My Green Lantern Lamp

  • I had to make a functioning lamp for 3D Design class and as a huge Lantern Corps fan I decided to make a Green Lantern Lamp. Took a video to show it off. A shame it got broken…

Halo Reach Longplay

  • My first (and probably last) longplay in a game. Specifically Halo Reach. It was fun and hard to do and all I gotta say is if something goes wrong…it’s instantly Kats fault.

Ultronimus plays Cannon Spike

  • My very first video after creating The Cosmic Saints, a group with two of my friends. It also marked the start of my official attempts at being good on Youtube.

Evolve Evacuation (Monster) Solo WR

  • After A LOT of time and effort to find a game I could speedrun I successfully did it. The first official speedrun for Evolves Evacuation (Monster) Solo Run had it’s ups and downs but was fun to do.

Evolve Evacuation (Hunters) Solo WR

  • I hate this run. I hate this run. I hate this run. I hate this run. It is SOOOOOO much harder to do then Monster Solo but at least I did it…

State of Decay Breakdown Episode 5- Hope

  • A personal favorite. I started this series from the beginning of my latest Breakdown mode run and have only played while recording. This was specifically the first where I did it with my microphone on. I know not many watch it but hopefully I can keep going.

Nioh 2nd Beta Stream

  • I did a stream in Nioh and had friends watching which made it so much more fun then how I usually do it. Hopefully I can do more like it.

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