.jpg

Jason and Trini having to learn to use the other’s weapon was also a nice twist. Showing they actually needed to practice to learn their unique weapons. Not being magical instant masters of whatever they wielded. Between this and being short several Rangers, this shows how much more vulnerable they are despite still being Power Rangers. But the best moment of all was seeing Rita actually fighting on her own.

GGPR #14d.jpg

Final Thoughts:

GGPR #14e.jpg

The art is awesome, the characters are fun, and this remains a treat to read. Give me the next issue already.

Rating: 8.1/10

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