Annual 2018- Why are you here?

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Previously on Aetherius Saga Stormraiders…

Before they became the Stormraiders, Lei and Rai the Topaz were just a brother and sister hoping or a better life. Taking the arduous and dangerous journey from the Empire of Myurkyuria to the magical Kingdom of Endymion…

*Note: The events of this take place before Aetherius Saga Relic 1- Savage Crown pt.1

Lei the Topaz Rai the Topaz

Before they became the Stormraiders, Lei and Rai the Topaz were just a brother and sister hoping or a better life. Taking the arduous and dangerous journey from the Empire of Myurkyuria to the magical Kingdom of Endymion…

It’s been over a month since the siblings Lei & Rai left their home for the Kingdom of Endymion and they finally have reached the mainland of Elysium. Lei was of Myurkyruian descent with straight black hair that shone in the sunlight. She wore a dingy white kimono with gold cloud designs that had lost their luster in the long journey. Rai was a young Trelza, a species of humanoids with feline traits. He had short light brown-red hair. His cat ears and tail had spots on them while the tips of both were black furred. He wore a dingy white vest tunic that extended to his thighs and had identical golden cloud designs to his sister.

“Are we there yet?” Rai whines to his older sister. As a Trelza, the journey was physically easy for him. But as a child, it was still a trial in patience.

“Not yet Rai.” Lei reassures him. Several days ago they had entered Elysium. Yet no matter how long they walked, the forest never seemed to end. “Have we been here before Rai?” she asks trying to not hide her fear and concern. She spent her whole life in the Myurkyurian Empire and was wholly unprepared for the journey through a forest.

“I dunno.” he replies looking around the labyrinth of trees. His ears twitching slightly and causing him to walk off to the side. There he found a pale-skinned monk with 7 dots on his forehead meditating on a tree trunk in the center of an open patch of land. He had a black ponytail extending down to his lower back. The black fading into gold and then into white at the tip. The same type of fur coloration on his fox ears and his bushy fox tail. His body was thin and he wore fairly simplistic orange monks robe that covered him from the waist down. A Rosary made of 10 large beads, each with their own unique symbol sat around his neck. The man sat with his legs crossed, eyes closed, and hands held in an inverted pyramid in front of his navel. The Aether flowing around him gently. All manner of woodland creature basking in his calm presence. None fearful of Rai or Lei as they approached. “Hi.” Rai asks after crawling up to the monk on all fours. Lei following him soon after. “I’m Rai. What’s your name?”

“I am Seimei the Schorl little one.” his voice was soft and inviting. “And yours young miss?”

“Lei the Topaz.” she answers cautiously. Slowly motioning Rai behind her with her right hand.

“There’s nothing to fear child. All will be well. Please, sit with me.” While Rai sits down instantly, it takes Lei a moment to sit after him. “Tell me, why are you here?”

“I wanted to see the Sage that lives here.” Lei replies.

“Is that so? Is that why you’re here?”

“I wanted to learn from them.”

“What is it a Sage could teach you that you could not learn on your own?” Seimei continues his strings of questions.

“Did you want us here just so you could keep questioning me?” Lei stands annoyed.

“I simply wish to know why you are here.”

“Come on Rai, let’s go.” Lei stands and begins leaving.

“But…” Rai’s ears lower sadly.

“Running may have served you well in the past young miss, but there is a point in all our lives where we must stand our ground.” Seimei spoke slowly and surely. His words causing Lei to stop in her tracks.

“W-what are you talking about?” she feigns strength and looks straight at Seimei who remained unwavering.

“I speak of why you are here young miss. Though we’ve not met, the Aether tells me both of your tales clearly. Tell me…why…are you here?”

“I…we didn’t have anywhere else to go. I wanted to honor my family and the empire…But when Rai came into my life I…I faltered. I used his desire to explore as an excuse to escape our home. Part of me hoped that we could learn something from the Sage…But I just…don’t know…” she collapses to the floor and pulls her knees up to her chest. Rai crawling up to her and rubbing against her like a kitten to comfort her.

Seimei stands, walks over to Lei, and sits next to her. “All will be well. Though you’ve endured a great many trials and tribulations. You’ve a good expression about you.”

“Good expression?”

“Though your feet are tired and your clothes dirty. Your face is one that has grown from what it once was. Though you know not what the future holds. Though you fear for you and your brother. Though you had to turn your back on all that you’ve ever known…Are you not happy? Did you not see and learn things you’ve never learned? See sights you never thought you’d see and experienced things you’ve not ever dreamt of?”

“Uh huh!” Rai nods with tail and ears upward excitedly.

“You run from the truth for a lie. A lie that what you’ve done was wrong. Sometimes to grow one must cast aside the past for a new future.”

“I guess you’re right.” Lei agrees with the insightful monk. “May I ask a question?”

“You may ask me anything young miss.”

“Why are you here?”

Seimei turns and opens his soft copper eyes to look at her. “To guide you on the right path. Shall we go meet the Sage?” he stands and extends his hands to both Lei and Rai. Both take his hand and together, they make way for Endymion. There the Sage of Lightning, Zam the Persistent, would meet them and under his tutelage make them into the Stormraiders…


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