Series Guide

Multiversal Timeline


  1. Geist Wars geist-wars-rune-emblem
  2. Notes of Roanoke Entry 1- Unknown nor-4-0
  3. Notes of Roanoke Entry 2- Visitor nor-4-0
  4. Notes of Roanoke Entry 3- Mercy nor-4-0
  5. Notes of Roanoke Entry 4- Neglect nor-4-0
  6. Notes of Roanoke Entry 5- Compassion nor-4-0
  7. Notes of Roanoke Entry 6- Purity nor-4-0
  8. Notes of Roanoke Entry 7- Survivor nor-4-0
  9. Notes of Roanoke Entry 8- Eodeb nor-4-0
  10. Notes of Roanoke Entry 9- Iblis nor-4-0
  11. Notes of Roanoke Entry 10- Doomsday nor-4-0
  12. Notes of Roanoke Entry 11- Futility nor-4-0
  13. Notes of Roanoke Entry 12- Cursed nor-4-0
  14. Notes of Roanoke Entry 13- Zero nor-4-0
  15. Family Reunion Norse One Shots 2.0
  16. Tricksters Lesson Norse One Shots 2.0
  17. U.G.M.P Chapter 0- Universal War UGMP
  18. U.G.M.P Chapter 1- Kratos UGMP
  19. Aetherius Saga Empires Chapter 1- Pax Drakana AS Empires (Flooded)
  20. Aetherius Saga Empires Chapter 2- Shogunate AS Empires (Flooded)
  21. Aetherius Saga Empires Chapter 3- The Wyvern Knight AS Empires (Flooded)
  22. Aetherius Saga Empires Chapter 4- Voice of the Empire AS Empires (Flooded)
  23. Aetherius Saga Stormraiders Chapter 1, Relic 1- Savage Crown pt.1 AS Stormraiders (Purple)
  24. Aetherius Saga Stormraiders Chapter 2, Relic 1- Savage Crown pt.2 AS Stormraiders (Purple)
  25. Aetherius Saga Stormraiders Chapter 3, Relic 1- Savage Crown pt.3 AS Stormraiders (Purple)
  26. Aetherius Saga Chapter 1- Compassionate Wind Jon WordPress logo 6
  27. Aetherius Saga Chapter 2- Jon, the Sage of Water Jon WordPress logo 6
  28. Aetherius Saga Chapter 3- Jova Village Jon WordPress logo 6
  29. Aetherius Saga Stormraiders Chapter 4, Relic 2- Ring of the Spirit pt.1 AS Stormraiders (Purple)
  30. Aetherius Saga Stormraiders Chapter 5, Relic 2- Ring of the Spirit pt.2 AS Stormraiders (Purple)
  31. Aetherius Saga Chapter 4- The Eternals Jon WordPress logo 6
  32. Aetherius Saga Chapter 5- Redmails Jon WordPress logo 6
  33. Aetherius Saga Chapter 6- Heritage Jon WordPress logo 6
  34. Aetherius Saga Chapter 7- The Isle of Caldra Pt.1 Jon WordPress logo 6
  35. Aetherius Saga Chapter 8- The Isle of Caldra Pt.2 Jon WordPress logo 6
  36. Aetherius Saga Chapter 9- Tainted Aether Jon WordPress logo 6
  37. Aetherius Saga Chapter 10- Just Nature Jon WordPress logo 6
  38. Aetherius Saga Chapter 11- Spiders Venom Jon WordPress logo 6
  39. Aetherius Saga Chapter 12- Bonding Jon WordPress logo 6
  40. Center of Crisis Chapter 1- World of Kaiju Center of Crisis Emblem (Text 2.0)
  41. Center of Crisis Chapter 2- First Battle Center of Crisis Emblem (Text 2.0)
  42. Soul Thieves Chapter 1- Prologue Soul Thieves Emblem (Text)
  43. Quest for Knowledge Legions of Eodeb (Black)
  44. Quest for Salvation Legions of Eodeb (Black)
  45. Lost & Forgotten Souls Lost and Forgotten Soul 2
  46. Warzone-Aeternus Chapter 0- Road to Ruin Warzone-Aeternus Logo
  47. Warzone-Aeternus Chapter 1- Return to L1 Warzone-Aeternus Logo
  48. No More New Nebulas
  49. Star Forgers Chapter 1- Radiant Star Forgers 7.0
  50. Star Forgers Chapter 2- Loss/Gain Star Forgers 7.0
  51. Star Forgers Chapter 3- Leaving the Nest Star Forgers 7.0
  52. Star Forgers Chapter 4- Boot Camp pt.1 Star Forgers 7.0
  53. Star Forgers Chapter 5- Boot Camp pt.2 Star Forgers 7.0
  54. Black Valkyrie Chapter 1- The Two RealmsBlack Valkyrie Title Card 3
  55. Black Valkyrie Chapter 2- First Encounter Black Valkyrie Title Card 3
  56. Black Valkyrie Chapter 3- The Reaper & the Valkyrie Black Valkyrie Title Card 3
  57. Blessed Inversion Prologue blessed-inversion-3-0-emblem
  58. Blessed Inversion Golden Age Chapter 1- Awakening Blessed Inversion Emblem (Text 2.0)
  59. Blessed Inversion Golden Age Chapter 2- Silverlining Blessed Inversion Emblem (Text 2.0)
  60. Blessed Inversion Inhibitors Chapter 1- First Day blessed-inversion-inhibitors-emblem
  61. Blessed Inversion Inhibitors Chapter 2- Trial by Fire blessed-inversion-inhibitors-emblem
  62. Blessed Inversion Inhibitors Chapter 3- Spiders Web blessed-inversion-inhibitors-emblem
  63. Blessed Inversion SWAT Chapter 1- Welcome Home Blessed Inversion SWAT Emblem
  64. Blessed Inversion Inhibitors Chapter 4- The Second Director blessed-inversion-inhibitors-emblem
  65. Blessed Inversion Inhibitors Chapter 5- Recruitment Drive blessed-inversion-inhibitors-emblem
  66. Blessed Inversion SWAT Chapter 2- Meeting Blessed Inversion SWAT Emblem
  67. Blessed Inversion SWAT Chapter 3- Family Affair Blessed Inversion SWAT Emblem
  68. Blessed Inversion SWAT Chapter 4- Second Verse Blessed Inversion SWAT Emblem
  69. Blessed Inversion Golden Age Chapter 3- Debut Blessed Inversion Emblem (Text 2.0)
  70. Blessed Inversion SWAT Chapter 5- Attack on RajTEK pt.1 Blessed Inversion SWAT Emblem
  71. Blessed Inversion Golden Age Chapter 4- Attack on RajTEK pt.2 Blessed Inversion Emblem (Text 2.0)
  72. Blessed Inversion SWAT Chapter 6- Jetstream Blessed Inversion SWAT Emblem
  73. Blessed Inversion Inhibitors Chapter 6- Wildfire blessed-inversion-inhibitors-emblem
  74. Blessed Inversion SWAT Chapter 7- One at a time Blessed Inversion SWAT Emblem
  75. Blessed Inversion Inhibitors Chapter 7- Reunited blessed-inversion-inhibitors-emblem
  76. Blessed Inversion Golden Age Chapter 5- Registration Blessed Inversion Emblem (Text 2.0)
  77. Blessed Inversion SWAT Chapter 8- No More Secrets Blessed Inversion SWAT Emblem
  78. Blessed Inversion Rise of the Pheromaster Prologue Rise of the Pheromaster Emblem (Text Black)
  79. Blessed Inversion Rise of the Pheromaster Pt.1 Rise of the Pheromaster Emblem (Text Black)
  80. Blessed Inversion Rise of the Pheromaster Pt.2 Rise of the Pheromaster Emblem (Text Black)
  81. Blessed Inversion Rise of the Pheromaster Pt.3 Rise of the Pheromaster Emblem (Text Black)
  82. Blessed Inversion Rise of the Pheromaster Pt.4 Rise of the Pheromaster Emblem (Text Black)
  83. Blessed Inversion Rise of the Pheromaster Pt.5 Rise of the Pheromaster Emblem (Text Black)
  84. Blessed Inversion Rise of the Pheromaster Pt.6 Rise of the Pheromaster Emblem (Text Black)
  85. Blessed Inversion Rise of the Pheromaster Pt.7 Rise of the Pheromaster Emblem (Text Black)
  86. Blessed Inversion Rise of the Pheromaster Epilogue Rise of the Pheromaster Emblem (Text Black)
  87. Fated End Norse Geist Wars
  88. Nightmare Blessed Inversion Soul (Textless) Emblem
  89. Blessed Inversion SWAT Chapter 9- Changing Plans pt.1 Blessed Inversion SWAT Emblem
  90. Blessed Inversion Soul Chapter 1- The World pt.1 Blessed Inversion Soul Emblem
  91. Blessed Inversion Soul Chapter 2- The World pt.2 Blessed Inversion Soul Emblem
  92. eSports Guide to Guardians Corps Blessed Inversion Soul Emblem
  93. Blessed Inversion SWAT Chapter 10- Changing Plans pt.2 Blessed Inversion SWAT Emblem
  94. Blessed Inversion Universe Chapter 1- Less is More Blessed Inversion Universe Emblem
  95. Blessed Inversion SWAT Chapter 11- Rebirth Blessed Inversion SWAT Emblem
  96. Blessed Inversion Inhibitors Chapter 8- Forgotten Inhibitor Blessed Inversion Inhibitors 2.0 Emblem
  97. Blessed Inversion Soul Chapter 3- Lesson from the Spider Blessed Inversion Soul Emblem
  98. Blessed Inversion Golden Age Chapter 6- Public Relations Blessed Inversion Emblem (Text 2.0)
  99. Blessed Inversion Soul Chapter 4- Indagator Antiquis Blessed Inversion Soul Emblem
  100. Blessed Inversion Soul Chapter 5- Birth of a Sorcerer Blessed Inversion Soul Emblem
  101. Blessed Inversion Soul Chapter 6- First Spell Blessed Inversion Soul Emblem
  102. Blessed Inversion Golden Age Chapter 7- Duty of a Hero Blessed Inversion Emblem (Text 2.0)