While the stories and content here are my original creations I have had help over the years from a number of people (some more than others) so it’s time to give them all a shout out here because sharing is caring. They people have all had a direct enough influence in one way or another (then and now) that get a fancy reference. Not that the others matter less. My editors and co-writers get first (along with what they added) though.

  1. Eric Shellgren
    • Partner
    • Editor for Blessed Inversion SWAT Chapter 2
    • Sprite Thumbnail Designer
    • Co-musician
  2. Don Richards
    • Editor for Blessed Inversion Inhibitors Chapters 1-5
    • Editor for Blessed Inversion Golden Age Chapter 2-4
  3. Elliot Kach
    • Editor for Blessed Inversion Golden Age Chapter
  4. Aaron Galasso
    • Co-writer for U.G.M.P
  5. John Z Clodfelter
  6. Nick Conklin
  7. Dominique Ray Buck
  8. Derrike Klaus
  9. Jared Reed
  10. Phill Conklin
  11. Matt Sharp
  12. Akaash Goundar
  13. Justin Tymchyshyn
  14. Arielle Sosa
  15. David Reid
  16. Jayson Snell
  17. Tiara Michelle Roman
  18. Victor Joel Figueroa Rivera
  19. Other David (He knows who he is)