Blessed Inversion SWAT

Crime never sleeps and very rarely do they act openly. While the Inhibitors deal with global crime and Black Ice deals with the public, SWAT-Spider deals with the criminal underground. With the help of Doctor Khonshu and the staff of RajTEK, he’ll clean up Silver Plains…even if it puts a harsher strain on his already faltering family life…

Blessed Inversion SWAT Emblem

Chapter 1- Welcome Home

Chapter 2- Meeting

Chapter 3- Family Affair

Chapter 4- Second Verse

Chapter 5- Attack on RajTEK pt.1

Chapter 6- Jetstream

Chapter 7- One at a time

Chapter 8- No More Secrets

Chapter 9- Changing Plans pt.1

Chapter 10- Changing Plans pt.2

Chapter 11- Rebirth

Chapter 12- Back to Normal

Chapter 13- Seeing Red

Chapter 14- Downward Spiral

Chapter 15- Ghost of Bronze Plains