Update 12/23/2018 (Slowing Down)

Merry Preemptive Christmas All! Hope they’ve been treating you as well or at least not as bad as it could be given this year. Including this post, this will be my 113th post in a row! All things considered, I think I did great keeping the streak alive. But as you can guess, that’s a monumental amount of content. But it’s quite a lofty and unrealistic task to keep this up. Especially when most days I barely have enough time to do more than update thumbnails. So gonna slow it down a bit. It was fun but I simply need more time to make content. Which I’m sure you all want more of. Oh, and did you see the new logo and banner?

Hope you have and like it. Took quite a bit of effort and this time it’s not connecting to a single series to feel less like I’m playing favorites.

Back on task, I’m by no means stopping just going back to 2 to 3 posts a week. Sucks I won’t have a streak but for the longhaul, it’ll be for the best I feel. That’s all, stay awesome ya’ll!


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