Update 12/10/2018 (nuJob)

New Job

  • Holiday season in retail is…just…rough…Especially if you’re part of the oft-forgotten or scapegoated Receiving crew behind the scenes. I’m basically working full time and it has taken its toll on writing. As you can probably tell from the sea of screenshots. I still have a ton of stuff on standby so I won’t be stopping the daily updates anytime soon.

New Thumbnails

  • Thumbnails are getting an update (again) as a bit of a quality of life shift. In the bottom left corners will be an icon to show if the post is for writing, a screenshot, or a video (Unless it’s like this with a huge logo or text that gives it away). This means no more dates obscuring the bottom left corner, unfortunately.
Accidental Arena (Frame)
Early teaser example
  • For the time being, new thumbnails will use this as it will take an obscenely long time to redo…literally 500+ other posts…So I might get back to the most important ones for it but for now, just expect to see it on the new stuff.

Writing Update

  • Writing is still coming and about 67% complete for the next post. I just ask you be a little more patient as I deal with this work schedule on top of it

That’s about it really, just had to give an update! Thank you for remaining patient and enjoy the upcoming content!

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