Cursed World Cast

Blessed Inversion Golden Age

Blessed Inversion Golden Age (Textless)


  1.  Beowulf
    • Observer of Worlds. Likes the color white

Gunma Inc

  1. Black Ice (Henry “Hal” Sharp)
    • First Public Superhero. Cryokinetic, pretty chill guy.
  2. Rowena Gunma
    • Gunma Inc. CEO. Only friends can call her Ro’.
  3. Darcy Zayn
    • Gunma Inc. Receptionist. Could’ve been a model.

Stars of Doom

  1. Cinder (Carlos Sánchez)
    • Leader of the Stars of Doom. Ash & Heat Generation.

Blessed Inversion Inhibitors


The Cell

  1. Sasha Boone
    • Director of the Inhibitors. Large and in charge.
  2. Construct (Rory Tymchyshyn)
    • Inhibitors Canadian trainee. Energy constructs, not an attraction.
  3. Mentalist (Fabiana Pereria)
    • Inhibitors South American representative. Sees the future, makes her own.
  4. Nature (Wei Jin)
    • Inhibitors Chinese trainee. Can become any element.
  5. Mach (Stephanie Balboa)
    • Inhibitors Australian trainee. Runs at super speed, even from problems.
  6. Chaos (Karen DeGroat)
    • Inhibitors North American representative. Umbra & Photokinetic, beware mood swings.
  7. Degree (Raina Dahmani)
    • Inhibitors African trainee. Controls temperature, just happy to be here
  8. Reflex (Naegi Jun)
    • Inhibitors Japanese representative. Short range future sight, focused to a fault.
  9. Granite (Kathy Preston)
    • Inhibitors UK member.  Controls the Earth. Made The Cell
  10. Sleuth (Katerina Sonter)
    • Inhibitors Russian member. Tracker, got in because of a parent.
  11. Titan (Wendell Hoffman)
    • Inhibitors B Team. Metal skin, super strength, and flight. Also mute
  12. Geralt Hoffman
    • Civilian. Concerned grandparent

The Pathogen

  1. Chadwick Todd
    • Director of the Pathogen. Gravitokinesis

Blessed Inversion SWAT

Blessed Inversion SWAT Emblem (textless)


  1. SWAT-Spider (Steven Kessler)
    • Head of RajTEK Security by day, vigilante by night. Sounds like a noir detective.
  2. Raja Eishner
    • CEO of RajTEK. First public Inversion CEO and proud of it. Tecnopathic genius
  3. Doctor Khonshu (Kreon Galanis)
    • RajTEK Research & Development. Smartest Man in the Room (?)
  4. Barry Stein
    • RajTEK Chef. Chef Supreme. Florakinesis
  5. Carol Harrison
    • RajTEK Security Guard. Girl next door. Immortal smoking skeleton

Kessler Family

  1. Jetstream (Gabriel Kessler)
    • Son of Steven Kessler. Self-sufficient speedster
  2. Michael Kessler
    • Son to Steven Kessler. Lives with his mother
  3. Elle Kessler
    • Steven Kesslers ex. Mother of his children


  1. Jason McKellen
    • CEO of Acel-Corp. Huge jerk


  1. Biohazard
    • Kingpin. Anger issues
  2. Forecast
    • Gangster. Controls the weather. Subject of nepotism
  3. Sunspot
    • Gangster. Creates flames. Shoots first and asks never
  4. Pulse
    • Gangster. Energy based powers.
  5. Tox
    • Gangster. Toxic Breath
  6. Ace
    • Gangster. Acid Breath