Annual 2018- Bloodstained Lineage

Black Valkyrie Emblem

Previously on Black Valkyrie…

When an individual dies anywhere in the multiverse, their souls are claimed by the Disir. The pure will be retrieved by the Valkyries and ferried to the paradise of Valhalla. The impure will be dragged to the hellish domain of Aaru by the Reapers. After meeting Metatron, Prince of the Reapers and the Black Valkyrie, the new Valkyrie Evangeline seeks to learn about him. To learn about the World she is so ignorant to…

*Note: The events of this take place between Black Valkyrie Chapter 3- The Reaper & the Valkyrie & Black Valkyrie Chapter 4- Princess of Lokheim

Queen Angela Evangeline

For the lucky souls deemed worthy, the paradise of Valhalla awaits them. Endless halls of every food and drink their heart could desire. Music and companionship to last an eternity. There was no pain or misery as the souls lived side by side with the Valkyrie. Queen Angela, the first Valkyrie, watched over it all from her throne of vines that stood in the center of a sacred lake. Her glorious curly red hair going down to her waist. Elegant robes covering a toned frame from years of battle. Her face calm and emotionless yet somehow inviting at the same time. While she spent most of her days here, on a rare occasion she could be found roaming the fields. But today, as many before it, Queen Angela was visited by Evangeline. A Valkyrie with azure hair and eyes that matched her armor which sat atop glistening white robes.

“Hail Evangeline.” Queen Angela greets her Valkyrie pleasantly as she kneels before her. “Did you come to learn more about the Black Valkyrie?”

“Are my intentions so obvious?” Evangeline stands.

“You’ve a habit of only seeing me if you want to learn more about him.”

“My apologies.”

“You’ve naught to apologize for. Pray, tell me your question.”

“Do you know of an Angel named Nocte Festum?” The moment the name exits her lips, Queen Angela’s calm visage becomes a fearful one. Seeing her Queen in such a state terrified Evangeline. “That expression…you look just like he did when I asked. No…” Evangeline remembers questioning Metatron about his hatred of Angels and desire to slay them. The expression he gave when he answered was like none she ever experienced. The hatred and killing intent was overwhelming. His normally aloof eyes bitter and full of darkness. If she were a normal person the sheer pressure he emitted would’ve broken her. “What…who is this creature?” she feared the answer but was unable to go without knowing the truth. Queen Angela could see it in Evangeline’s eyes and spoke. If only to spare her finding out firsthand.

“Nocte Festum is one of the Elder Choir. The oldest and deadliest Angels much like Nigrum Vastator and Indagator Antiquis. While the Elder Choir remain sealed within the Rift until freed by another…this is not the case for Nocte Festum.” Queen Angela explains while trying to mask her shaking. “Nocte Festum can travel between the realms as easily as you and I. Worse still, the taint he leaves in his wake is masked. By the time it’s discovered he’s long departed. Few know it but the alliance that was forged between the Star Forgers, Valkyries, and Reapers was in large part destroyed because of him. The survivors like to blame Nigrum Vastator but we know the truth…We fell before we even got to see him…”

“What manner of monstrosity is this?”

“One I pray you never face…Please, I know not why he seeks Nocte Festum. But you must not allow them to meet. No matter how great he is as Black Valkyrie, he’s no match for them in battle. If he were to fall…there will never be another like him again.”

Little did either of them realize that eons ago, before Metatron had grown beyond being a child, he had already encountered Nocte Festum. The memory still burned into his eyes and mind. The smell of blood and brimstone that stained a once pristine ancient garden. The beautiful flowers that once curled into full bloom beautifully now withered. He struggles to even crawl under the weight of his own body. Blood and smoke burning his eyes as he reaches out for another figure before him. A Valkyrie who lay bleeding like he was. Her blade shattered by her side.

“Mom!” he cries while reaching for her. His voice hoarse and cracking. Tears mixing with his own blood. He can’t see her face but he can see her head slowly turning to look at him. Her hand slowly moving towards him. She says something to him but he can’t hear it. All he can feel besides unending pain was a fear that felt like swords piercing his soul. The strength growing ever stronger as a single figure walks past him. He was an inhumanly pale man clad in a stark white long coat. Black veins pulsating throughout his body. Hollow black eyes with white pupils filling his skull. Short hair covering his head and making him appear almost human. Yet a feeling of wrongness never left him.

A single syllable from Nocte Festum’s mouth paralyzed Metatron and made the world go silent. Not even the sound of his heart beating in his chest reached his ears. But he couldn’t look away. His eyes practically glued to his mothers face as the Angel loomed ever closer to her. A sickening toothy grin spawning on his mouth. His pale body contorting and sprouting numerous dragon heads. Each head appearing to have a sickly white hue. Their skin stretched thin and barely covering the bone beneath it. Teeth exposed to their full extent beneath eyes as vacant as Nocte Festum’s. Metatron watched as she met her slow and agonizing end. Waiting for his own demise that never came. No, Nocte Festum derived pleasure from seeing the despair and anguish that consumed Metatron. It’s strength growing as he spiraled into darkness. Though Metatron couldn’t understand what the creature spoke he understood what it was saying. It was going to allow Metatron to live so that it could feed off his suffering. So that it can inflict an even greater pain on him and reality itself. With the message delivered, Nocte Festum disappeared as suddenly as it came. A permanent wound left on Metatron’s heart that would never recover. Thus the Black Valkyrie was born and his unending desire to exterminate all Angels and get revenge was born…


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