Aetherius Saga

On the world of Zeratal, the Seven Sages watch over its inhabitants in the name of the divine Elementals. Jon the Compassionate, the Sage of Water, is one such Sage. A wanderer by nature, follow Jon and his familiar, Tella the White as they journey across this magical land wherever the wind may take them. For better or worse…

Aetherius Saga Emblem

Tainted Aether Arc

Chapter 1- Compassionate Wind

Chapter 2- Jon, the Sage of Water

Chapter 3- Jova Village

Annual 2018- Race Against Time

Chapter 4- The Eternals

Chapter 5- Redmails

Chapter 6- Heritage

Chapter 7- The Isle of Caldra Pt.1

Chapter 8- The Isle of Caldra Pt.2

Chapter 9- Tainted Aether

Chapter 10- Just Nature

Chapter 11- Spiders Venom

Chapter 12- Bonding