World of Sages Cast

Notes of Roanoke



  1. Solomon the Empathetic
    • Sage of Light and last of the Eight Sages. Hopeful to the bitter end.


  1. Malum Scienta
    • Intelligent Angel who opposed Iblis. Creepy monotone.
  2. Nigrum Vastator
    • Iblis’ most powerful Angel. Not happy he lost an eye.
  3.  Iblis
    • God of the Rift. WILL consume all reality.

Aetherius Saga Stormraiders



  1. Lei the Topaz
    • The older half of the sibling Treasure Hunters, the Stormraiders. More parent than sibling.
  2. Rai the Topaz
    • The younger half of the sibling Treasure Hunters, the Stormraiders. Hates the ocean.

Seven Sages

  1. Zam the Persistent
    • Sage of Lightning and Treasure Hunter. Easily lost in his own thoughts.
  2. Ly’ Jug the Merciful
    • Sage of Ice and envoy of Ly’ Enchina. Always thinks before acting


  1. Devian Hydra
    • Protector of the Savage Crown. Proves two heads are better than one.

Aetherius Saga

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Seven Sages

  1. Jon the Compassionate
    • Sage of Water and wandering hermit. Loves to smile
  2. Tella the White
    • Carbuncle Familiar for the Sage of Water