Totally original greeting message all! My name is Brandon Snell and welcome to my blog type thingie. I’m a writer, artist, gamer, and speedrunner. Comics, manga, and anime are also really fun things I enjoy. Also, I stream every so often and know how Kendo and Boxing. If this were Final Fantasy I guess I’d be a Scholar, Monk, Samurai hybrid class…Hopefully I play better than a Red Mage. I already know I’ll look cooler. (I may have crossed into OC territory haven’t I?)

ANYWAY, I’ve spent years learning and improving how I write and decided to start posting a bunch of my planned series online. I mean I’m not writing to get all rich and famous and get a fancy harem so why not? (I mean yeah some will still be on sale but quite a few won’t.) I’m quite nice and open to conversation so feel free to message me on any of the sea of options you have in this fun little age of social media.

Also, I love Green Lanterns. There ya go.