Worlds of Aeternum Cast

Black Valkyrie

Black Valkyrie Title Card 3

  1. Azazel
    • Reaper, attendant to Metatron
  2. Grigori
    • King of the Reapers
  3. Metatron
    • Prince of the Reapers, the Black Valkyrie

Lost & Forgotten Soul

Lost and Forgotten Soul 2

  1. Indigator Antiquis
    • Mad Angel, experimenter of Worlds
  2. Thanatos
    • The embodiment of Death in the former World of Death

Legions of Eodeb

Legions of Eodeb (Black)

  1. ZEN
    • Scientist & Next Generation Android, cataloguer of species in the Dead Zones. Lover to Erica Shellgren
  2. Erica Shellgren
    • Scientist, lover, and assistant to ZEN

Star Forgers

Star Forgers 7.0

  1. Star “Sue” Whisper
    • Radiant Star Forger. World of Henshin, deceased
  2. λ “Lambda” A.V
    • Radiant Star Forger. Anti-Virus program with newly found sentience, World of Data.
  3. Doctor Deloris Envore
    • Entomologist scientist. Owner/parent to Lambda, World of Data
  4. Wú Wěi Yuán
    • Radiant Star Forger. Trainer of Star Forgers, World of Magic
  5. Sorceress Udona
    • Radiant Star Forger. Sorceress and leader of the Star Forgers, World of Sorceresses
  6. Σ “Sigma” A.V
    • Anti-Virus program, World of Data